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Bellevue Episode 8 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, we learn that Adam (Patrick Labbe) has saved Annie (Anna Paquin. Brady (Billy MacLellan) has been killed. Annie claims that it is all over now that they’ve learned who killed Jesse. Adam doesn’t think so. He also believes that Annie doesn’t understand him. He claims he wanted to end the cycle. A call comes over the police radio and Adam escapes into the trees. Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) learns about Adam saving Annie. Peter finally gives Annie the last riddle. He also tells her about his meeting with Adam. Annie confirms she wants to speak with her brother and finish things on her own. Seconds later, Eddie (Allen Leech) arrives. Annie tells him about her brother and the riddles. Eddie doesn’t care and just wants to get Annie away from it all. At the station, Briana Holt (Amber Goldfarb) learns about her brother.

bellevue finale recap

Meanwhile, Tom Edmonds (Vincent Leclerc) gets lured into the woods. He gets panicked and hunts for his daughter. Seconds later, he gets his leg stuck in a bear trap. The police arrive and check out Tom. They discover Sandy’s name carved into his chest. Peter admits that Tom’s daughter is actually at school. A recorder replaying the girl’s voice is found nearby. Eddie tells Daisy (Madison Ferguson) about his intention to leave the city. Annie speaks with Maggie Sweetland (Victoria Sanchez) and learns that Tom helped lure Sandy into the woods. She also reveals that Sandy was lured to the shack and locked inside. She admits Jameson and Mother were both involved. At the landfill, the detectives find Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) hanging from a crane.

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Jameson has Sandy carved into his head. Jameson reveals that Lilly (Janine Theriault) came up with the plan to lure Sandy to the shack. He confirms Sandy was locked inside and left. While they intended to come back, they never did. Next, Peter and Annie consult with Virginia (Sharon Taylor). They quickly decide that Adam must want Lilly to die, since there are no more clues. Annie speaks with Peter in private and relies what Adam said about not understanding him. Seconds later, Annie learns that Adam was put in the mental hospital shortly after Sandy’s death. Then, she discovers that the first murder was also a clue. Annie determines that Adam killed Sandy for mercy. They head to Mercy Street where the brewery is located.

father jameson cbc bellevue

The detectives search the brewery. They find Mother buried alive and save her. During this time, Adam pays a visit to Eddie’s house and speaks with Daisy. Daisy tells Adam about her school presentation on Sandy’s murder. She admits she was disappointed that she didn’t know the ending. Adam invites her to follow him and learn the truth. After learning about Daisy’s disappearance, Annie and Eddie visit the message box, but nothing is found inside. They eventually reunite with Peter and find messages leading them into the woods. Peter prevents Adam from going any further, since Annie must finish it alone. She eventually finds Adam and Daisy near the burned down shack. Daisy is sent running towards her father, while Annie speaks with Adam.

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Adam reveals he tried to return home frequently, after their dad sent him to military school. However, we see in a flashback that his father wouldn’t let him inside. He also found Sandy in the shack on that same day. He sets her free and they complain about the world together. He admits he didn’t know her, but they connected almost instantly. Then, Adam confirms they made a suicide pact to punish everyone. Eventually, Adam choked Sandy to death. Then, he went home and prepared to hang himself from a tree. However, he saw Annie in the window and stopped. Adam admits he brought Daisy here, because she wanted to be a part of the story and thought it was the only way to reconnect with her mother.

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Adam admits he wants Annie to finish him. He begins to choke her, forcing Annie to shoot him. The police arrive and Eddie escorts Annie from the scene. Later, Annie and her family pack up their belongings and prepare to leave. Peter visits. Annie complains that he wasn’t there when she needed him. Annie insists she is fine, but Peter finds cuts on her arm. Eddie and Daisy step outside. Peter tells Annie he felt responsible for her ever since she was kid. He admits he tried to fill the void in her life. Peter prepares to tell Annie what he told Adam when they met in the church. She prevents him from doing so. Meanwhile, Danny (Cameron Roberts) and Maggie watch videos of Jesse. Before the truck pulls away, Annie looks at Peter. In a flashback, we see Adam explaining that Peter loved her ever since she was a kid and he was just waiting for her to grow up. The truck pulls away and the episode ends.


Bellevue Review

Well, I am glad Bellevue’s finale unraveled the truth and put an end to everything. I am not sure I could make it through another season. One could guess the writers wanted viewers to sympathize with people that are bullied for being different. Sadly, that message often got misapprehended along the way. The finale was fairly predictable, but satisfying enough. The problem is that it was very difficult not to lose interest in the series after the first few episodes. Much of the intrigue got lost in the degenerate sexual propaganda pushing the narrative.

Jesse’s struggle could’ve been fascinating. However, the writers went overboard with too many references to incest and pedophilia. That really deteriorated the message they were trying to deliver regarding Jesse and his struggle with his sexuality. There is a plus. The series is over. The finale scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue immediately!

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