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Bricleberry Woody

In the latest episode of Brickleberry, a new and hot female ranger joins the park, which makes Ethel (Natasha Leggero) feel uneasy. Meanwhile, Denzel (Jerry Minor) is moved to a fire lookout tower, which happens to be secluded.

Woody (Tom Kenny) introduces Harold and immediately announces his retirement. Ethel and Malloy (Daniel Tosh) argue over a sexist joke. Ethel has spent two years working on a home for orphan wildlife animals. Thanks to her looks, Woody agrees to give her a grand opening. Connie (Roger Black) has no luck whatever so ever and instead gets smacked around.

Steve (David Herman) is named Ranger of the Month again. Of course, this is partly due to Woody having sexual relations with Steve’s mother. Ethel and Woody put together a commercial, in order to recruit new rangers. It is revealed that Steve’s mom has always helped him succeed, by using sex.

Woody has put together an epic commercial for Brickleberry, which looks a little like Game of Thrones. The commercial worked and the park has received hundreds of applicants. Ethel has found the team a new ranger, Dirk, who happens to be the seal who killed Bin Laden! Hurry! Call Fox News!

A female applicant, Amber, enters and is immediately hired by Woody. Ethel argues with Woody over Amber. Everyone is instantly entranced by Amber, except for Ethel. Denzel is sent to the fire tower so Amber can stay with the other rangers. Ethel is tasked with showing Amber the ropes. Steve believes Denzel will go crazy, while working the secluded fire tower.

Steve decides to go back and accomplish everything, without his mom’s help. Amber is a horrible ranger and dopes the animals. Meanwhile, Denzel has made it four minutes and is having a blast. Ehtel Anderson holds her grand opening, but everybody ignores her. Instead, Woody turns the night into a Welcome Amber ceremony.

Woody gives Amber Ethel’s Animal Sanctuary. Ethel seeks support from Malloy. Ethel suggests she is going to improve her looks and seeks out a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgery was completely botched. Meanwhile, Amber continues doping and killing the animals.

Steve’s old childhood bully shows up and confesses he stopped bullying him, because his mom gave him sex. Now that his mom is out, the bully is prepared to punish Steve. Meanwhile Denzel is beginning to hallucinate. Ethel tries to hire a hit man to kill Amber. Of course, it turns out to be Woody and the plan falls through. Instead, Ethel suggests she’ll do it herself.

Instead of killing Amber, Ethel falls for her and the pair have sex, with Connie watching. Connie’s head proceeds to explode. Amber complains about her looks and how they’ve let her get away with sucking at everything. Meanwhile, Steve is prepared to attack the bully. He turns into Street Fighter, but his fireballs doesn’t work. He gets beat badly.

Denzel’s friends turn on him, after he attempts to eat them. He starts a fire and is pushed out of the tower. Meanwhile, Ethel is training Amber to become a good ranger. Amber spots the fire and runs off. In order to get the bully to stop, Steve calls in his mother. She gives the bully a little action to stop him from killing Steve.

Amber saved the day, but she suffered some gruesome burns, which destroyed her appearance. Woody fires her because she is ugly now. Amber is moved to the fire tower.


Welp, another fun Brickeberry. Not all of the jokes hit their marks, but the majority of them did. In fact, enough of them did to make this a good episode. Plus, we got to meet a new ranger, Amber, who gave Ethel a run for her money. Meanwhile, the episode was loaded with hilarious sex jokes. For that, the episode was pretty good and funny. An 8 out of 10 should suffice.

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