Babylon TV Show Review EP 5

Babylon TV Show Review

Since they’re suspended, due to the shooting, Banjo (Andrew Brooke), Warwick (Nick Blood) and Tony (Stuart Martin) attempt to relieve their stress, with a little paintball. The group easily defeat their opponents. Meanwhile, Robbie (Adam Deacon) grieves in his own way, by visiting the shooting scene and checking out the victim’s blood. He definitely seems afraid. Meanwhile, Miller’s funeral is held, with Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) and Finn (Bertie Carvel) in attendance.

Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) prepares to take over the Commissioner role, while preparing for his campaign. He plans to sit down with Carl’s mother. Meanwhile, Clarkey (Cavan Clerkin) is put on Black Friday duty, at a department store. He suggests they’re nothing more than rent-a-cops, before speaking to Davina (Jill Halfpenny) about their future flat.

Mia (Ella Smith) informs Liz about the missing child case. Although Liz wishes to take the news public, the others are against it. Sharon (Nicola Walker) agrees and insists they need to make people uncomfortable, in order to get their attention. Liz tasks Mia with getting information on Sharon. Warwick and the others are grilled about the shooting. Robbie is questioned about the moment, when he switched the gun. He insists he was trying to push down on the bandage. Liz makes contact with Grant and offers Sharon as commissioner. Sharon is tasked with speaking at the missing child’s press conference, while Mia present Liz with Sharon’s information.

Tony is interviewed by the commission about the shooting. They question about Warwick’s mentality. Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) attempts to sell his footage of Robbie, but cannot find a buyer. Liz speaks with Sharon and tells her about Deputy Mayor Grant’s interest in Sharon, as commissioner. Liz insists she can make the office work better than it does now and wishes to finish what Richard started. She begins building Sharon up for a run, before Sharon questions dealing with Charlie. Liz agrees to work on a strategy. Liz convinces Tom Oliver (Jonny Sweet) to work with her for a potential spot in Sharon’s administration. Next, she orders Mia to discover the officer’s employment locations.

Charles meets with the shooting victim’s mother. Liz learns about the TSG being deployed at the department stores. She leaks the information to the media and hurts Charlie’s reputation. Finn reveals the news to Charlie, but he insists there are plenty of resources on the missing child. Next, Liz works with Sharon and convinces her to deploy the Police Community Support Officers in the search, who boosts Sharon’s chances for Commissioner. Robbie’s old friend speaks to the board and tells them only three members were present on the day Robbie threatened him. He reveals Warwick wasn’t present.

Clarkey purchases a new sofa for their flat, but Davina continues blowing off his advances. He insists she isn’t interested in committing to their new life. Robbie, Banjo and Tony are grilled harder by the board. Banjo is questioned why he took the shot, when Warwick had a better shot. They’re all asked about the absence of Warwick. Although Tony and Robbie give no comments, Banjo admits Warwick’s head is gone and has been out of it. Next, Liz works with Sharon to help her speak with the community support officer.

Warwick is grilled and admits he thought the suspect had a gun, but wasn’t certain. Eventually, he admits that the suspect didn’t have a gun, before agreeing his judgement is gone. Finn confronts Liz about leaking the news against Charlie, but she denies it. Sharon finally agrees to run for the commissioner’s spot, after receiving good praises from the mayor’s office. Warwick confronts the others and learns about Banjo’s betrayal, despite initially blaming Tony and Robbie.

Robbie spends time with Matt and tells him about the shooting and moving the gun, while Matt records the conversation. Meanwhile, Banjo discovers the receipt for Clarkey’s bed in Davina’s purse. Matt watches the footage of Robbie’s confession. Finn and Inglis discuss Liz’s excellent move, while suggesting Inglis use his visit to the shooting victim’s family, as a PR stunt. Next, Liz learns about the discovery of the boy, who is dead. After expressing regret, Sharon and Liz agree to meet the next day, in order to begin work on Sharon’s campaign.


The episode was a slight change from the previous, with the addition of much more drama and much less comedy. Of course, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, Liz dug deep into the campaign run for the Commissioner’s seat, while the Firearms Police members were grilled by the board. Warwick wound up betrayed by the one he trusted the most, while Robbie potentially blew everything, by confiding in Matt. The episode definitely had some fine moments and deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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