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Broken Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Father Kerrigan (Sean Bean) has a dream, in which he argues with his mother and two past girlfriends. He wakes up moments later on a train. Then, Kerrigan plays cards with his obnoxiously loud brothers. He eventually throws down his hand and heads to his mother’s house. He talks with his mother about an event from his childhood. The following day, Roz (Paula Malcomson) tries to teach her son how to wash clothes. Unfortunately, he ruins them by mixing the colors with the whites. Her daughter, Chloe (Lauren Lyle), isn’t happy in the least. Roz leaves her kids and rushes to work, as Kerrigan prepares for his day. Kerrigan gives a sermon, while simultaneously thinking about a past childhood event. He calls being referred to as a thief in front of the other students.

sean bean broken episode 4The other students chant along. Kerrigan explains that the school stopped asking for money, so he stopped asking his mom for it. After the school discovered the error, they accused Michael of being a thief. Then, he continues. Kerrigan mentions Helen and Bernadette Jenkins (Heidi Roberts). It is revealed that Bernadette’s test results should be returned by Tuesday morning. Later, Michael prepares to microwave a meal. He is interrupted by a phone call from Roz. She explains that her boss has found out about her crimes. She hangs up after being called into the boss’s office. Roz doesn’t deny it. However, she blames it on coke and not the gambling machines. Her boss agrees to give her a day before he notifies the police. He also makes sure the other employees are aware of Roz’s betrayal.

michael kerrigan brokenRoz heads to the church. Michael tells her about a sculpture on the wall and how Jesus appears to be calling out for God. He admits the statue is rare, but he prefers it because it confirms he knew despair. Then, he sits down with Roz and tries to convince her to fight the gambling machines. Roz isn’t interested. She explains she has no intention of going to prison. When asked why, Roz admits she cannot face the shame. She asks Michael to sleep with her, but he ultimately refuses. He confesses he has had a few offers and generally gets more when he is wearing the collar. Michael gives Roz his number and tells her to call him, if she changes her mind. She lays out her plan for killing herself in her bedroom and having her ex find her body. The two pray together. Michael asks the Lord to find a way to show Roz that he cares.

roz demichelis brokenThat night, Roz continues giving her sons lessons. She tries to teach her boys how to cook. At dinner, they give their creation a try. Nobody seems thrilled. Then, Roz finds her younger son loading the dishwasher. She becomes angry and tries to show him how to load it properly. Later that night, Roz begins writing letters in her room. It would seem these would be suicide notes. Her young son enters and gives her a drink. He also apologizes and gives her a hug. Roz begins to sob, but doesn’t say anything about her plans. Later that night, Michael and Helen (Muna Otaru) hold a candlelight vigil outside of the station. Andrew (Mark Stanley) listens to their singing from inside. Then, Michael pays a visit to Father Flaherty (Adrian Dunbar). He tells his friend about Roz and her suicide threats. Michael admits he has thought about alerting the authorities.

peter flaherty broken episode 4Peter admits that would be a bad idea, since it would lose Roz’s trust. Then, she would have nobody to call, if she did change her mind. In the morning, it appears that Roz has changed her mind. She packs lunch for each of her children and begins washing clothes. When she looks out of the window, she sees her kids leaving without their food. She heads to the local grocery store and then back home. She gives her dog, Woody, a treat and takes him to the beach. At this time, we see Bernadette running down the street. She removes her wig and exposes her bald head. She rushes to the church and tells Michael that it has shrunk. Roz visits her mother and asks her to watch Woody. Her mother is initially hesitant and combative. Nevertheless, she agrees and begins to worry about Roz. Once again, Roz refuses to open up. When she returns home, she jumps in the bath and receives a call from her daughter.

roz and woody brokenChloe admits her grandmother called and was worried. Roz promises she is fine. Michael speaks with Jean Reid (Rochenda Sandall) and several others about the gambling machines in the area. Seconds later, Roz enters and speaks about her own unique situation. When she has finished, she leaves. Later, Michael prepares for a sermon, while simultaneously waiting for Roz’s call. He breaks his promise and alerts Roz’s daughter. She rushes from school to home in hopes of stopping her mother. She looks around and finds her mother missing. However, she does find a suicide note. We see Roz on top of a building. Chloe reads the letter and begins to cry.

roz and michael broken tv seriesRoz calls Michael, before climbing onto the edge. Michael’s phone rings, but he is still in the middle of his speech. Roz leans over and begins to plummet downward. Once the sermon has ended, Michael checks his phone. He finds a message from Roz. She admits she changed her plans, because she was worried he would intervene. She tells him goodbye.

Broken Review

The 4th episode of Broken was riveting. Besides a few scenes, the episode focused primarily on Roz and her dilemma. This made it fascinating, yet incredibly bleak. The series is very authentic. This helps to make it an emotional powerhouse. In the end, it appears Roz finally made the decision to end her life. Once again, Michael was powerless to prevent another death. This will undoubtedly plague him over the next two episodes. How about Roz’s family? How will they handle her death?

Where do we go from here? Broken continues to deliver surprise after surprise. It is definitely too deep for many, but I’ve enjoyed it. The 4th episode was by far the best. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Broken recaps right now!


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