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Bellevue Episode 1 Recap

When the pilot episode starts, Annie (Anna Paquin) stumbles to a vehicle drunk. She smashes the window and is confronted by the vehicle’s owner. She quickly uses her charm to convince the man to take her to a motel room. Therefore, they do coke and Annie is told about a drug dealer named Rainmaker Jed. Seconds later, two detectives storm the room and arrest the man. Annie’s partner, Virginia (Sharon Taylor), ridicules her for taking the role so far. Nonetheless, the detectives are happy that Annie managed to get the supplier’s name. Seconds later, we see a local teen, Jesse Sweetland (Sadie O’Neil), fixing his eyelashes. He dresses up like a girl. In the morning Annie is awoken by her daughter, Daisy (Madison Ferguson).

Anna Paquin Bellevue

Daisy informs her mother that somebody is outside waiting again. The truck leaves and Daisy is sent off to school moments later. Annie heads into town, where a news crew is reporting on the opening of a brewery and closing of a mine. Annie speaks with Mayor Mother Mansfield (Janine Theriault), who mentions Annie’s motel antics. Then, they discuss Annie’s terrible hair day. At school, Daisy gives a presentation about a murder victim names Sandy Driver. She confesses her grandfather died investigating the murder. She also discusses a fable of the girl being killed by a half-human half-beast creature. Daisy admits Sandy’s father never recovered. At this time, Annie is called to the mine. She finders Sandy’s dad, Neil Driver (Andreas Apergis), acting erratically.

cbc bellevue episode 1

Annie manages to calm the man down, after first convincing him that she is human. Afterwards, Annie gets a call from Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle). They agree to meet at the scrapyard to investigate a missing boy. They quickly locate the boy’s bicycle. The detectives also find a tooth. Annie continues into the woods and discovers a bunch of naughty pictures. Some seem to have blood on them. Annie returns to the station and speaks with Brady Holt (Billy MacLellan) briefly. Peter enters and tells them about the crime scene, which was discovered by the scrapyard’s owner, Ricky Jordan. He confirms the items found were confirmed by Maggie Sweetland (Victoria Sanchez) as belonging to her son. It is also revealed that Jesse was one of the town’s most skilled hockey players. He also admits a local kid walked in on him wearing his mother’s dress.

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Brady complains that the boy will miss their upcoming hockey game. He also suggests that the boy is simply messed up and ran away on his own free will. Brady is ridiculed for his attitude. Moments later, Peter tells Annie to stay on top of Jesse’s mom, since she might know something. They also discuss Annie’s chat with the mayor. Next, Annie learns about a pedophile, who recently moved to town. She heads to the local pub and finds the man. He hands her a note and tells her it is from a man, who knows something about the boy’s disappearance. She returns home and looks at her father’s belongings. This causes her to have a flashback from her childhood. A young Annie ventures into the local woods and finds a birdhouse, which contains a cryptic note.

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She solves the riddle and places her musical toy in the box. Then, she gets another riddle that she cannot solve. She complains to her mother that her father will never return, unless she solves it. Her mother tries to convince her that it is not from her father. She contacts Peter and questions him about the investigation into the letters. Peter insists it was just some sicko. After the call ends, Annie gets drunk with her ex. He confesses he has lost his job at the mine and hopes to get one at the brewery. Daisy speaks with her mother, as her father sleeps. She tries to convince Annie to rekindle her relationship with him. Annie is forced to leave moments later. She heads to a local church. Inside, she finds a creepy statue, which seems to represent Jesse.

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Then, several phones begin to ring. Some say Nature calling, while others say Jesus calling. Annie escapes and returns to the pub. She attacks the pedophile and asks him who handed over the note. She gets no answers. Then, she calls crime stoppers and reports the church. The church is searched. It is revealed that the statue’s paint is still wet. Annie visits the local pastor and asks him about Jesse. He admits the boy never came to church. He also suggests he was simply crying out for help. Next, she heads over to the boy’s mother’s home. She speaks with a neighbor, who confesses to seeing Jesse throw out his makeup. Virginia and Annie speaks with Maggie. Annie forces Maggie to get defensive. They receive no answers. Annie returns to the station and speaks with Peter about the investigation.

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During their conversation, it is revealed that the blood on the porn was Jesse’s. Annie recalls another moment from her childhood involving a religious statue. She heads back to the crime scene and touches the nearby fence. It gives her a good shock. That night, the locals hold a candlelight vigil for the boy. Annie apologizes to Maggie for pushing her so hard. Annie speaks with her ex, who is with his daughter and a new girl. Annie becomes jealous and leaves with Daisy. Annie goes searching for Mr. Driver. She finds another religious monument of sorts. Daisy waits in the car. Somebody begins writing on the car’s back window. Annie speaks with Peter on the phone and suggests someone might’ve put Jesse through shock or conversion therapy. Annie rushes outside and finds a hysterical Daisy. On the back of the car’s window, she finds “UR MY LIGHT” written.

bellevue daisy

On the way home, Annie apologizes to Daisy. She requests to go to her father’s house.


Bellevue Review

Bellevue has a lot of potential, but the pilot episode fell well short of the mark. The biggest problem is the absurdity of it all. The show could be creepy and mysterious. However, the dialogue really kills the vibe. At points, it felt like Bellevue was written by one of Justin Trudeau’s new Middle Eastern citizens. The childish chatter makes the entire show feel ludicrous. Did the writers even take it serious?

At this point, I am definitely disappointed with the way things have played out. If the show tightens up and drops the high school locker room banter, it could be good. Until then, Bellevue looks better in the rearview mirror. A 5 out of 10 is deserved.

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