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Babylon James Nesbitt

When the show opens, we’re introduced to the out of control police force of London and police commissioner, Richard Miller (James Nesbitt). We also get to know Liz Garvey (Brit Marling), who is put in charge of improving the reputation of the police force. A sniper is on the loose, but is quickly brought down, yada yada and we’re finally on to day two.

At the beginning of day two, Commissioner Miller is prepared for a grilling, by Liz. After the pair flirt and separate, we’re introduced to Mia (Ella Smith), who is friends with Liz. The pair wind up discussing Miller, before finishing the night off, with some drinks. Next, a riot takes place at a youth correctional facility. The police watch the riot, but attempt to classify it, as something else. Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) suggests it is nothing more than a major disturbance.

Liz meets with a police officer, who shot a man. Little to his surprise, the man he shot had no gun. Afterwards, the police finally request assistance for the prison riot. Miller speaks with Tim (Jonny Sweet) about deleting his schedule, before Miller is informed about the youth prison riot, by Sharon (Nicola Walker). Next, Liz speaks with the man she replaced, Finn (Bertie Carvel), before bringing up a reference to Adolf Hitler.

Afterwards, Warwick (Nick Blood) discovers a bounty has been put on his head. Next, Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) heads out with the police, in order to shoot footage for a documentary, before they learn they’re headed to the youth prison. Liz and Finn meet again, before working together.

Warick and his friends watch the shooting video, before getting a call about a man, who possibly has a shotgun. Of course, Warick is worried it is a trap set for him. Meanwhile, the situation at the prison continues to grow worse, before Finn is sent to the prison to keep everything in check. When the show returns, the police are eating chicken nuggets, while Matt Coward films the action. Clarkey (Cavan Clerkin) asks Matt to cut a segment from the documentary.

Richard learns that Charles has been picked to join Securimax, which oversees the protection at the youth center. This angers Richard. Meanwhile, Warwick and crew head to the crime scene. A man emerges and requests help getting his new chair assembled, before a chase ensues. The man gets away, by jumping down the garbage chute. Next, it is revealed Matt didn’t get rid of the material, but is attempting to shop it. However, it fails, when he is told to delete it, in order to prevent losing his privileges.

Finn reveals the youths wish to speak about Russell Brand, before sending pizza inside. After a break, Richard questions Charles about his job change. Richard belittles and threatens Charles, who looks like he is about to cry. Meanwhile, the police attempt to use drones at the prison. However, the police are sent in to prevent a breakout.

The youth climb the fence and make their way outside of the prison. Next, Richard is grilled, but doesn’t answer many questions. During the interview, he learns about the prison breakout. Next, Clarkey and crew attempt to recapture the runaway inmates. Robbie (Adam Deacon) ends up beaten and battered by one of the youths, before being saved by Clarkey. Richard complains to Liz that she didn’t prepare him enough for the interview, before telling her they’re heading in to the prison.

Next, Robbie is angry at Matt for not stepping in and helping him, during the attack. Warwick warns Liz about the bounty on his head. Next, Liz hides in the bathroom and listens to Mia talk bad about her. Meanwhile, the youth inmates prepare barricades, as the police gear up to invade the prison. The team quickly enters and begins to bring down the inmates. Next, Warwick, Tony (Stuart Martin) and Banjo (Andrew Brooke) head out. The boys attempt to get Warwick to overcome his nervousness, by shooting a horse, who is already injured, dead.

Warwick heads home and receives a knock at the door. He beats the man, before finding out it was simply a surprise from his girlfriend. Next, Richard speaks with Finn and Liz. Before the pair argue and Finn is forced to leave. Richard tells Liz that they need to get everything right at all times, which she doesn’t believe is possible. At home, Liz calls Granger (James Lance), but receives voice mail.


Babylon is a witty, clever comedy, which packs just enough drama to keep the viewer attached emotionally. The show brings the satire and smears it all over your face in a good way. The comedic lines are perfectly timed and delivered excellent by each of the characters. There was always something going on that was interesting, funny or downright strange. The music definitely helped to build up the crazy atmosphere of the show. All in all, I enjoyed the episode thoroughly and will definitely check out the rest of the season. The episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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