CTV Cardinal and Delorme episode 2

Cardinal Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) tours the crime scene. Todd Curry’s (Dylan Colton) body is removed from the house and transported to the morgue. John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) immediately tells Noelle Dyson (Kristen Thomson) that he needs to go to Toronto for the autopsy. She is hesitant at first, but agrees to let him go, as long as he takes Lise along. At home, Josh (Alden Adair) becomes very concerned with Lise’s decision. He reveals he has invited her mother over. We also learn that the couple has been trying to have a child. Seconds later, Delorme and Cardinal drives towards Toronto. Along the way, they speak about Cardinal’s daughter, who just happens to live in Toronto.

Actress Karine Vanasse Cardinal

Throughout the commute, Delorme continues to feed questions to Cardinal. He answers, but not the friendliest manner. Eventually, Delorme changes the subject and suggests the weather could provide them with a timeline for Katie’s murder. They stop at a gas station for coffee. During the stop, Delorme hunts through Cardinal’s belongings and finds two cellphones. Next, the couple arrives at the corner’s office. There, they’re greeted by Doctor Torres (Ali Hassan). Seconds later, the carpet is removed from Todd’s body. Torres points out fractures, which could be defense wounds. A foreign object, which turns out to be a screwdriver, is found in the boy’s neck. The doctor pinpoints cuts on the boy’s legs and suggests they could’ve been made by pliers or wire cutters.

CTV Cardinal and Delorme episode 2

Next, the plastic is pulled away from the boy’s face. Audio tape is discovered wrapped around his face. At this point, Delorme steps outside. Cardinal comforts her and tells her about the first time he watched an autopsy. During their free time, Cardinal meets up with his daughter, Kelly (Alanna Bale). They speak about Catherine’s condition. John receives a call from Delorme informing him that something has been discovered on the audio tape. Lise arrives moments later and is introduced to Kelly. Cardinal and Lise return to the corner’s office. There, they listen to the audio tape. They can hear a young girl and a man. Near the end of the tape, the young girl begins to scream. Once they return to their hotel later that night, Cardinal confides in his partner and tells her his wife has bipolar disorder. He admits her condition is the reason they returned.

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The next day, John returns home and tries to bury the rodent found under his house. Since he is interrupted by Delorme, he throws its body in the freezer. Together, the couple plans to meet with Trevor Curry (Robert B. Kennedy) and the previous investigator. Delorme and the investigator argue over Todd’s fabricated story. While the investigator believes it was an attempt to spare more time, Delorme has a completely different theory. Next, they sit down with Trevor. Cardinal has trouble describing the boy’s wound. Delorme steps in and covers for him. Then, they visit the boy’s room and confiscate his laptop. Back at the station, Cardinal gives the team an update of the case. He agrees with Delorme’s assessment that the killer dumped the body, before the lake froze.

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Cardinal also reveals that chirping from a seeing impaired traffic signal as discovered on the audio tape. After the conversation ends, Josh arrives at the station and speaks with Delorme. He is also introduced to Cardinal. It is clear that Josh is somewhat jealous of his girlfriend’s new partner. Next, Jerry Commanda (Glen Gould) meets with Wendy (Racine Bebamikawe). Wendy insists she saw a man standing outside staring into Dorothy’s window. She admits the man ran off when she came outside, so she didn’t get a clear view of his face. Back at the station, Constable Fox (Eric Hicks) invites Delorme out to lunch. She refuses. Then, Fox tells her about finding Catherine being belligerent outside of their house. He admits he kept it off the records at John’s request. Later that night, Delorme fights with Josh, because he told her mom about their desire to have a baby.

Actress Karine Vanasse Cardinal

Lise leaves and spots Cardinal in his vehicle. She makes contact with Malcolm Musgrave (David Richmond-Peck) and is told to stop following Cardinal. Nonetheless, she follows him to a local casino anyway. She finds that he has been trading in chips for money. During this time, Commanda visits Ronnie. He speaks with the man about discovering Katie’s body. He also gives Ronnie soil from the location where Katie was last seen alive. In the morning, Musgrave meets with Lise. He scolds her for disobeying his orders. He also tells her that he’ll manage the case and that she should do her job. Later that night, John speaks with Delorme outside of the station. He tells her to hide the identifying items in her vehicle, since the killer could use them to track her down. We watch a local spying on new arrivals at the bus station. The new arrival, Keith (Robert Naylor), is followed to a local bar. He is approached by a strange girl.

cardinal episode 2 keith and strange girl

A guy steps in seconds later and ridicules the girl. Keith takes up for her. After the guy leaves, the girl asks Keith to walk her home. He refuses. Outside, the girl jumps in the car with the rude man. They speak about Keith. The girl confirms she managed to put something in his drink, while they were chatting. Inside, Keith stumbles to the bathroom and vomits. The man offers to drive away and leave Keith alone. The girl insists they’re doing this.


Cardinal Review

The second episode of Cardinal helped to strengthen the bond between Lise and John. While Lise seems to have her suspicions, it looks like she is beginning to trust her partner. We also learned that Cardinal was correct all along in suspecting a repeat killer. Todd’s body provided a little evidence, which points to a male suspect. The episode also cast suspicion on Jerry Commanda. What exactly is he up to and why would he give Ronnie soil from Katie’s last known location?

And finally, who the heck were the people at the end of the episode? Cardinal is getting better as it continues onward. This episode was surprisingly good. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Cardinal now!

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