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Barracuda Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, we see that Danny Kelly (Elias Anton) has given up swimming and has switched to a dead end job. Nonetheless, the Olympics are about to get underway, so Danny cannot escape his past. He consistently hears others cheering on the Aussies everywhere he goes. He returns home and hears his sister, Regan (Luca Asta Sardelis), complain about her teacher. Stephanie (Victoria Haralabidou) becomes concerned, when Regan reveals she wants to watch the opening ceremonies. She lashes out at her brother and insists they should still be allowed to have fun. Danny retreats to his room and we see that he has removed all of his posters. That night, Dan hangs out with his friends, Demet (Nicole Gulasekharam) and Luke (Joel Lok). They enjoy a few drinks, before the opening ceremony gets started.

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Danny watches the ceremony and becomes upset, when he spots Wilco (Andrew Creer). He leaves and heads to the Taylor house. There, he speaks with Mrs. Taylor (Rachel Griffiths). She tells him she has opened a store and is happy with it. Mrs. Taylor explains that the majority of the Olympic athletes are not going to win and that is a story they refuse to tell. Seconds later, Danny is ambushed by Scooter (Rhys Mitchell). Scooter tells Dan about Martin’s big announcement for the night. Once Scooter rushes off, Martin (Ben Kindon) spots Dan and speaks with him. Lauren interrupts and tells Dan about their marriage arrangement. Dan ridicules their decision and insists they’re too young. After the conversation ends, Dan parties all night, while drinking excessively. Emma (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) eventually interrupts and escorts Dan away from the party.

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They visit Martin’s room and Dan is given a new shirt. Emma tells him about her trip to Africa. She also tells him that Martin isn’t worth the trouble. Then, Emma explains her newfound respect for charity. She agrees to get him a taxi and help him get home. Dan is escorted to the door to wait for the taxi. Of course, he spots Martin and ridicules his old pal. Martin tells him to get over his failure, while Dan admits he loved Martin. They fight briefly, before Dan smashes a glass into Martin’s face. Dan is taken to jail, while Martin is rushed to the hospital. Neal (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) brings his son home the following day. While the parents try to keep the arrest a secret, Theo (Imran Adams) learns about it almost instantly. After a shower, Dan leaves behind his medal for Theo and escapes out the window. Regan enters moments later and follows after her brother.

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Regan watches as Dan nearly gets himself run over by a van. Then, we jump three months forward. Dan gets a haircut from his mother, who wants him to look good for the judge. Later, she drops him off for community service. Dan meets with Clyde (Jacob Collins-Levy), who shows him around. Dan is escorted to the pool area. Danny spots Dennis (Chris Van Ingen), who is confined to a wheelchair. Dan makes a harsh comment, before storming off. At home, Stephanie offers to take her son along for a trip. He refuses the offer. Regan lashes out at her brother for his self pity. The next day, Stephanie pays a visit to Torma (Matt Nable). She finds a bunch of medication on his table. While Torma is a little reluctant at first, he eventually agrees to speak with Dan. Torma meets with Dan at his workplace. He tells the boy not to waste his talent. Nonetheless, Dan doesn’t seem interested in returning to the water.

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Torma gives Danny a place and time to meet, before leaving. The next day, Dan returns to community service and begins working with Dennis. When Dan takes over, Dennis pretends he cannot perform his rehab activities. After the session ends, Danny spots Dennis trying to smoke on his way out of the facility. He helps the man, while learning about his motorcycle accident. Dennis also tells Danny about his girlfriend, who left when he got injured. He admits he would prefer to have his motorcycle back over her. Afterwards, Dan meets with Torma and tells him he doesn’t intend to return to swimming. Torma splashes him with water and tells Dan to meet him at the school. Back at the community center, Clyde offers to help Dan gets certified in this line of work. Dan admits he isn’t interested. Dennis arrives seconds later and his workout begins.

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Once Clyde steps away, Dennis breaks down and sobs. He complains that he is never going to escape the facility. Next, Dan meets with Torma at the school. He watches as he coaches a group of students. Torma sits down to rest, before Danny interrupts. Torma and Danny heads to the ocean, where they wade in the water and swim briefly. Torma tells Dan about his chance to win a championship, but false starting and being disqualified. Later, Dan attempts to visit Martin. He instead gets Mrs. Taylor, who tells him her son will have a terrible scar. She also insists she will have Dan arrested, if he comes near their home again. Dan begins working out and exercising one again. One night, he grabs a pizza and keeps the tradition of meeting at Torma’s place. They follow the old routine. During their conversation, Dan learns about Torma’s cancer. Dan tells him he cannot leave, because they’re going to the Olympics in a few years.

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Torma admits he doesn’t have that time. He also speaks about the joy he experienced when watching Danny swim. Torma tells Dan to train for the Olympics if he wishes, but not to live his life according to other people’s expectations. The men embrace and hug, before Dan leaves. Next, Stephanie helps her son get prepared for Torma’s funeral. She fixes his tie, while telling Dan he will always be her champion. However, she admits she would refuse Torma’s initial offer to train Dan, if she could go back. Wilco gives a speech at the funeral. The casket is carried out. Dan speaks with Martin. Dan apologizes and admits he hopes Martin can forgive him. Martin simply shrugs and leaves. Tsitsas (Joe Klocek) speaks with Dan and tells him that Torma left his house to him, Dan and someone in Hungary. They visit the place together and speak about Dan’s decision to swim against Tsitsas many years ago.

regan Barracuda TV show

Tsitsas admits he didn’t like swimming anyway. Dan looks around the property and sees a picture of Torma with his father. Next, Dan hits the pool. Once he finishes a lap, he turns his attention to Dennis and carries him out into the water. Dennis smiles with glee, as he exclaims he feels free.


Barracuda Finale Review

The finale episode of Barracuda was very unexpected and incredibly bleak. With Torma’s help, Danny was finally able to escape his past troubles. He also managed to look past his own troubles and help someone else for a change. The entire season highlighted the excellent acting from the main cast. There wasn’t a single flaw throughout. I always make a habit of watching Matt Nable and I will now do the same for Elias Anton. Victoria Haralabidou has really hit a hot streak as of late too. And of course, Chris Van Ingen put up a brave performance in the finale.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the finale, I also want to know more. What happened to Danny later? Did he finally go to the Olympics? Nonetheless, the finale was very effective and explored the impact of unrealistic expectations. A great finale. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Barracuda now!

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