Babylon TV Show Review EP6

Baby TV Show Review

The show opens with Banjo (Andrew Brooke) and Robbie (Adam Deacon) rejoining the police force. Sharon (Nicola Walker) gives a press conference and confirms the news, but insists the inquest was complete and thorough. Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) discusses his options with Finn and Tom. Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) speaks to media and hypes Sharon’s campaign run. However, the footage of Banjo destroying a trashcan is released, which forces Sharon to admit the investigation could be reopened.

Banjo and the others learn about the announcement and refuse to carry their weapons, while on duty. This effectively puts the police force on strike. Clarkey and Davina argue, before Nobbo mentions Banjo’s situation. With the news, they’re able to stir up enough support to go on a strike of their own. Meanwhile, Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) attempts to sell his videos.

Residents flood the streets to protest the handling of the shooting case. Inglis and Tom Oliver (Jonny Sweet) confirm they’re going to stick with Sharon’s choice. After the meeting, Sharon tells Liz to try dig up dirt on Inglis. Finn and crew watch, as citizens loot buildings. Inglis and Finn (Bertie Carvel) insult Tom, who finally stands up for himself and demands to be moved to Sharon’s team. Liz and Finn square off and blame each other for the current situation. Liz speaks with Sharon, who suggests changing the police force, but very slowly. Instead, she insists she is the change.

Afterwards, Inglis speaks to the police force and attempts to inspire them to go back to work. He suggests they’ll never forget the day they left their city undefended. Afterwards, the deputy mayor explains to Liz that they’re happy with Inglis or Sharon. It is also mentioned that Sharon considered arresting striking officers, which makes Liz question her position.

With the information, Liz approaches Inglis and tells him she wants to push him back as commissioner. He eventually agrees. Robbie receives information about Coward trying to sell his footage. Finally, after a little convincing, Banjo agrees to end the strike and head back to work. As soon as they return to work, Robbie jumps on a call about a man, with a handgun. Banjo and Robbie storm Coward’s apartment and arrest him. Robbie tells Banjo the truth about the shooting and Coward’s footage. In a panic, they scour the house for the footage, while Robbie plants drugs, before Coward is taken in.

Davina informs Nobbo about her affair with Clarkey, before they finally end the TSG strike. Tony steals a thumb drive, while Banjo receives a voice mail from Davina. Clarkey and Davina have sex, while the police attempt to put a halt to the riots. Sharon is interviewed, but has been prepared by Liz. The interview is awkward and makes Sharon requestion her campaign. Inglis receives news that he is going to be the next commissioner. He heads to see the Prime Minister, with Liz and Finn, but the group gets stuck in the riots.

Davina and Clarkey eventually rejoin the TSG and attempt to shutdown the rioters. Mia informs Liz that Tony has come to see her directly. He gives her the thumb drive, which contains Robbie’s confession. Banjo arrives at the scene and challenges Clarkey to a fight, which is somewhat accepted. Clarkey puts up a good effort, but is overwhelmed, until the others break up the fight. Warwick is shown the footage by Tony, who insists he try to rejoin the team. However, Warwick (Nick Blood) doesn’t seem interested.

Finn, Inglis and Liz watch the confession, but debating their options. Eventually, Liz convinces the others to use the confession to win back the public’s support. Inglis takes the footage to the media, while Robbie and Banjo are arrested.


The episode started off a little bit slow, with the beginning of the strike, but started to warm up, when the riots began. Once the backstabbing and fighting started, things got pretty good. Of course, the police shooting and rioting, which seems familiar, added a nice backdrop to the episode. All in all, the episode could’ve been better, but I enjoyed it. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10 and I really hope we get a second season!

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