Bad Judge: The Fixer Review

Bad Judge Cancelled
The latest episode of Bad Judge opens with Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) at the dentist, where she indulges in nitrous oxide. At the same time, her friend and dentist, Michelle (Angela Kinsey), tells her about her upcoming divorce. Next, in Rebecca’s office, Tedward (Tone Bell) and Tom Barlow (John Ducey) talk about a runaway witness, who Tom needs to get to testify.
Meanwhile, Judge Hernandez (Miguel Sandoval) is forced to partake in sexual harassment courses, where he runs into Judy (Amy Rhodes). In an attempt to get Michelle over her split, Rebecca takes her to a bar, where Michelle makes a fool out of herself.

Michelle and Rebecca head to a party with Michelle’s 24 year old date, Derek (Chandler Massey), where the ladies get drunk and make complete fools of themselves. Meanwhile, Tedward and Tom stake out their witness. After Rebecca leaves the party, she rendezvous with Tedward and Tom, who’ve finally got their witness.

When Rebecca returns home, she has her party bubble busted by Michelle, who doesn’t want to party anymore. The pair come to terms with the fact that Rebecca cannot fix everyone’s problems, especially Michelle’s. Afterwards, Judge Hernandez speaks with Judy, who attempts to come on to him. He turns down her advances and makes his escape.


All in all, this episode of Bad Judge exemplifies the reason for the show’s cancellation. Much like the show’s bad jokes, Kate Walsh simply tries too hard to come off as a reckless judge, with few morals. Instead, the jokes fall flat and Walsh winds up delivering a cringe worthy performance that will likely stick with her. The episode gets a 4 out of 10.

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