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Blumoo Universal Remote Review – One For All

As an avid television viewer, you should understand the frustration of losing your television remote. Nowhere where you search and how hard you dig, you just can’t seem to find the dang thing anywhere. Now, there may be an alternative, which can help you avoid this dilemma. The Blumoo Universal Remote is a comprehensive remote control, which is controlled from the consumer’s smartphone. Is this product worth its moment? You can find out, by scouring through the information below.

blumoo remote

What Does It Control?

First and foremost, you should learn about this controller’s functionality. Although there are many very versatile remotes out there, none of them can parallel the performance of the Blumoo. Whether you wish to control a television, projector, satellite box, stereo system, or media player, you’ll be able to do so with this product. It is completely compatible with over 250,000 devices! To make matters event more compelling, the remote is easily configurable, so you won’t have to sit in front of your television for several hours, in order to program it to work with your TV.


How It Works

So, how precisely does it work? Well, the system truly relies on the Blumoo HomeBase, which is included. The base is the brain of the system and it also doubles as a Bluetooth music receiver. One the hub has been plugged up in your home, you’ll be able to download the associated mobile app to your Android or iOS device. From there, you’ll be required to proceed through a setup wizard. After the process has concluded, you’ll be able to control each and every one of your devices with your smartphone or tablet. The installation and setup process couldn’t be easier.


blumoo remote control review


All in all, there is a lot to like about the Blumoo. The remote control definitely delivers an excellent performance, once it has been setup properly. The base unit delivers 150 feet of range, so you never have to worry about losing signal along the way. The only area that the unit noticeably falters is the button system. Attempting to setup and arrange the buttons can be somewhat tedious, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most.

Of course, this also makes the system spectacular, since you can completely customize the remote and its buttons to match your desires and preferences. If you only need three buttons, you can configure the remote to only feature three buttons. So, the installation and configuration process will truly depend on precisely how you wish to use the remote.



  • Very straightforward and effortless setup
  • Blumoo Homebase doubles as a Bluetooth music receiver
  • Can completely customize your remote’s buttons
  • Works with a massive array of different products
  • 150 feet of range
  • Also shows a smart channel guide, so you can quickly find your favorite shows and movies
  • Fairly affordable
  • No more searching for your remote



  • Configuring and arranging the buttons can be time consuming
  • Transmitter isn’t 360 degrees


Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the Blumoo Universal Remote is an excellent product. It has a few minor cons, but they’re ignorable the majority of the time. If you always have your remote on hand, even when watching your television, the Blumoo Universal Remote is truly a no-brainer. Be sure to check it out for yourself right away! Check out the Blumoo Smart Remote at Amazon right now!

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