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Born To Kill Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the second episode, Chrissy (Lara Peake) watches as Sam (Jack Rowan) dives. Oscar (Earl Cave) also watches from nearby. In the locker room, Sam gives Oscar a pep talk. He tells his friend that he can do anything he puts his mind to. As he speaks with Oscar, Sam fidgets in a box full of items belonging to his victims. As Sam leaves the school, he encounters Chrissy. Again, she tries her best to shut down his advances. She makes it clear she was not impressed with his dive. When Jenny (Romola Garai) heads to work, she runs into Bill (Daniel Mays). This time, she agrees to have coffee with him. Seconds later, Jenny learns from Cathy (Sharon Small) that Mr. Williams has passed away. Cathy explains that something went wrong with the machine and Williams was given a fatal overdose.

born to kill episode 2 recapCathy tells Jenny about Sam being at the hospital. She agrees to speak with him. Back at the school, Sam is instructed to visit the hospital after school is over. Instead, he climbs to the rooftop and looks through the window with his binoculars. It seems he is worried about being caught. Seconds later, he heads inside. Jenny arrives and tells him about Williams’ death. She tells him about the overdose. Then, Cathy arrives and Sam is questioned about his visit to the hospital the previous night. He admits he left the party and visited the hospital to get his book. The police enter and Sam begins to sweat. Cathy is escorted out and this comforts a distraught Sam. The following day, Sam speaks with Oscar about killing a rat. Then, he chases after Chrissy.

jenny and sam born to killSam tells Chrissy about the man at the hospital. He insists one of the nurses gave the man too much morphine. Sam suggests that the death would’ve been gentle like drowning. Chrissy believes otherwise and insists drowning would be terrible. Sam holds her hand briefly, before she admits she’d rather be shot in the head. She gives him a peck on the lips, before encouraging him to come. They visit Chrissy’s grandmother at the hospital. Sam shows Chrissy the bed where Mr. Williams died. Jenny arrives and pulls Sam aside. She tells him that he wasn’t supposed to visit the hospital anymore. He accuses Cathy of making a mistake and killing Mr. Williams. They get into a spat when Jenny tells her son not to come back to the hospital. Chrissy speaks with her grandmother.

actress romola garai born to killBill arrives seconds later. Chrissy is forced to leave. Once she is gone, Bill tells his mom to keep the truth about Chrissy’s mother a secret. They agree to learn Chrissy’s mom out of it. Later, Sam hangs out with Oscar. He volunteers to get Oscar’s dad from the garage. Sam finds him cutting wood with a saw. Sam admits that Oscar is weak. He suggests they could work on the wood project together. He is told that wouldn’t be a good idea, since Sam isn’t his son. This leaves Sam in a bad mood. Meanwhile, Jenny tells Bill about Sam’s bad behavior. She admits it is not like him. Once they arrive outside of Jenny’s home, they begin to make out. Sam spies on them through his bedroom window. when Jenny enters, Sam brings up his father. He tries to force his mother to retell the story of his father’s demise.

jack rowan born to killSam tells a bold tale about his father. In the morning, he becomes agitated and tosses Mr. Williams’ watch to the ground. Then, Sam gets into a spat with Oscar. He throws him onto the ground in the showers and soaks him with water. Oscar’s mother, Lauren (Jeany Spark) tracks down Jenny. She tells her about the incident and admits she wants Sam to stay away from her son. Jenny searches Sam’s room and finds the watch. She asks Sam about it. He admits he stole it. Later, Jenny tells Bill she believes she messed up her son. Bill admits he wasn’t there for Chrissy when her mother passed away. They agree to leave the bingo hall seconds later. Sam visits Chrissy. Jenny and Bill head to a private room. Jenny undresses and reveals scars on her arm.

chrissy born to kill episode 2At this time, she tells Bill about her husband and lying to Sam. Sam pretends he didn’t know about their parents dating. Then, they lay down together. Chrissy tries to get sexual with Sam, but he becomes disturbed and leaves in a hurry. The following day, Peter (Richard Coyle) prepares for his parole hearing. Sam gets a call from Cathy, who wishes to speak with Jenny. Of course, Jenny has already headed to the prison for the hearing. She tells the board about the abuse she suffered at Peter’s hands. Meanwhile, Sam buys some flowers and visits Cathy. He manages to get himself invited inside. Then, he poisons Cathy’s drink. He heads up stairs and runs a nice, hot path. Then, he drags her body upstairs. Sam is shown loading Cathy into the bath. That night, he meets with Chrissy and apologizes.

peter born to kill episode 2Sam makes it clear that expressing his emotions is difficult for him. He asks Chrissy to show him. Then, it appears he gets lucky. He returns home much happier that night. He tries to make things right with his mother. When she leaves the kitchen, he finds a nametag. This makes him suspicious of her whereabouts for the day. Sam asks his mother about her day and she pretends she was at the hospital the entire time.


Born To Kill Review

Born To Kill isn’t perfect. In fact, it doesn’t even come close. There are plenty of plot holes and the dialogue can be a bit cheesy from time to time. Nevertheless, there is something oddly alluring about the series. Perhaps it is the unique story? Or maybe it is the creepily good performance by Jack Rowan? Who knows? Still, I find myself entranced by the show for some odd reason.

Jack Rowan plays the role perfectly. He definitely stands out among the rest of the cast. The awkward relationship between Chrissy and Sam is also compelling. I am intrigued to see where the show takes the couple in the future. It is certain they’re going nowhere good fast. The second episode was excellent. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Born to Kill now!

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