Black Mirror: White Christmas Review

Black Mirror Jon Hamm

The Christmas special of Black Mirror brings the creepy, as Jon Hamm takes the role of Matt Trent, who works as a computer scientist of sorts. He is trapped inside of a cabin with the mysterious Joe Potter, who is played by Rafe Spall. The pair have supposedly been inside of the cabin for five years. Matt begins to explain his previous jobs to Joe.

His first task requires him to guide Harry (Rasmus Hardiker), who is completely socially awkward, try to pickup a woman, at a company Christmas party. Although Harry successfully gets the woman back to her apartment, things are not what they seem. In fact, the woman is quite strange and winds up killing poor Harry, which sends Matt into a tailspin. He begins working to clean up the evidence, but is caught in the act, by his wife, who mute him using a scientific computer gadget. When muted, the subject appears as gray static and cannot be heard.

Back at the cabin, Joe and Matt begin to chat about Matt’s real line of work, which involves extracting a piece of a person’s brain, which is referred to as a Cookie. With this, it is possible to create a lifelike replica of the individual, which happens to be trapped inside of an egg. Through this, Matt is able to speak with and manipulate the individual, as well as time. This gives Matt complete control over the individual’s Cookie.

After Matt finishes his story, Joe begins to speak about his relationship with his girlfriend, Bethany (Janet Montgomery). The pair have a solid relationship, until Joe discovers a positive pregnancy test, which belongs to Bethany. Of course, she supposedly has no interest in having the baby. After an intense fight, Bethany mutes Joe. After this, she disappears for an extended period of time. When Joe finally locates her, he discovers that she is pregnant and has decided to have the baby. Of course, he is still muted.

Throughout the years, Joe continues to follow Bethany and his daughter. Of course, all is not what it seems. The child turns not to be Joe’s at all, which causes Joe to go nuts and commit a murder. After Joe confesses the crime to Matt, he has determined his own fate. Matt has been working with the police the entire time and was simply manipulating Joe’s Cookie, in order to free himself of his own evil deeds. However, Matt doesn’t get to go home free. He is added to a list for Peep and Toms, which makes his muted to everyone. However, he is not only muted, but he is turned into a Red static blob, which alerts everyone to his status.


Overall, this was an excellent episode of Black Mirror. White Christmas incorporates many of social media’s features into the real world in a surprisingly realistic manner. All of the cast members did an excellent job of bringing their characters to live. I was especially intrigued with Rasmus Hardiker as the socially awkward Harry and his experience of trying to get the girl, which was broadcast to many through the Internet. I loved the overall episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10 for originality.

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