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Bellevue Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the third episode, Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) discusses the situation with her team. They quickly agree that Jesse must have went into the water alive. Seconds later, Virginia (Sharon Taylor) interrupts and tells the group about Danny Debessage (Cameron Roberts). She admits Jesse didn’t show and that Danny saw him getting into a white truck around 1:30. Virginia and Brady (Billy MacLellan) investigate the tire tracks, while Annie tells Peter (Shawn Doyle) about her stalker. They argue and contemplate whether or not Sandy Driver might’ve been held in the same shack 20 years ago. After the conversation, Annie returns to the mailbox and retrieves another note. When she returns to the office, Brady tells Annie about his visit with Jesse’s mother. Then, Brady confirms he has spoken with the DMV. The number of white trucks in the way is immense.

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Peter enters with additional evidence. He confirms that Jesse was killed near the entrance to the lake. Unfortunately, there was no DNA at the scene or on the body. Another office nearby is fiddling with practice tapes for the boy’s hockey team. Annie watches a segment and notices that the coach is somewhat aggressive. This catches her attention. Next, we see Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) and Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) in the church. They speak briefly, before noticing a nearby painting bleeding. Annie and Peter rush to the scene and investigate. During this time, Daisy Ryder (Madison Ferguson) breaks into Sandy’s house and tries to perform some type of ritual. She slices open her hand, before Sandy’s father walks in. Meanwhile, Annie meets with Maggie. She learns that Jesse liked to place the number 77 everywhere.

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Next, Annie turns her attention to the hockey coach, Tom (Vincent Leclerc). She watches him being really agrees on video tape, before heading to the school. She learns that Tom was like a father figure to Jesse. Then, Tom insists he was home on the night when Jesse went missing. Meanwhile, Peter takes Daisy home and gets her something to eat. Annie returns seconds later. Annie tells Peter about her suspicions. However, he insists his coach was basically the same. Annie’s ex enters moments later and takes Daisy to a sleepover with her friends. Annie returns to the mailbox and obtains another note. Peter meets with Mayor Mansfield (Janine Theriault). The mayor admits investors are threatening to pull their money out of the brewery, due to the recent murder. Tom takes the boys into the woods and encourages Max (Ryan Doherty) and Jacob (Robert Naylor) to duke it out.

Vincent Leclerc Bellevue

The boys fight briefly, before Tom breaks it up. Then, he riles them up and tells them to have the same attitude when they’re on the ice. Annie finds a newspaper article about Tom having an accident, which ended his NHL ambitions. She tries to call Peter, but only gets his answering machine. Then, she spots a truck outside of her home. She approaches and notices it has no license plate. She winds up running through the woods and finding a note telling her not to be scared. Then, she rendezvous with Peter and confesses that her stalker wouldn’t hurt her. During their conversation, Tom and the boys emerge from the woods. The boys defend Tom. Then, Annie and Peter try to solve the riddle and find out exactly who the hero could be. Peter refuses to listen. He insists the stalker is a psycho and they shouldn’t run Tom through the mud based on his riddles.

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They wind up arguing back and forth. Peter alludes to the fact that Annie is following down her father’s path, before she rushes off. Back at home, Annie’s ex tells her that he doesn’t want Daisy turning out like her. They argue, while Peter investigates the shed, where Sandy might’ve been held. Annie hits the bar and begins flirting with a local. Annie’s ex, Eddie (Allen Leech), enters the bashes the man. Then, he heads outside with Annie and they have sex on the back of a truck. During the sex, Annie spots a payphone nearby. She notices it has the number 77 written on it. She notifies Peter, who is seemingly unaware of a phone at the bar. The next day, Annie and Virginia meet up with Danny, who bashes white jocks. Eventually, he admits they were going to get on Jesse’s bike and go until nobody looked at them funny anymore.

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Danny suggests Jesse had a motorbike, which he bought recently. Virginia tells Annie that some of the teens at Rez ride motorbikes. She also reveals a bike and some cash was stolen just last month. Annie returns to Danny and learns that Jesse was supposed to meet a scout at a motel recently. He also reveals that Jesse hated Tom. Annie pays a visit to Tom’s house and speaks with Jackie (Marianne Farley). Jackie is asked by Tom would take the 16-year-old to a nearby motel. Jackie insists her husband wasn’t sleeping with Jesse. However, she admits he had a prostitute up there. She also confesses they don’t sleep together, so she doesn’t know whether or not he was home when Jesse disappeared. Danny watches a video of Jesse on his phone. Next, Annie tracks down the prostitute, who admits Tom does visit. She also admits he brought Jesse the last time he came.

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She insists that they barely notice her, because Tom and Jesse are so into one another. We see that Tom tried to hook Jesse up with the prostitute. Jesse and the prostitute trick Tom and pretend they had sex. Annie returns to Peter with the information. She also learns that the others are at Maggie’s house investigation the motorcycle angle. Peter reveals that Tom got a call from the Rattlesnake bar that night. They interview Tom later. He admits Jesse called and wanted to be picked up. He confesses that he didn’t go. Tom admits he did everything for Jesse, so the boy could become an NHL star. He denies having anything to do with Jesse’s death. Meanwhile, Brady and Virginia check through Jesse’s room. Annie tries to get in touch with Eddie, but he is too busy with another woman. The other detectives find half a pound of MDMA in Jesse’s closet. Annie returns to the prostitute and tries to get the girl to give a written statement.

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The man insists Tom is messed up and already living in his own jail cell. Annie begins to think Tom might’ve jumped in front of the van on purpose. She searches the basement in hopes of finding the sign made in his honor. She talks with Peter on the phone, while searching around. Annie finds a picture, which reveals that Tom played Joseph many years ago. She insists they need to check the shack for Tom’s DNA. However, Peter has already burnt it to the ground. Annie finds herself locked in the basement. He tries to kick it open, as gas is poured underneath the door. The stalker tells her not to trust the man with fire in his eyes. She manages to escape through a nearby window. She follows a police car to Peter’s house where a shack is on fire. We see that Peter has fire in his eyes.


Bellevue Review

Bellevue continues to sink deeper and deeper in the sewer. At this point, the turd needs to be flushed and forgotten about. It has been clear from early on that Peter was up to something no good. 3 episodes in and I no longer care. The relationship between Eddie and Annie is downright lame and childish. I suppose the writers are trying to shock us, but it doesn’t work. I think the show’s creators put more effort into turning Anna Paquin into a skank than they did trying to conjure up a witty, genuinely interesting story.

Instead, we get Annie running around in circles, tons of propaganda and a bunch of idiotic riddles. 45 minutes at your local DMV would be far more interesting. A 3 out of 10 is awarded to the 3rd episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue now.

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