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Blue Murder Killer Cop Episode 1 Recap

As the series gets underway, we see archival footage of Roger Rogerson being led out of the courtroom as a convicted killer. We learn that Roger killed a young student in a drug deal gone wrong. We also learn that Rogerson was once acquitted in the murder of Lanfranchi. After the brief recap has concluded, we jump to the prison. There, Roger (Richard Roxburgh) speaks to the viewer. Rogerson tells the viewer about his ambition of being a hero. He insists people sleep easy, because people like him are responsible for keeping things neat and tidy. Then, we jump to May the 20th of 2014. We see Jamie Gao (Michael Tran) get forced into a storage unit. Rogerson shows up moments later steps into the unit. The door is shut. We see several older scenes of Rogerson from earlier in his career.

richard roxburgh blue murder killer copThen, we jump to King Cross. The year is 1989. Rogerson watches as Michael Hurley (Dan Wyllie) is arrested. We are introduced to Mark Standen (Matt Nable), who is being referred to as the new Roger Rogerson. Rogerson quickly takes charge. He uses his connections within the police department to switch the evidence and get Hurley released. Then, Rogerson and Hurley hit the club with Larry Churchill (Steve Le Marquand) and others. Rogerson taunts Standen. They get into a brief spat, before Mark is forced to leave. Seconds later, Roger meets Anne Melocco (Toni Collette). He helps her carry her bags home. Anne admits she doesn’t believe everything she reads in the newspaper. Rogerson is taken into the station moments later. Two detectives attempt to convince him to work with them. Rogerson insults them and leaves seconds later. Then, Rogerson visits Neddy Smith (Tony Martin). The man is suffering from Parkinson’s.

toni collette blue murder killer copRogerson tells Neddy that the police are after him. He convinces Neddy to keep his secrets to himself. Then, we’re introduced to Glen McNamara (Justin Smith). Rogerson doesn’t trust him. Larry Churchill puts bribery money in Glen’s desk. He takes it and convinces Churchill that he is not a rat. Rogerson breaks up a fight at the pub. Then, Roger speaks with Churchill about Glen. Roger admits he is concerned that Glen could be a dog. Churchill doesn’t believe so. Later, Standen once again tries to pressure Rogerson to flip on his colleagues. Roger refuses once more. Standen pulls a gun on Roger, but he doesn’t flinch. Churchill and Glen raid a drug den. Churchill takes the money and forces the criminal to begin selling dope for him. Glen goes along with it reluctantly. Seconds later, Glen is interview by the NSW Police Internal Affairs. He insists he took the bribe money to help them and convince Churchill that he was clean.

matt nable blue murder killer copGlen learns that he will likely lose his spot on the force. Nevertheless, he agrees to wear a wire and try to help them out. He speaks with Roger, while wearing the wire. Roger notices it immediately and notifies Churchill. Churchill is arrested. Roger speaks with Hurley. He admits the he has been left vulnerable now. Standen also wants Roger. In December of 1992, Roger is locked up on jaywalking and check charges. He immediately runs into trouble with one of the guards and an inmate. Roger ignores the men in the beginning. Then, he gets a visit from Anne. The guard tries to humiliate Roger in front of her. She manages to keep Roger calm. Roger begins making a shank. He gets a visit from Hurley, who tries to talk him out of doing anything stupid. Roger convinces Hurley to get him some laxative. Then, Rogerson convinces Alan Abrahams (Damian Walshe-Howling) to create a distraction in the cafeteria.

dan wyllie blue murder killer copWhen the guards aren’t looking, Roger dumps laxative in the coffee. The bully guard is forced to use the porta potty. Roger seals the door shut, knocks it over and sends it over a hill. He tells the guard that he has gotten his bank statements. He warns him to back off. Then, he bashes the inmate, who has been hassling him. Things go smoothly for Rogerson, until he is ultimately released from prison. He immediately moves in with Anne. He also goes to work with Alan in scaffolding. Rogerson speaks with Alan about his involvement with the Ironbloods motorcycle gang. He sees an opportunity after learning that the gang is national. Rogerson learns that the man from the Council doesn’t want to give the company any jobs. Rogerson speaks with the man personally. He uses his notoriety to convince the man otherwise. He gets paid handsomely for his troubles and he immediately buys Anne a new vehicle.

richard roxburgh blue murder killer copThey go out dancing and Rogerson gets praise from a man. The man insists they need more cops like Roger. Roger meets up with his former cop buddies. He also runs into Glen, who is now working as a private investigator. Roger is invited to join Glen’s firm. He refuses the offer. Then, Roger meets with Alan and Chris Bronowski (Aaron Jeffery). He speaks with the men about setting up a drug distribution network with Hurley. He insists that the club will need to clean up its act and cut out the rape and turf wars. Later, Hurley and Rogerson watch Hurley’s childhood house go up for auction. A Chinese man wins the auction and upsets Rogerson. Rogerson tells Hurley about his plan with the bikers. Hurley is hesitant to get involved, but he eventually agrees as long as Rogerson takes on most of the responsibility. They return to the house and we see that they have blocked the Chinese man’s vehicle. They drag him out and throw in into the water.

steve le marquand blue murder kill copWhen Roger returns home, he learns that Anne wants a dog. He promises to get her a dog, as long as she finds them a house. He looks at the paper and learns that the bikers are at war again. He meets with Chris and tries to talk him out of retaliating. Moments later, Roger sees a report on television. Chris has been murdered along with two others. Two dogs arrive at the door. Then, we learn that Standen has set up a task force to bring down Hurley. Roger and Anne check out a home. Roger speaks with Hurley and admits he needs a job. Hurley agrees to help him out. Their meeting is photographed by the authorities. Hurley admits that he is worried about Standen. He warns Rogerson not to underestimate him.


Blue Murder: Killer Cop Review

Believe it or not, I have yet to watch the previous Blue Murder shows. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Killer Cop. It was a little fast paced and it took me a bit to catch up. The casting is phenomenal. It is clear that they held nothing back here. I enjoyed the opener. It quickly covered all of the events leading up to the murder and the downward spiral of Roger Rogerson. The Aussie dramas are best when they focus on true stories and Blue Murder: Killer Cop excels.

It makes me very depressed that American studios do not follow in suit. Instead, they just want to redo super hero stories or attempt to revive old shows that should remain dead. The Aussies always do a great job retelling their true crime stories. The opener scores a 7.5 out of 10.

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