Brickleberry Review: High Stakes

Brickleberry Daniel Tosh


Woody (Tom Kenny) doesn’t have arse cancer. Instead, he was just shoving a bunch of foreign objects up his bum. The doctor misses his chance to kill another patient. Ew, Connie eats her own pubes.

Malloy (Daniel Tosh) attempts to find a date on Craigslist. Excellent jokes about Ethel and her man stick breath. Woody is depressing and decides to hit up the bar.

HA! It’s the smoke cracking Mayor Rob… Todd Ford! Woody has made a friend. The pair terrorize the town. In order to save his species, Malloy must have sex with a female bear.

Woody brags to the rangers about his new buddy, who enters and immediately overdoses. After Woody revitalizes him with an adrenaline needle, the pair agree to play poker later that night.

Malloy refuses to have intercourse with the female bear, who he says looks like Steve Buscemi. We also get a glimpse of a female…current version of Bruce Jenner.

Woody loses the park to Todd Ford. Jenner tries to comfort him by explaining how his lost his penis to a pair of queens, Richard Christy and Sal Governale.

Steve is working desperately to lose weight. He is obviously a failure. Woody explains how he lost the park to the Mayor. He insists nothing will change, as the Mayor has hundreds of wild animals flown into the park. Seems the Mayor wants to hunt the animals.

Woody questions the Mayor’s motivation and we receive jokes about Africa. Woody declares war on the mayor. Meanwhile, the girls try to comfort the female bear. Ethel and Connie with her a complete makeover. Malloy has dinner with Mallory, but it is a failure, after Mallory instantly begins talking dirty. Looks like Malloy’s species is going into extinction.

Instead, Ethel tranquilizes Malloy and gives him a little tug action to secure the sperm. After getting the egg from Mallory, Ethel can save the species! Meanwhile, Steve gets an enema.

Woody offers Malloy up to the Mayor to get the park back. The Mayor has 1 hour to kill Malloy or he loses the park. This feels like the Most Dangerous Game or The Pest!

Steve continues trying to diet. Instead, he gets into the fridge and eats Malloy’s juices. Meanwhile, Woody tells the Rangers of his plans to protect Malloy. Malloy doesn’t want to die a virgin and heads to Mallory. He tapes her mouth shut, before he begins. The Mayor sneaks up on them and fires. Woody runs into the Mayor, which adjusts his shot. A bear is down and Bruce Jenner makes a hilarious joke about one of this daughters.

Woody confesses his love for dead Malloy. Of course, it isn’t Malloy, it was Mallory. Pretty funny dialogue. Woody wins back the park! Steve finally begins to lose weight. The Mayor kills Steve and Mallory’s baby bear. The end!


Ha! Many funny jokes in this episode and the overall episode plot with Mayor Todd Ford and Bruce Jenner was perfect. There were a few jokes here and there that didn’t quite hit their mark, but I was too busy laughing to notice too much. Overall, a good episode worth an 8 out of 10!

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