Brickleberry: Steve the Fearless Pilot Review

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ITS BRICCCCCCKKKLLEEEEEBERRRRRRY. Woody and Malloy are cleaning out Malloy’s room. Instantly we are blessed with a joke about the Klu Klux Klan. Malloy becomes interested in buying supplies out of a magazine.

A joke about Lena Dunham making a sex toy go limp. A group of rich people are coming to visit the parent and the rangers need to keep them away from the poor. Malloy makes a hilarious, but inappropriate joke about Hurricane Katrina.

Connie is sick of being called ugly. Denzel tries to comfort her, but insults her along the way. Connie goes berserk and and pair end up on a deserted island. Connie doesn’t want to die a virgin and insists Denzel and she have sex, but he ain’t having none of it.

Steve is working on getting Bobby and Bodean out of the park, but they go on about something another and make a few Hillbilly jokes. Steve visits a Chinese shop and purchases a medallion, which is supposed to give him curate.

Back on the island, Connie and Denzel discover an all female clan, which turns out to be Lesbo Island. All of the women are instantly attracted to Connie.

Woody tries to get Ethel to accompany her to a dance and insists she wears something something inappropriate. However, pirate Steve shows up to save the day. Captain Steve chops off Woody’s finger, before making his escape.

Malloy plays around with some X-ray glasses he purchases. Of course, they don’t work. Steve shows up and cuts off Woody’s finger again. Connie continues being worshipped by the women at Lesbo Island. Denzel gets his cell phone working, but Connie smashes and eats it.

Woody and Ethel attend the party. Woody is invited to the next party in Australia. Woody offers Ethel up for a touch, Steve jumps in and saves the day again, which leaves Woody angry. Pirate Steve searches the park for a crew. He finds help from Bobby and Bodean, who think they’re going to get to rape and pillage. After stealing a boat from an amusement park, Steve and crew storm the cruise ship, before robbing them.

Connie is back at Lesbo Island, in search for a sex partner. Woody explains to Malloy that Steve is becoming a problem. A cannon ball crashes through Woody’s cabin. Another follows, which pins Woody against the wall. A bunch of Chinese guys show up to become Woody’s army.

Back at the island, Connie is dreaming about the ladies of Lesbo Island. Denzel wakes up her and explains he’s going to make his escape. On his way to the beach, Denzel is kidnapped by an unknown man.

Out on the ocean, the Chinese men storm Steve’s ship. Steve and crew rush in and begin attacking. After killing the Chinese, Woody and Steve duel. Steve wins and makes Woody walk the plank. He is rewarded by getting to motorboat Ethel, who insists he come by her cabin later. When he arrives, Ethel is tied up. Its a trap! Steve gets trapped upside down, before Woody smashes the pendant.

Woody takes Steve to his sex dungeon, which is under his basement. Steve seems oblivious to his pirate adventures. Malloy has purchased some sea monkeys. He agrees with Woody, about all of the stuff he purchased being garbage, before flushing them down the toilet.

The sea monkeys get into the chemical waste and transform into massive sea monkeys. They declare Steve is their only chance.

Denzel is locked up, as Connie finally gets her chance at sex. As the act begins…..WOW! It is revealed that the entire situation was setup and Connie is on a television show, which embarrasses ugly people. Connie goes crazy.

Steve is set free and admits that he cannot beat the sea monkeys. Ethel begins giving him encouragement, before she is grabbed by the big octopus’ tentacles.

As the show returns, the sea monkey attacks Steve’s pirate ship and is seen holding Ethel hostage. Steve is scared, but flies the airplane towards the monster. He attempt to attack with his sword only to be swallowed alive. Inside, Steve reunites with his crew. They use the cannon to escape, which tears a hole through the monster killing it instantly.

Denzel apologies to Connie. She asks whether or not she overreacted, as we’re shown a boat made from human corpses. Denzel simply says no. The show ends with a scene showing the park rangers and a makeshift slide through the monster’s body.


The last episode of Brickleberry was great. All of the jokes were funny and the episode’s general story was good. This episode was a little different. While the episode storyline was sufficient and kept me entertained and interested throughout, some of the jokes fell flat. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. This episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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