BBC The Gamechangers Review

The Gamechangers is a BBC television movie, which focuses on Rockstar games. The company’s president, Sam Houser, is played by Daniel Radcliffe, while his nemesis, Jack Thompson, is played by Bill Paxton. The television movie was approximately 90 minutes long and explores the controversial lawsuit, which pits Jack Thompson against Rockstar Games and their Blank Rome defense team.

The Gamechangers Daniel Radcliffe

At the beginning of the film, we witness 17-year old Devin Moore playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He heads out into the streets and is eventually arrested by police. At the police station, Devin takes an officer’s weapon and kills several police offers, before stealing a police car. He is arrested minutes later, but his actions spark a fire in Jack Thompson. He quickly meets with the police officers’s families and encourages them to file suit against Rockstar Games.

The Gamechangers Bill Paxton

The controversial continues, while Rockstar works to release their next video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. After back and forth between San Houser and his development team, they decide to strip a sex scene from the game. Unfortunately, it is left on the game disk and eventually uncovered by a modder, Patrick Wildenborg, in the Netherlands. Despite winning their lawsuit against the police officers’s families, they’re thrown into an even fiercer battle with the FTC and Senator Hillary Clinton, with Jack Thompson working behind the scenes.

Joe Dempsie

While the drama unfolds, Sam Houser begins taking his frustration out on his team members, including his brother, Dan Houser (Ian Keir Attard) and Jamie King (Joe Dempsie). Meanwhile, Jack Thompson’s actions wind up impacting his son at school, while the death threats are thrown his way. The show concludes with the ultimate showdown for both men. Sam Houser is required to speak to the FTC, while Jack attempts to prevent himself from being disbarred.


One man will continue moving untouched, while the other will lose their professional career. The rest is history and most are already familiar with it. Overall, I really liked the television movie. Bill Paxton definitely plays a borderline psychotic Christian very well, which was evident in HBO’s Big Love. Daniel Radcliffe also played the part excellently.


The film had a little bit of everything, including humor, bleakness and a little triumph at the end. It could’ve potentially focused more closely on the actual courtroom battles, but I enjoyed it. Anyone that has played the games will likely do the same. Overall, a 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to check it out today!

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