Brickleberry: Baby Daddy Review

Brickleberry Tv Show
Its BRIIICCCKKKLLEEBERRRRYY! As the crew sits around drinking in a bar, Ethel gets her heart broken by a rich inventor, Rich. Right off the start, we’re hit with two very inappropriate jokes. A doggy and his lipstick and Steve and his whack-off socks. Ethel drunk? Steve moves in for the kill. Oh no Malloy! Malloy and the dog and Ethel and Steve?
While Ethel tries to scrub Steve off of her, Steve tries to wiggle his way closer into Ethel’s life and bunk. Malloy finds himself in a similar situation. Oh no! Ethel is pregnant. Uh on! Politically incorrect jokes incoming. Welcome to Brickelberry!
An abortion clinic on wheels brings both sides of the debate to Brickleberry. Woody is seen severing community service in a mental institution. Yeah, that’s going to go over really smoothly. With 15 abortions, Ethel receives a free chalupa. Oh wait! The doctor has implanted the baby inside…..of Steve? Oh boy!
The episode returns, as Steve is receiving gifts at his very own baby shower. Malloy uses his computer skills to generate a picture of Steve and Ethel’s ba….by? Jonah Hill! Back at the mental institution, Woody has a quick conversation with Nicolas Cage and is paid a visit by a talking beaver. Ethel makes Steve see the responsibility of having a baby. Denzel and Connie are seen talking crazy at the asylum and wind up locked inside a padded room with Woody.
Turns out Steve is going to be a great father. Now, Ethel has a plan. She is going to sabotage the pregnancy, by making Steve has a miscarriage. Time for Woody, Denzel and Connie to bust out of the mental institution, only to be busted. Woody gets put in the special treatment room, where he is encounters Cage again. The pro-choicers and pro-lifers switch sides, when they discover the sight of Steve’s pregnant belly.
The show follows up with some quick inappropriate jokes and reveals that the baby isn’t Steve’s after all! The baby belongs to the rich man from the beginning of the episode. So far, all of the jokes have hit the right spots, wrong, inappropriate and downright hilarious. Steve and Rich debate the real father of the baby. Thankfully, Steve has videotaped the night in question. Ah! The sex tape is anything, but normal.
Now, Woody is receiving shock therapy. At dinner, Steve and Ethel debate the arrangements of the baby. Steve makes his pitch to woo Ethel, to no avail. Steve is now determining to have an abortion and storms out of the building. How convenient! The abortion van is right outside, along with the protestors from both sides. Finally, the protestors agree on something, killing Steve and going to Hooters. Wait a minute! Steve’s water breaks. Have no fear! The abortionist is willing to kill the baby, after Steve has given birth.
Cool commercial for WWE 2k 15. +1! As the show returns, Steve is having difficulty giving birth, as Malloy can’t find anything to eat. As he reveals that he needs to help Woody escape the asylum, the lights go out and the Rottweiler shows up again. Nick Cage, asylum break and a birth…to a tumor? Welp, that pretty much covers everything. Off to Hooters!
Overall, this was a classic episode of Brickleberry. If you like politically incorrect, dark humor, you’ll enjoy the episode. If you do not, you shouldn’t be watching this show anyway. Go back to something a little more age appropriate lil’ fella! The episode deserves a 9 out of 10 for keeping me laughing all the way through.

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