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BBC The Last Kingdom Recap Episode 3

When the episode begins, Alfred (David Dawson, Ripper Street) and his men return from a victorious battle with the Danes. Despite their good fortune, the king has been seriously injured and Uhtred (Alexander Dreymond) and Brida (Emily Cox) remain locked up. A visit from Beocca (Ian Hart) only angers Brida. Next, Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) gets a visit from Odda the Younger (Brian Vernel). Odda tells his friend that he should be king, if his father dies. They agree that Alfred is going to prove to be a problem.

Brian Vernel The Last Kingdom

Ubba (Rune Temte) returns to Guthrum (Thomas Gabrielsson) and belittles him for his loss in battle. Guthrum insists they didn’t lose, since the king fell. Back in the cell, Uhtred and Brida argue over their future and Brida insists she doesn’t want to live an ordinary life. In the morning, Aethelwold awakes and attempts to visit his father. Unfortunately, the King has died. Despite Aethelwold’s threats, the others refuse to help him become King and instead lend their support to Alfred.

The Last Kingdom Guthrum

Uhtred and Brida are finally released. Uhtred speaks with Alfred and explains exactly what he wants. Alfred sends him away, in order to deal with the King’s death. Aethelwold attempts to defile Alfred’s milk, before he is captured by Leofric (Adrian Bower). Leofric and Odda the Elder (Simon Kunz) take him to a secluded location and tell him about their plans. Moments later, Aethelwold is knocked out and sent out of Wessex, so he cannot interfere with Alfred’s progress. Afterwards, Alfred enlists Odda the Younger to speak with Guthrum and setup negotiations. Odda agrees without hesitation.

The Last Kingdom Uhtred

Odda fulfills his duty and manages to leave the Danes, without begin killed. Uhtred and Beocca spar over Uhtred’s intentions to use Alfred for his own betterment, while Brida concocts a hypnotic potion and drinks it down. She does into a psychotic state and witnesses herself on a boat with young Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann). In the morning, Uhtred is given a coat of chain mail for his service. He also receives apologizes from Odda the Young, who originally refused to believe him. Alfred questions Uhtred how he would deal with Aethelwold and he admits he would kill him.

The Last Kingdom Leofric

Alfred suggests otherwise and explains his reasoning, before asking Uhtred to join him, during the negotiations. He also attempts to persuade Uhtred to take up a bride, but is refused. Afterwards, Uhtred returns to Brida and gives her a scare. The pair contemplate their options, with Brida insisting they should reunite with Ragnar. Uhtred admits he has made a promise to Alfred and cannot break it. She insists Alfred will turn him over to Ubba and Guthrum, but Uhtred places his trust in Beocca. Afterwards, the Danes attempt to use Storri to read and prepare for the future.

The Last Kingdom David Dawson

Back in Wessex, Alfred is officially named King, while Uhtred tells Brida he cannot imagine life without her. Afterwards, Alfred and Uhtred meet with the Danes. The negotiations fall through, with the Danes asking for everything from land to Uhtred, but Alfred refuses to give up anything, aside from silver and food. Afterwards, Alfred tells Uhtred he would never give up to Ubba. He promises to help Uhtred regain his land, if he works with him for a year. That night, everyone shares dinner and Alfred explains that Uhtred will now teach the soldiers the tricks and techniques of the Danes.

The Last Kingdom King Alfred

In the morning, everyone prepares to leave, but Uhtred is forced to stay behind to search for Brida. He finds her and discovers she has suffered from a miscarriage. They bury her bloody clothing, before Uhtred begins training the soldiers. A shadowy figure watches on. Brida digs up the loot, before she is confronted by the shadowy figure, who asks her name. That night, Leofric and Uhtred share a drink together. Aethelwold miraculously returns. He is pushed around by Leofric and told to watch his mouth.

Brida The Last Kingdom

When Uhtred returns home, Brida tells him that young Ragnar has returned and they shall return the silver to him. In the morning, Alfred speaks with Odda the Elder. He tells Odda about his intentions to offer Mildrith up to Uhtred for marriage. Odda agrees and admits he would do anything for Wessex. Brida and Uhtred meet up with Ragnar, who immediately recognizes that Uhtred is killing the truth. They speak about their plans for killing Kjartan. They both pledge their allegiance to Ragnar, but Uhtred admits he must stay beyond and remain loyal to his pledge to Alfred.

The Last Kingdom Ragnar

Brida departs and leaves with Ragnar. The next day, Leofric and Uhtred speak about Brida’s departure. They both agree that they’ve sold themselves to Alfred. Leofric admits Alfred wants Uhtred’s help reclaiming all of England.

BBC The Last Kingdom Alexander Dreymon


The Last Kingdom Review

The third episode of The Last Kingdom really pushed the story forward massively. Brida has departed and Uhtred has pledged his allegiance to Alfred. The Danes are going nowhere, without a little assistance from Alfred and his armies. From this episode forward, it is likely things will get bloody. Of course, Uhtred’s close ties to Ragnar remain. Who will he decide to align himself with in the end? A great episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Last Kingdom now!

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