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Cardinal Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, we see Edie Soames (Allie MacDonald) cleaning up Woody’s blood. Eric (Brendan Fletcher) makes it clear that he intends to continue with his initial plan of killing Keith (Robert Naylor). However, he insists Keith needs to be killed elsewhere now. Edie is told to head to work and get more drugs, while Eric remains behind to clean up and prepare the new spot. Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) finally comes clean to Josh (Alden Adair) about the birth control pills. She insists it is a delay and nothing more. While Cardinal goes for a run, Delorme meets with Hansen (Kevin Louis) and Musgrave (David Richmond-Peck). She tells the detectives that Cardinal is laundering money.

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They come to the conclusion that Cardinal must be paying someone off. When Cardinal returns home, he finds a car outside. John finds a woman sitting at his table. She has a gun nearby. Cardinal gives her a lump sum of money and tells her that the game is over. Nonetheless, the woman seems adamant that she wants more. She threatens to expose Cardinal. He admits it may not matter, since his partner is investigating him anyway. Cardinal is asked about his feelings for the dead cop. He admits he still cares and is told to keep paying. Meanwhile, a hunter finds Woody’s body. Kelly Cardinal (Alanna Bale) arrives in town. She immediately asks about her mother. John is forced to tell her the truth about her mother’s condition. Next, Cardinal visits the location where Woody’s body was found. The detectives have also discovered Keith’s finger nearby.

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Jerry Commanda (Glen Gould) asks about Cardinal’s state of mind. Commanda insists they could’ve done more for the Indian girl. He also suggests that Cardinal may be one of the bad cops. Delorme arrives seconds later. She quickly identifies Woody as the breaking and entering suspect. Meanwhile, Edie steals more pills at work. She is send home after her boss notices her black eye. Catherine Cardinal (Deborah Hay) gets a visit from her doctor. She is told about her daughter’s upcoming visit. Back at the crime scene, Cardinal lays out his theory to Noelle Dyson (Kristen Thomson). He suggests Woody hit the wrong house and paid with his life. Cardinal is told to speak with Woody’s wife. Delorme apologizes to John, during their commute. Second later, the couple sits down with Kristin Baldwin (Trenna Keating).

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Kristin is told about Woody’s death, before admitting that he was a thief. She tells the detectives that her husband used the Internet to determine which items to steal. They check out his Internet history and find a search for Keith’s guitar. They contemplate why the killer would take the guitar to the mall. Kelly tries to visit her mother, but she has gone missing. Delorme and John visit the music store at the mall. The man behind the counter admits one of his employees had a guitar of that make and model. He passes along Eric’s name. John notices a necklace nearby and confirms Katie visited the store before her death. Eric hears a news report about the police finding Woody’s body. He grabs his gun and leaves home. At this time, Kelly and the police begin a search for Catherine. Also, John learns about Eric’s previous arrests.

john and delorme cardinal episode 5

At this time, John and Delorme arrive outside of Eric’s place. They suit up and get prepared to enter. The landlord lets them in. Eric is nowhere to be found. During their search of the property, Delorme and Cardinal wind up getting into an argument. Meanwhile, Eric calls Edie and tells her to get Keith out of the house. Moments later, we see Edie stuff Keith in the trunk of her vehicle. Delorme searches around Eric’s house and find pictures showing Katie and Todd. She shows the pictures to John seconds later. John reveals that the parole officer told him that Eric once worked at a security company. It was during his tenure with the company that Eric spotted Maureen LaBelle and took her son, Billy. Next, Kelly manages to track down her mother.

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Meanwhile, John and Delorme manage to spot Eric’s vehicle near a school. They venture inside with their guns drawn. During their search, they begin to hear Keith pleading for his life in the background. They find a television hooked to a VCR. The tape inside shows Keith begging to Eric. A shot rings out and Delorme drops to the ground. She tells John that it got her in the vest. He goes after Eric. John tracks Eric all the way outside. Both jump in the van and Eric hits the gas. The van doesn’t get far. Eric wrecks the vehicle and it falls onto its side. John asks Eric about Keith. Unfortunately, Eric just smiles, puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Noelle arrives and tells John to get to the hospital. Edie is shown nearby in the car. She learns about Eric’s death and turns around.

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Delorme visits John’s place to get clothing. She notices the cigarettes and remnants of the woman on the desk. Edie returns home and opens the trunk. She tells Keith about Eric. He tells her that she can let him go. He promises to defend her to the police. Edie refuses and seems to drive her knife in Keith’s stomach.


Cardinal Review

The 4th episode of Cardinal was very intense. Delorme and Cardinal finally discovered their suspect’s identity. That led to the ultimate showdown with Eric. While Eric was able to off himself and escape justice, he still has full control over Edie. She seems intent on fulfilling his last wishes. And, it appears she already started with the murder of Keith. Meanwhile, Delorme may finally be able to unravel the mysterious surrounding Cardinal.

What exactly is he up to? Will Delorme find something incriminating and what will she do with the information? The episode was intense and raw. Despite a few simple flaws here and there, the episode was great. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Cardinal now!

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