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Bellevue Episode 6 Recap

When the 6th episode begins, Eddie (Allen Leech) wakes up and finds Annie (Anna Paquin) scouring over the evidence. Annie tells Eddie about Maggie and her last words before she overdosed. Eddie confirms Maggie is book smart and won awards in high school. Then, Annie admits she needs to get her hands on her father’s memo books. Seconds later, Daisy (Madison Ferguson) interrupts with a gruesome comment. In the morning, Annie speaks with Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) and tries to gain access to the books. Peter puts up resistance and insists there is nothing there for her. Eventually, he relents and tells her to get the books from Bev. Annie reads over the books in her vehicle. She learns about Sandy’s body being posed. The girl’s fingernails were ripped off.

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Annie meets up with Randy Oldring (Kent McQuaid), who found Sandy’s body. During their conversation, we see a flashback of Sandy’s body. Annie visits the church, where the others are preparing for the upcoming play. She learns that Bethany Mansfield (Emelia Hellman) will be playing Mary. Annie scours through old photographs. She learns that the others weren’t happy about Sandy playing Mary. Then, she learns that the family was never very biblical. Annie returns home and looks through her father’s book again. She notices a day is missing. She manages to uncover a word written on the missing page. This prompts her to begin searching for a 911 call. Annie returns to the station and listens to calls from the day of Sandy’s disappearance.

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During her search, Annie discovers a call from Lily Mansfield (Jenna Wheeler-Hughes). She complains about a man leaving fingernails in her home. Meanwhile, Virginia Panamick (Sharon Taylor) investigates the party. There, she finds Jackie Edmonds (Marianne Farley). She speaks with another party goer and learns that Jackie is there every Tuesday. Annie visits the evidence room and gets videos from previous interrogations. She meets with Brady (Billy MacLellan) in hopes of using his VCR. Brady tells Annie about the time he tore a page from his memo book and was nearly fired for it. Then, they watch a video of Lily. Lily becomes flirty with the interviewer. It is clearly obvious that the policeman, who is not shown, enjoys it. The next day, Annie speaks with Bev and tries to find the police report for Lily’s 911 call. It has gone missing.

annie and brady bellevue

Next, Annie learns that there was an abortion and intercourse with an older man. She meets with Mayor Mansfield (Janine Theriault) the following day. The Mayor is given the opportunity to listen to the 911 call. Nevertheless, she becomes angered and refuses to speak about it. Then, Annie presents the evidence to Peter. She contemplates whether Lily might’ve had something to do with her father. Later, Peter gets a call from Sid Oak (Raphael Grosz-Harvey), who reveals her heard the voice at the Rattlesnake. Sid is told to follow the men. Peter and Brady rush towards the scene. Annie visits the cabin, where she often spent vacation with her family. Meanwhile, Daisy and Bethany speak about Jesse and the pageant. Bethany admits she hates stuff like this.

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Back at the station, Virginia watches as Peter and Brady enter with several men. Sid admits none of the men sound like the guy. He suggests the real one must’ve slipped past him. Virginia watches as Peter threatens Sid. While hunting for evidence, Annie finds a pager code. She deciphers the code and its reads New Horizons. She returns to Bev and asks for a patient list from the mental hospital. Bev agrees to acquire it, but admits it could take weeks. Annie confronts Peter again. She accuses him of taking the 911 call and meeting Lily. Peter eventually succumbs and confirms he took the call. He admits to sleeping with Lily, after she flushed the fingernails. Later that night, Annie heads to the cookout and hangs out with Daisy, Eddie, and Briana (Amber Goldfarb). Eddie notices Annie has been crying and pulls her aside. At this point, Annie pleads with Eddie to stop playing games and become a family again.

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Next, Annie argues with Briana in the bathroom. Daisy overhears the chaos and quickly turns on her mother. Peter visits Lily and asks her about the fingernails. They wind up having sex and Peter gets nothing of interest in return. Meanwhile, Annie uses Brady to make Eddie jealous. Brady and Eddie wind up getting into a brief squabble. During this time, Virginia sits down with Jackie. Jackie is forced to admit she was at the party at the time Jesse disappeared. Therefore, her alibi for her husband was invalid. Annie returns to the cabin alone and gets drunk. She heads into the woods. She sees someone, who looks just like her father. Then, Annie returns to the cabin and notices the name Adam written on the wall above hers.


Bellevue Review

Bellevue’s 6th episode completely overlooked the Jesse character, as well as the Riddler. Instead, the episode delved deeper into Annie’s father and his connect to the murder of Sandy Driver. Suffice to say, this episode felt somewhat disconnected from the rest. Nevertheless, the same telltale signs were present. Annie visited the same placed multiples times and suspicion remains on Peter. Now that the Riddle man has been removed from the equation, we have the fingernail guy.

At this point, I don’t see how Bellevue can save this sinking ship. A 4.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch past recaps of Bellevue right now!

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