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Bellevue Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Annie (Anna Paquin) finally comes to her senses and installs cameras in her home. Then, she meets up with Peter (Shawn Doyle) and the others. Together, they raid Jed Matin’s (Neil Napier) house. They search around everywhere and find nothing, but a naked Danny Debessage (Cameron Roberts). Brady (Billy MacLellan) discovers some feminine items and this leads them to believe that Jesse had been in the house at some point. After the search ends, Peter makes it clear he is totally out it, by chugging steaming hot coffee. Annie and Virginia (Sharon Taylor) meet with Jed at the nearby bar. He insists the police are barking up the wrong tree and simply want to use him as a scapegoat. When they leave, Annie runs into Eddie (Allen Leech) and Briana (Amber Goldfarb). She quickly becomes upset and jealous.

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Virginia convinces her that it simply doesn’t matter, because they have girl power. Seconds later, they get a notification that something has been found on Jed’s property. The discovery is one of the earrings Jesse was wearing. Back at the station, Virginia gives Annie a rundown of Jed’s tumultuous childhood. Jed is brought in and questioned again. He insists he allowed Jesse to stay at his place, because he was a friend of Danny. When asked about a possible sexual relationship with Jesse, Jed requests a lawyer. After the interrogation, Annie tells Brady and Peter that she believes Jed could be innocent. Then, she speaks with Peter in private about the riddle man. He admits he hasn’t found anything of interest. Peter tracks down the earlier informant and gives him a beating.

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Peter forces the man to cooperate with him to track down the riddle guy. Back at home, Annie finally remembers she has a daughter. Today, Daisy (Madison Ferguson) speaks to her mother about puberty. Next, Annie obtains paperwork about Clarence. Brady and Virginia decide to track down one of Jed’s buddies, Anthony Greene (Karl Graboshas). Annie scans through the paperwork and finds a cassette. She listens to it and hears Clarence (Patrick Labbe) and Neil Driver (Andreas Apergis) in some sort of group meeting. They both speak about their daughters. Then, Annie pays Neil a visit. During this time, Anthony is interrogated. Anthony is asked what Jed wanted him to do. Annie speaks with a nurse at the mental hospital and learns that Neil is free to come and go.

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Meanwhile, Jed’s white truck is found burned. Jed is interviewed once again. He is asked whether or not he ordered Anthony to burn the truck, before being charged with Jesse’s mother. Seconds later, Bethany (Emelia Hellman) speaks with her mother (Janine Theriault). Mother Mansfield insists she is crying for her husband, who she hasn’t seem in awhile. She admits she misses her husband and that is takes too many business trips. Next, Bethany receives a bunch of text messages calling her a bad name. At the club, the mayor announces her intention of memorializing Jesse. Then, Peter tells Annie that lake water was found in the earring. Again, Annie runs into her ex and his new girlfriend. They argue briefly. Annie tells Brady to tell his sister the truth about Eddie. He admits his sister has a low self-esteem and always hooks up with the loser.

Anna Paquin Bellevue

Later that night, Annie investigates Neil’s house. She finds newspapers about Sandy’s death, as well as one about her dad. When she finally returns home, her new camera begins talking to her. She freaks out and unplugs it. After inquiring about the potential of tracing the attack, she visits Neil at the hospital. She discovers that he is tied to the bed. She quickly realizes that Neil isn’t the riddle man, before leaving. Outside, she runs into Peter, who has obviously been following her. Annie admits Neil isn’t her riddler. Then, she reveals that the riddle man suggests there is a connection between Jesse and Sandy. Peter doesn’t believe it and remains adamant that Jed is their guy. Annie finds another riddle nearby. Then, she calls home and asks Daisy about the hospital bracelet. She looks at the bracelet and watch. The watch is stuck at 12:13. Annie confronts Neil at his home with the information the following day.

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She reveals that all of his clocks stopped when Sandy died. He admits he is sick of being stuck. We see a flashback of Neil fighting with his daughter. Then, Sandy leaves with someone else. Neil admits the girl left with a friend. In another flashback, we see that Sandy’s friend is a young Maggie (Skyler Arya). Annie meets with Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) moments later. She admits to her bad parenting skills. Maggie quickly realizes that Annie doesn’t believe Jed is guilty of the murder. Then, Maggie is asked about her friendship with Sandy. She admits she knew the girl, but just barely. Maggie refuses to answer any questions and screams that she just wants to be over it. Then, Annie sits down with Jed.

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Jed is asked about the earring and pond water. He immediately suggests a set up. He admits he found the earring after Jesse was already killed. He also confesses he buried the earring, because they were going to bury Jesse in a suit and that wasn’t who he was. Annie agrees to help Jed and asks him to make a list of people that might’ve had access to his drugs. Again, Danny watches videos of Jesse speaking. At the end of the episode, Annie plugs in the camera, as if in an agreement to work with the riddler.


Bellevue Review

At this point, it is painfully clear that Bellevue is poorly written. Many of the episodes involve Annie running in circles and visiting the same scene multiple times. It is also mindboggling that she would set up a camera in her home, but do nothing to watch the mailbox in the woods earlier on. It feels like the series is hoping viewers will stick with it simply for the feministic leads and the transsexual victim.

While these points make the show unique, they do nothing to strengthen the story or make it any more interesting. The riddler scenario is overplayed and cliché. The dialogue is beyond amateurish and it really makes the detectives impossible to sympathize with. Sadly, Bellevue doesn’t even seem to take itself serious. Why would the viewer? The episode earns a 4.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue now.

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