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Bellevue Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) speaks with her stalker through the security camera. She holds up pictures of Jed and Driver to the camera. The Riddler confirms that the murders are connected. Annie also admits she is afraid of her stalker, because she doesn’t understand him yet. The stalker insists the one who killed Jesse did not kill Sandy. After the intro, Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) speaks with Danny (Cameron Roberts). She asks Danny how she should remember her son. She is reminded that Danny wanted to be a she. Annie returns to the station and speaks with Jed (Neil Napier). Jed ask about the drugs found in Jesse’s house. He insists the drugs were not his, due to the way they were packaged. Annie speaks with Brady (Billy MacLellan), before making it clear she intends to find out who planted the drugs in Jesse’s room.

annie ryder bellevue episode 5

Annie and Brady track down one of the dealers. The man admits nobody else will speak with them. He also confirms unpaid debts are now being collected by the person now in charge. Brady decides to call it quits. Annie runs into Cali (Catherine Kidd). The woman tells her that she might find something she doesn’t want to see. Next, Annie tracks down her colleague, who is responsible for tracking the IP address. He insists they have a 50-50 chance of getting the right guy. Annie tells him to improve his accuracy. When Annie steps outside, she sees Eddie Roe (Allen Leech) punching his window. He drives off in a fury. At home, Annie gets a visit from Briana (Amber Goldfarb), who has brought a pie for Eddie. Annie asks to speak with Eddie, but he refuses. Then, she notices a girl’s hairband on the floor. Eddie insists it is Daisy’s.

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Daisy (Madison Ferguson) surprises her mother outside. She complains that her key didn’t work. Annie admits she changed the locks. Annie speaks with Cali once again. They argue over Eddie, but nothing comes from the conversation. Annie rushes home and speaks with the creeper again. She tells the Riddler that Eddie would never hurt anyone. During this time, Eddie speaks with the barkeeper about his money problems. Eddie is given a crowbar and told he can do something in return for the money he owes. The Riddler tells Annie to wear Driver’s watch at the funeral. Meanwhile, Danny continues watching videos of himself and Jesse. Next, the family begins arriving for the funeral. Danny shows up and is invited inside by the hockey players. Maggie begins to speak, before Neil (Andreas Apergis) interrupts.

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Neil yells at Maggie and tells her she knows what she did. He also tells Annie that they have to move past it and speak the truth. Outside, Maggie complains that Annie ruined her chance to say goodbye to her son. Maggie notices the watch and immediately recognizes it. Seconds later, Peter (Shawn Doyle) arrives. Again, he insists Annie should stop listening to the creeper. Annie responds by asking Peter who really set fire to his garage. Annie gets a call from Daisy, who lies about her location. She appears to be near the location where Jesse’s body was found. Seconds later, Bethany (Emelia Hellman) and Jesse’s other friends arrive. Daisy leaves with them. They drink away their sorrows. Briana is asked whether or not she has ever seen Eddie stoned. She admits she had not and suggests Eddie isn’t that type of guy.

annie and briana bellevue

Next, Annie goes hunting for Eddie. She finds Daisy’s dead dog in his freezer. He eventually picks up the phone. Meanwhile, Peter speaks with Tom (Vincent Leclerc) at the bar. Tom speaks about his last encounter with Jesse. After Tom leaves, Peter speaks with his informant. The man admits he has nothing useful. Annie speaks with Eddie and learns that he made a big mistake. He intended to sell the drugs to get tools. He denies planting the drugs and insists they were stolen from him. Eddie is forced to confess to Peter. They express their dislike for one another, before Peter accepts Eddie’s story and lets him go free. Then, Peter speaks with Annie outside. He admits he thinks the creeper guy burned down his garage. He also admits to burning the shack where Sandy was held. Annie returns to the location of the shack. She tells the Riddler about her visit. She admits Jesse wasn’t killed there and complains that the Riddler knows nothing.

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She gets rid of the camera again, before calling her computer man. She gets help tracking the man down. She is led to the cemetery. There, the finds a tablet resting on Sandy Driver’s headstone. Eddie visits Cali and is beaten as punishment for failing to complete the job. Annie pays a visit to Maggie and apologizes for the funeral fiasco. Maggie insists Jesse was killed, due to her own actions. Then, she passes out and is rushed to the hospital. Annie finds Eddie at the hospital. He admits he has bought himself some time. Annie visits Neil and is given receipts. Nevertheless, Neil continues to blame himself for his daughter’s death. Annie spends the night with Daisy and Eddie.

eddie and annie bellevue

Annie heads outside and pulls the camera out of the trashcan. She plugs it up once again. She tells the creeper he was right and did know things. He doesn’t respond.


Bellevue Review

Sadly, Bellevue has not gotten any better. On the contrary, the show’s quality and coherency continues to diminish. The writing is so terrible that things feel choppy and illegible at times. Anna Paquin made a big mistake getting involved in this mess. Of course, she could be directly blamed. At times, it doesn’t feel like she is putting much effort into the role. Bellevue’s good traits are very, very limited. The scenery is nice and that is about it.

The sooner this season ends, the better. I cannot see it making it to another one. A 3.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue now.

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