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Bellevue Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, Annie (Anna Paquin) attempts to get inside of Eddie’s (Allen Leech) vehicle. Eddie refuses and drives away. Annie is knocked to the ground and Eddie changes his mind. Then, Annie tells Eddie about her brother, Adam. Eddie asks whether or not he could be dangerous. Annie doesn’t seem to have an answer. Annie visits the police station and tries to find information regarding her brother. She finds nothing. Virginia (Sharon Taylor) interrupts and confirms that Tom (Vincent Leclerc) lied about his alibi. Annie and Virginia sit down with him seconds later. Tom eventually admits Lily convinced him to pick up Jesse and take him to the church. He confirms others were at the church as well. Seconds later, Peter (Shawn Doyle) is told that the mayor, priest and Tom were all at the church.

bellevue episode 7 recap

Meanwhile, we see Adam (Patrick Labbe) hanging out in the woods. He listens in on a police scanner. Tom is questioned again. He admits he was called to the scrapyard. He confirms Mayor Mother Mansfield (Janine Theriault) is the one that called him there. Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) confirms they tried to convince Jesse he was on the wrong path. The Mayor also insists they tried to tell Jesse his ways would hurt his future. Peter asks to speak with the Mayor privately. Annie watches outside as the couple gets a little too close. Seconds later, Brady Holt (Billy MacLellan) apologizes to Annie for the crazy night before. Virginia returns seconds later and reveals Tom suggested Jesse ran away. Jameson confirmed the same.

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Annie visits the church. She finds the bloody painting covered up. She imagines Jesse (Sadie O’Neil) being instructed to change his ways by the others. Back at the station, Peter admits Tom’s GPS coordinates coordinate his story. They consider searching for another white truck. Annie speaks with Peter alone about her brother. Peter escorts Annie away from the police station. Adam watches from across the street. Peter and Annie visit the pub and ask everyone about Adam. Annie and Peter search the kitchen. Annie finds a picture, which strikes her interest. She learns that the man in the picture is Bobby and he just quit. The detectives are given the name Bobby Storm. Back at the station, Annie discovers that Bobby has been arrested several times and just recently got out of jail. Daisy (Madison Ferguson) and Bethany (Emelia Hellman) visit the location where Jesse’s body was found.

bobby storm bellevue

Meanwhile, Annie and Peter head to the cabin. Peter finds a campfire and they quickly discover it is where Adam has been staying. Annie climbs into Adam’s tent and has a flashback of herself and her brother. Peter and Annie are interrupted by Daisy falls into the water. Peter finds a note from Adam, before they rush towards Daisy’s location. We jump forward and see Annie comforting her daughter. Peter calls and suggests they search for a specific type of drug. He also follows the note’s instructions. Annie speaks with Eddie about her brother. Then, the couple has intercourse. Peter enters the restaurant and looks for Adam. He is eventually led to the church. Peters find a bunch of guys that look like Adam. Eventually, he enters the confessional and speaks with him directly.

bellevue episode 7 recap

Adam admits it wasn’t supposed to be Peter. He also tells Peter that he is out of control. Peter threatens to put Adam out of his misery, before he is locked in the church. Once Peter breaks down the doors and exits the church. He finds a message saying, “A lion has come to lay waste to your land”. Back at the station, Virginia tells Annie about a confidential source’s bank statement. The informant is linked to Brady. Annie meets him at home seconds later. She finds him packing and planning for a camping trip. Annie enters the bathroom and finds a bottom of pills. At this time, Brady speeds away. Then, Annie looks in Brady’s garage and finds a white truck. A gun is pulled on her second later. Annie is forced in the vehicle, before we see Brady watching the others at the church.

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Brady explains that he took Jesse away and tried to convince him the others were wrong. Brady admits he loved his sister. We see a flashback of Brady trying to kiss Briana (Amber Goldfarb). She manages to fight him off. However, it turns out to be Jesse. Jesse insists Brady is just like Tom and wants him to be like him. Brady admits he had to kill Jesse, because he would’ve told everyone. Brady turns on Annie and prepares to kill her. She is saved as a truck runs Brady down.


Bellevue Review

This episode of Bellevue sunk deeper into the obscene. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ludicrous, it did. The big reveal wasn’t that big in the end. The reasoning behind Jesse’s murder was even more childish. It is really difficult to like Bellevue when the storyline is this unrealistic. It is clearly obvious that Adam is responsible for saving Annie’s life. So, will they finally team up and bring down Peter? We’ll find out in the next episode. A 4.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue now.

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