BBC To Launch Streaming Service Next Year

Are you a big fan of the BBC? We are here at Reel Mockery! Well, American fans will be thrilled to know that the BBC is planning on releasing their own American streaming service next year. Many of the network’s shows are already available on other platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. Their most popular shows are likely Dr Who and Sherlock, but they’ve got a few other gems under their name, as well.


Banished and the more recent Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell are excellent shows and show that the network is capable of delivering compelling and exciting new content. So, what will happen to their current lineup on the other streaming platforms? Well, we must remember that they just signed a new contract with Netflix, so nothing will likely changed, until their contracts end.


Just recently, HBO and Showtime took a similar step, by making their content available to cord cutters. HBO is now available on Sling TV and other platforms. Showtime is available on Hulu too. Two factors will likely make or break the BBC’s streaming service, the price and the interest of American fans. As an enthusiastic fan of BBC and British programming in general, I’ll definitely keep an eye on the network’s service. If the price is friendly and all of their content from previous years is made available, I may very well sign up!


How about you? Are you interested in adding a BBC streaming service to your repertoire?

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