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Okay, here we go. Bad Judge is NBC’s new comedy about, well a bad judge. Bad is a word that would perfectly describe this comedy. The cringes begin as soon as the show starts. As soon as the executive producer credit displays Will Ferrell, I cringed. Here comes the brain dead comedic lines that aren’t just funny. Oh wait, what is this? Kate Walsh impersonating a ninja turtle? Oh, she is drunk. Go figure. Oh shat! Here comes the pregnancy test. Who didn’t see that coming? What is this…..Bad Teacher?

Now, we’re in the court room. 1 man with 2 wives. Is that Bill Paxton? Wait! This isn’t HBO. Corny jokes left and right. I don’t mind the non-politically correct jokes, but these just aren’t funny. Is every character trying to impersonate the spaced-out comedy of Ferrell? It definitely doesn’t work here.

Let’s face it, the show’s first episode had one redeeming casts member, Theodore Barnes. Bad idea to keep him out of the rest of the series. Too bad. The whole episode was full of cringey moments and ended perfectly with Kate Walsh jiggling around like an inebriated Wilma Ferrell. The first episode would be lucky to get a 6 out of 10.

Well, let’s give the second episode a shot. Little old lady blocking traffic? We’ve seen all of this before. Axe to the tire? Yawn…..nothing to see here folks. If you thought the jokes were bad in the first episode, they get even worse in the second. Chili, chili, chili, chili, okay chili. Is this guy the fire department’s equivalent of Bubba Blue? As the episode comes to an end, the insanity continues. Van this, Van that, this van, that van. Oh wow! No more van. Hooray!!

The first episode was slightly interesting thanks to the adventures of Robby Shoemaker. The second episode has no compelling characters. The fireman was a total idiot that wouldn’t shut up around his chili. Rebecca Wright continued being a total mess, with an unfunny and unrealistic scene with hallucinogenic weed brownies. Perhaps that is the key to making the episode funny? The second episode deserves a 5 out of 10. No originality and simply not funny.

Overall, this is a bad show, as the name implies. We’ve seen pretty much everything before. The jokes aren’t funny or shocking and the characters are simply unlikeable, dull and downright ignorant. The most compelling character disappears after the first episode. Sadly, the best aspect of the show is likely the soundtrack. The future looks grim for Bad Judge and the show will likely be cancelled, after the first season. Even at 20-some odd minutes an episode, Bad Judge just isn’t worth your time.

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