BBC Drama Series Partners In Crime TV Show Trailer

Are you looking for a new series to watch? BBC’s Partners in Crime is set to premiere on BBC One on the 26th of this month. The six episode series is based on two novels written by Agatha Christie. The first three episodes originate from The Secret Adversary, while the latter three are based on N or M?. The BBC drama’s trailer has been embedded below for your convenience.



The series is set to star David Walliams, as Thomas Beresford. It seems old Thomas is somewhat of a failure, who was unable to find success in school or the army. Plus, his business ventures turned out to be fruitless. He has one goal in life, which is to look after his son, George, and his wife, Tuppence, (Jessica Raine).


According to synopsis, it appears the couple is going to become Partners in Crime, in order to protect Britain and discover the identity of a notorious Soviet Assassin, who is referred to as Mr Brown. From the trailer, the show looks a little like The Game, but with a little more humor, craziness and action. The husband and wife pair seem to get in over their head, after they attempt to wiggle their way into Mr Brown’s gang.


Will the pair’s business scheme and willingness to go anywhere and do anything bring them riches and notoriety? Be sure to check out the show, which airs on the 26th! From the trailer, it at least looks to be humorous and quick paced!

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