Beneath the Harvest Sky Review

Beneath The Harvest Sky is a drama film that debuted on September 8, 2013.

When the movie opens, we see seventeen year old Casper (Emory Cohen) and Dominic Roy (Callan McAuliffe) goofing around in their high school hallway and again in chemistry class. 

Tasha (Zoe Levin) tells Casper that she is pregnant and he tells her not to worry and that he will figure something out.

Back in class, Mr. Soucy (Joe Cobden) is teaching a lesson about The Outsiders. Casper starts acting out and is thrown out of the class because of he bad behavior. 

Casper is selling illegal drugs for his worthless father, Clayton (Aidan Gillen). He returns home where Kim (Carrie Preston) questions him why he is there. She seems to have forgotten that he lives there. 

Dominic joins a group of farmers to raise and harvest potatoes. All the adults are constantly telling him that he is a hard worker and a good kid. He becomes harvest friends with a young girl, Emma (Sarah Sutherland), who is also working on the farm. 

Dominic and Casper like to hang out, when they have nothing else to do and destroy old vehicles and abandoned properties. They still hold on to their dreams of moving away to Boston and watching a Red Sox game live. 

Clayton is in the middle of making a big drug deal with some outlaw Canadians. He makes it across the border, with his drugs in tow, easily and successful with his new hydraulic contraption, in the bed on his truck. He figures no one will ever figure it out because it wreaks of octane.  

Clayton’s brother, Badger (Timm Sharp) is caught selling drugs but they do not want to arrest him, instead they want him to help them catch Casper. He decides to tell Clayton that he can’t run drugs for him because he is sick and to recruit someone else to do it for him. Clayton makes Casper do his job so Dominic decides to join him. 

A large group of young men and women are partying at a secluded area, when a drunk man accidentally bumps into Dominic. He tries to start a fight with him but Casper jumps in and beats the guy silly and tells him when he is messing with Dominic, he is messing with him also.

Clayton has decided to teach Casper everything about the drug business. He takes him to Canada with him, on his next run. While Dominic and Emma become more familiar with each other, on a more intimate level.

Casper becomes outraged when he finds out that Tasha is not pregnant and has possibly been lying to him all along. He begins spying on Badger because his dad is suspicious of his strange behavior. They follow him to a local bar and Badger gets in a man’s car for a few minutes, then gets out and leaves. Clayton tells Casper to follow the car and see where it goes. They end up at a mobile home where the guy goes inside and stays for a very long time. When they come out Casper sees that it is DEA agents. They are planning to bust Clayton. They try to call Clayton to warn him but he doesn’t answer his phone. 

Emma tells Dominic that she likes him a lot, but they can be nothing but harvest friends because she has plans to go to college. Casper gives Dominic a large amount of money toward a car that he has been saving to buy. 

Dominique begins to question Casper’s dream, whether he wants to go to Boston or stay and be a drug dealer like his father. 

Clayton is pulled over and busted by the DEA. Casper and Dominique are forced to escape but it isn’t that easy. 

Will Dominique and Casper go to Boston and watch the Red Sox play?  


It is obvious how the school staff sees Casper and Dominic, in a totally different light. Casper is lectured in a harsh manner, with great warning. Dominic is spoken to as if they know that he is going to become a well structured and successful adult. Casper is also treated like an outsider by everyone, even his drug dealing father. Being told that you are good or bad will eventually be branded in your brain and determine what type of adult you will become.


Beneath The Harvest Sky is a tear jerker. Two young men that come from different backgrounds, trying to defeat the odds and escape from a small town. The biggest downside to this movie is the extremely slow space. For a low budget film, the producers, directors, and writers did a fairly good job putting it together. Callan McAuliffe and Emory Cohen put on a great performance. I would definitely like to see these two again in another movie. This film deserves a 7 out of 10. Click below to watch.

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