Blood And Oil TV Show Premiere Recap And Review

Blood & Oil is a 2015 television series, which just premiered on ABC. The series airs on Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. The story focuses on a modern-day oil boom, which takes place in North Dakota.


Blood And Oil Cast

The series has a few notable actors and actress, which you have likely already familiarized yourself with. Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of these for your convenience.

  • Don Johnson as Hap Briggs
  • Chase Crawford as Billy LeFever
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody LeFever
  • Amber Vallette as Darla Briggs
  • Scott Michael Foster as Wick Briggs
  • Delroy Lindo as Sheriff Tip Harrison
  • India de Beaufort as Jules Jackman

Now that you’re familiar with the Blue and Oil cast, it is time to jump into the recap, which can be found below!


Blood And Oil Recap

When the show opens, we’re quickly introduced to Billy LeFever (Chace Crawford) and his wife, Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse, Red Band Society),. The couple are traveling to Rock Springs, North Dakota in hopes of making it big. Unfortunately, they wreck and their truck is flipped over, which seemingly destroys their washing machines. A flashback shows us their life, before their departure.

Blood and Oil Billy and Cody

After the crash, Billy frantically checks on his wife and is awarded with a cruel joke. The couple immediately begins arguing, because Billy failed to secure insurance for the washing machines. With that, the pair begin hitchhiking, while Billy attempts to smooth things over. They quickly commandeer a ride into town and hit up the Tack Room, which is a rowdy country bar. Inside, they’re introduced to Jules Jackman (India de Beaufort), who attempts to help them find lodging.

Rebecca Rittenhouse Blood & Oil

Outside, a hunter argues with an Indian. According to the Indian lady, the hunter killed a sacred animal and will likely end up cursed with some horrendous disease for his actions. No fear, as Sheriff Tip Harrison (Delroy Lindo) emerges from out of nowhere and fires a few shots into the air. He calms the hunter, Wick Briggs (Scott Michael Foster) and insists he’ll shooting him, before the crowd disperses. Wick is arrested, while Cody and Billy go on their way.

Blood And Oil TV Show

The pair are stopped by Kess Eze (Keston John) and invited into Kess’s makeshift home. They’re introduced to Kess’s wife, Ada Eze (Yaani King), who admits they’re here for a better life. That night, Billy informs Cody that Kess is going to help him find a rig job in the morning. With the help of his father, Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), Wick is released and sent home.  Hap belittles his son and ridicules his behavior. They argue over Hap’s wife, before Wick is grounded and forced to work on the rig.

Wick Blood and Oil

Cody secures a rundown camper, while Billy attempts to find a rig job. Hap greets his wife, Carla (Amber Valletta) at the airfield. Carla informs him that they need to get a geological report, before it is released. At the job, Wick and Billy get to know one another. Billy speaks about the legend of Hap, but Wick seems unimpressed with his father’s endeavors. Cody heads to the pharmacy and assists the pharmacists, who is overwhelmed with customers. Next, a disaster takes place at the job site, due to Wick. Billy takes the blame and is fired.

Don Johnson

Hap arrives and punks his son once more. This time, Hap banishes him from the family. When Billy returns home, Cody tells him she has gotten a job at the pharmacy. Billy’s firing takes a toll on Cody’s psyche. Afterwards, Hap and Carla meet the Commissioner, Myron Stipple (Spencer Garrett) and attempt to squeeze information out of him. They secure the report and learn about the riches portions of the land, which were previously believed to be barren. They come up with a plan to buy the McCutching Ranch, in order to avoid the Indian reservations.

Justin Bruening

At the pharmacy, Cody runs into Richard Ford (Justin Bruening). She over hears him talking about the ranch transaction. Wick seeks solace with Jules, who attempts to convince him that there are still opportunities out there. Wick sets out to make his own money. When Billy returns home from a failed job hunt, Cody fills him in on the ranch purchase. At work, Cody takes a pregnancy test. Billy meets with Clifton Lundegren (Barry Corbin), who owns a plot of land, which is the only access to the ranch.

Wick Briggs

Billy insists he is buying the land in hopes of turning it into a carwash. He gets an offer of 75k and borrows his way into some money. Billy goes on and on about their miracle, before Cody reveals that she is pregnant. When Billy and Cody return to Clifton, he informs them that Briggs came around offering $150,000 for the land. He ups the price to $100,000 and 25%. They’re given until noon the next day to secure the money. Cody contemplates heading home, but Billy refuses to let her.

Chace Crawford Blood and Oil

Wick joins up with Garry Laframboise (Paul Rae) and plans to siphon oil from his dad’s rig. Garry agrees to help sell the oil. Billy heads to the casino and considers gambling the money. Instead, he hits up the bar and Jules reveals she is a loan shark. Cody enters and hands over her necklace as collateral. Jules hands over the money, which comes with an incredibly high interest rate. Billy rushes to Clifton and wrecks the vehicle, before Forrest Gumping it the rest of the way. Billy makes it just in time


Next, Cody and Billy meet up with Hap and get down to business. Billy offers up a 3-year lease for a million dollars. After a little back and forth, the pair secure their money. They take the money to the bank and give $50,000 to Kess for his new restaurant. They also secure a nice little bungalow, a crib and Cody gets her necklace back. Wick and Garry prepare for their theft, while Hap congratulates Billy. Hap catches Wick in the act and ushers everyone back to safety. He steals the keys to the oil tanker and calls out the thieves.


Garry makes a run for it, while Wick finds a spare and attempts to flee, but Hap stops him. Wick pulls the gun on his father, but is overwhelmed by Billy from behind. As the episode ends, a fire seemingly breaks out.


Blood And Oil Review

As a fan of the cancelled Red Band Society, I do have a soft spot for Rebecca Rittenhouse. Unfortunately, Blood And Oil doesn’t hold a lot of promise and will likely reach the same endgame much quicker. The ludicrousness of the show makes it out of control and downright silly. Everything started to get a little laughable, when Sheriff Tip emerged and fired several shots into the air.

Billy was transformed into an incompetent fool almost instantly. He was a hard worker, but reckless and somewhat of a clownish character. Since the show relies on its main characters, this is very detrimental. Cody also seems a little too air-headed. Of course, this fits into the simplicity and ridiculousness of it all. If you can get around that, the show might be compelling, but these flaws are difficult to ignore.

A 6 out of 10 might be a little too high.

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