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Bellevue Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) and Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) investigate the religious graffiti. Surprisingly, it has been covered up with red paint. Peter looks at the pictures on Annie’s phone. Annie suggests the guy who sent her riddles has returned. They head outside and Annie shows Peter the message on the back of her vehicle. She also reveals that Daisy (Madison Ferguson) was in the car when the message was written. Peter agrees to take care of it. Next, Annie visits Daisy. However, the girl refuses to speak with her. Afterwards, Annie returns to the crime scene and tells Peter she believes the creepy guy has been watching her.

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Peter agrees to have a cop drive by her place more frequently. Annie admits that didn’t work in the past and probably will not work now. Next, Annie turns her attention to Virginia (Sharon Taylor). They chat about the aversion therapy theory. During their conversation, one of the detectives finds a piece of skin on the fence. Annie heads into town and speaks with Jesse’s mother Maggie (Victoria Sanchez). The townsfolk come together for a search. Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) prays with a couple locals. Maggie notices and smacks him across the face. She immediately blames him for her son’s disappearance. Jameson is taken to a safe location. Therefore, he is questioned by Annie and treated by Brady Holt (Billy MacLellan). Brady admits he spoke with Jesse’s mom on the night of the disappearance.

bellevue episode 2 recap

Annie tells Jameson about her conversion therapy theory. She suggests Jesse could’ve gotten the ideal from Jameson or one of his people. Jameson denies it. Brady sympathize with the priest. Seconds later, Annie is approached by Mayor Mansfield (Janine Theriault). They chat briefly before the Mayor’s daughter, Bethany (Emelia Hellman), interrupts. Bethany urges her mother to hurry along, so she will not be late. During the enter, Annie notices that Bethany is wearing a Paris t-shirt. Peter and Brady visit the coach for the local hockey team. The man admits that the others didn’t like that Jesse was dressing like a woman. However, they knew they needed Jesse’s skills to win, so they kept quiet about it. Meanwhile, Annie speaks with some of the female students. She is told to check out the Rez, since Jesse hung out there often.

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Then, Annie speaks with one of Jesse’s teachers. She admits she never heard Jesse refer to himself as a she. Meanwhile, Peter and Brady learn about Jesse’s replacement, Jacob Cowan (Robert Naylor). The detectives are given permission to interview the boys. Virginia speaks with one of the locals about the Rez and Jesse. During this time, Peter tries to gain more information about Clarence (Patrick Labbe). That night, Annie returns to the crime scene and finds Bethany on the ground hunting for something. Bethany refuses to speak and refuses off. When Annie gets into her car, she finds a familiar doll in the back. Maggie visits the church and speaks with Jameson. Jameson insists he though the dress wearing would pass. Maggie admits she thought the same about Jameson’s dress.

Robert Naylor Bellevue

Annie has a flashback. She recalls her father giving her a special doll. Seconds later, Annie is interrupted by Virginia and the other detectives. She tells them about Bethany. While scouring over the evidence, something catches Annie’s eye. She visits Bethany at school and asks her about the Paris necklace. Bethany insists it is not hers. At this point, Virginia notifies Annie that it was Jesse’s DNA on the fence. Annie transports Bethany to the scene of the crime. Bethany finally gives in and agrees to walk Annie through the crime. She insists Jesse touched the fence on his own in hopes of getting rid of his homosexual feelings. She admits Jesse didn’t want to be weird anymore.

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Eventually, Jesse admits he is finished. He confesses that he doesn’t want to change. Jacob becomes enraged and attacks him. Jesse spits out a tooth, before being kicked multiple times. Bethany insists she ran for help, but stopped when Jacob called and admits Jesse was fine when he left. Then, Bethany reveals that Jesse came onto her and insisted he was going to leave. She insists Jesse was attacked after this. Meanwhile, the hockey game gets under way. Annie and Brady show up in hopes of speaking with Jacob. Jacob winds up getting in a fight with an opponent, who makes fun of Jesse. Annie consults with Brady and Peter before interrogating the boys. Annie attempts to pit two of the boys against one another. One of the boys eventually places the blame on Jacob.

Robert Naylor Bellevue

Then, Jacob is interviewed. Jacob refers to Bethany and Jesse as freaks. Annie admits he will not be able to disconnect himself from them easily. Eventually, Jacob grabs a pen and writes down “white truck”. He insists he saw Jesse get into a white truck when he returned. Peter learns about a call associated with the Driver case. The call came from someone on Barnes Road. Peter keeps the information hidden from Annie. Next, Virginia tracks down Danny Debessage (Cameron Roberts). The boy admits he was supposed to meet with Jessue, but he never showed. Instead, he reveals he saw Jesse getting into a white truck around 1:30. Danny also admits he and Jesse were planning on running away together.

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Annie visits her ex’s house in hopes of speaking with Daisy. However, he daughter isn’t home. Annie cuddles with her ex instead. They wind up arguing over Jesse’s case. Annie goes for a ride and nearly gets into a crash. The other vehicle rushes off. Annie spots a dead animal with “Remember Me” carved into its side. She has a flashback of stuffing the special doll into the birdhouse in the woods. Then, she finds some fingernails. In the morning, she finds her home’s mailbox missing. She finds it in the woods hanging on a tree. Annie opens the box and finds a riddle inside. When Annie returns home, she gets a visit from Daisy. They finally rekindle their relationship. Annie promises to keep her daughter safe. Next, Annie solves the riddle with help from Brady.

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Peter visits the payphone where the call was made only to find it destroyed. Annie goes trekking through the woods, until she stumbles upon the New Horizons Treatment Centre. On the grounds of the old mental hospital, she finds a shed, where someone has apparently been held captive. She walks down to the water’s edge and discovers Jesse’s body.


Bellevue Review

Bellevue has a good foundation. The show could and should be incredibly creepy and intense. Unfortunately, that is not what we get. Bellevue is watered down with politically correct dialogue and an incredibly slow pace. The majority of the episode focused on Annie revisiting the same scene numerous times. The riddles are also very cheesy. At this point, Bellevue feels like an empty shell. There is no emotion whatsoever.

All in all, the episode was a bore. A 5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Bellevue now.

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