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Barracuda Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Torma (Matt Nable) speaks with Danny (Elias Anton) in private. Torma explains that he wants Danny to switch over to the butterfly. Nonetheless, Danny remains adamant that he wants to compete in the freestyle. Torma admits he cannot force Dan to do anything, but still pleads with him to consider his advice. Later, Dan meets up with Martin (Ben Kindon) at his place. He goes with Mrs. Taylor (Rachel Griffiths) and the family to a dinner. Dan admires the view and the family’s pool, before being introduced to Martin’s sister, Emma (Tilda Cobham-Hervey). The boys enjoy a swim, while awaiting for the arrival of Martin’s grandma. After the swim ends, Mr. Taylor (Andrew Blackman) shows off the artwork he has purchased for his mother. Margot (Helen Morse) joins the group moments later.

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Margot embraces everyone, before quickly introducing herself to Danny. Martin’s uncle, Alex (Grant Cartwright), speaks with Danny and refers to himself as the black sheep of the family. He tells Danny he is a brave man. Eventually, the dinner begins and Margot encourages Dan to sit beside her. She speaks with him about her trip to Crete, before telling Dan she likes the working class. She also insists Dan is just as good as the Taylor family. He tells her he is going to be the best. She suggests that will likely make everyone else despise him. He admits he doesn’t mind. Later, Alex tries to encourage Dan to get high. His offer is refused. Dan speaks with Martin’s mom and informs her that Martin deserves to be at nationals. He insists his friend has the potential to be a champion. Mrs. Taylor admits her son has lost his confidence. She tries to coerce Dan into helping her boy get his confidence back.

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After the conversation, Dan speaks with Martin and tries to convince him to stop drinking. Martin’s father steps in and concurs with Dan. Meanwhile, Emma plays her flute for the group. Then, Margot receives her gift. Dan is asked how he feels about it. He admits it looks fierce. That night, Martin tells Danny that he doesn’t want his mother down. Dan gives him a pep talk and insists they’re going to smash it. During the night, the boys play with themselves. The next day, Martin’s parents become infuriated when they discover Margot isn’t going to leave them an inheritance. Dan returns to his mother (Victoria Haralabidou) and father (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor). He tells them about his trip and admits he likes Margot. However, he father quickly explains that the woman is responsible for many workers being laid off and that she shouldn’t be idolized.

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Danny becomes angry and lashes out at his sister, before storming off. Moments later, Danny hits the pool. Torma tells Dan he has made the right choice switching to the butterfly. Nonetheless, Dan admits he doesn’t believe he can beat the current champion, Hayden Lewis (Andrew Lauterstein). Torma tells him to focus on himself. Martin arrives with his mother. Mrs. Taylor ridicules Torma for ignoring her son. Dan tries to give Martin confidence, before they win together. Once the training session is over, Martin invites Dan out. The offer is refused. Dan insists he still has more work to do. When Dan finally returns home, he finds Demet (Nicole Gulasekharam) in his bed. They chat momentarily, before Demet reveals she kissed a girl and liked it. Dan seems upset by the news, but Demet insists they should do whatever they want.

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Next, we watch the Men’s 100m butterfly. Stephanie watches and cheers on her son. Danny manages to win the race. Martin is up next. Martin loses out to Wilco (Andrew Creer) and two others. Therefore, he does not qualify. Dan comforts the boy in the showers. Nonetheless, Martin sends him away. Next, Dan attempts to hype himself up. The taxi arrives and he is forced to head to the event alone. Once he enters the venue with Torma and Wilco, he learns that Martin texted them and wished them good luck. Dan notices that Hayden Lewis is nearby giving an interview. Wilco tells him that Hayden is there with the Vic Institute of Sport, which is where he wants to go. A representative for the school Ben Whitter (Damon Gameau) introduces himself seconds later.

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Once Ben leaves, Torma lets the boys know that he is not a good guy. The event begins and Dan comes in 4th in the freestyle. Dan loses his confidence with the loss. Torma tries to calm him down and get him to focus on the butterfly. Martin arrives and gives Dan a pep talk as well. The butterfly gets started with Dan’s family watching at home. As the race begins, Dan and Hayden remain neck and neck. It ends very close, but Dan manages to beat his rival, while also setting a world record. The crowd goes crazy and cheers on the Barracuda. Danny tells Martin he couldn’t have done it without him. After Dan returns home, he is invited to a party at the Taylor place. His parents are introduced to the family, while Martin’s father praises his swim. During the event, Dan speaks with Mrs. Taylor and tries to convince her Martin still has a chance to win.

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Nonetheless, the woman doesn’t agree with Dan’s assessment. She tells him she doesn’t believe Martin can win anymore. Her son overhears the comment and rushes off. Dan rushes outside to speak with his friend, but winds up getting trapped by Emma. Then, he is confronted by Alex, who insists nobody could refuse Dan tonight. Dan finally speaks with Martin. He is introduced to Lauren (Madeleine Vizard), before Martin finds a reason to leave. Later that night, Emma finds Dan outside. He tries to leave her, but she escorts him to a private location and seduces him. The next day, Stephanie reminds her son that he is still training and should be careful of drinking. Moments later, Ben Whitter arrives at the door.

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Ben speaks with Dan in private and attempts to lure him to his school. He insists Dan needs them, if he wishes to be a winner. Dan receives a card, before Ben departs.


Barracuda Review

Barracuda’s 2nd episode was just as good as the first. The cast is excellent and manages to perfectly complement one another. At the same time, it is difficult not to cheer on Danny Kelly. Each swimming scene is very well done. The races are intense and Danny’s victories are very uplifting. Now, he will have another obstacle to leap over. Will Ben’s presence break the bond between Torma and Danny? Only time will tell. The episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Barracuda right now.

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