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When the show opens, the commissioner works out angrily. Meanwhile, Robbie (Adam Deacon) is put in charge of talking down a suicide jumper. The jumper goes over, but its all a joke, which causes Robbie to piss his pants. The police receive a report of a potential bomb at the Thameside Exhibition Center. Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) speaks with her coked out partner, who propositions her. She heads to work, where she speaks with Commissioner Miller (James Nesbitt) about the bomb.

Robbie tries to blame away the incident. While Banjo (Andrew Brooke) and the boys give Warwick (Nick Blood) some downtime, so they can watch golf. Nobbo (Owain Arthur) continues to harass Davina (Jill Halfpenny), before they receive a call about an impostor. Next, Miller places a call to an unknown woman.

Liz speaks with Grant Delgado (Ralph Brown) who tells her Richard’s troubles are going to blow up soon. He invites her to join him at city hall, but she refuses. Next, Nobbo, Davina and Clarkey (Cavan Clerkin) find a potential backpack bomb. Clarkey investigated, but finds clothes inside. Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) shops for shampoo, when he receives a call from his wife. He is stopped for shoplifting, when he attempts to walk out with some shampoo.

Next, Liz speaks with Miller, who insists Liz should feel free to run her department, before agreeing to give his support to her news network. He also agrees to demand Finn’s (Bertie Carvel) resignation. Miller gets an interesting call. Meanwhile, Banjo and Tony (Stuart Martin) give Warwick some time to recover, while hanging out with Robbie. The trio is sent to the Thameside Exhibition Center. Next, Liz speaks with Finn and Mia (Ella Smith). She tells them about Miller’s decision and that Finn could be leaving soon. The pair learn about the bomb threat going viral.

Next, Warwick plays video games at home, before playing with this gun and watching golf. Meanwhile, Charlie attempts to explain his way out of shoplifting the shampoo, before he gets a call from Finn. Matt Coward (Daniel Kaluuya) arrives, when Robbie and crew show up at the Thameside Exhibition Center. Robbie and the boys try to persuade Coward to leave. Meanwhile, Charles tells Richard and Liz about his shoplifting incident. Richard gets angry and sends Charles home. Liz suggests Richard head to Thameside and show London that the city is safe.

Richard tells Liz about a story coming in the paper about his affair with another employee named Amy. He suggests it is over. Miller insists his wife doesn’t know and he wishes to keep her out of it. He questions Liz, if she’ll be able to kill the story. She agrees to try. Richard patrols the Thameside Center, when a suspicious bag is spotted. Next, Liz makes contact with Caroline Carey (Liza Sadovy) and tries to get her to drop the story. Liz offers her another story involving illegal activities by senior levels of the police. Meanwhile, Matt follows Robbie. Liz gets Matt’s footage, but he manages to keep most of it.

Meanwhile, a robot is used to check the bomb, but a cleaning member is inside of the explosion zone. After the woman is escorted out, the robot blows up the bag, which was filled with carrots. Liz speaks with Richard and admits she gave up Inglis’s shoplifting to Caroline to get her to drop the affair story. Richard agrees to the demands, when a bomb explodes inside of the Thameside Center.

Robbie, Banjo and Tony enters the exhibition center to bring down Suspect Saamir (Sagar Radia). Finn learns about Richard’s location. Meanwhile, Robbie and crew chase the suspect, before cornering him. They’re unable to understand his dialogue. He only has shoes in his bag and the receipt. Richard insists he will tell Charles about their plan to his face. Mia tells Liz the victim’s wife has been criticizing Richard on Twitter. Finn belittles Liz for putting Richard in danger.

Meanwhile, Robbie brags about his abilities to the crew, as they meet up with Warwick. Of course, the joke quickly turns on Robbie. They all admit to being hazed and harassed on their first day and pissing themselves. Next, Liz prevents Richard from tell Charles the truth, in order to speak to Richard in private. She learns Miller has been having an affair with his sister-in-law. She questions whether there are any women Richard doesn’t try to seduce. He is only interested in keeping the news from his wife. Miller insists he needs to go home and Liz agrees. Charles enters and Miller tells him not to worry about the shampoo incident, which startles Liz. Next, Tom (Jonny Sweet) invites Liz to a quaker meeting.

Next, Miles fires Matt for filming in a location, which was forbidden. Davina tells Banjo she wants to leave the bar and go home to talk. Meanwhile, Miller receives a call about his scandal, but he refuses to comment. Warwick continues to play violent video games. Miller attempts to call Liz, but she doesn’t answer. Miller climbs the ledge and jumps into the Thames River.


This week, Babylon seemed to slow down a little and add a bit to the drama aspect of the show. Robbie’s new career started off shakily, but hilariously. Meanwhile, Warwick continues to spiral out of control. Of course, the episode’s biggest shock was the numerous affairs of Richard Miller. Did Miller really kill himself? I’d hate to see Nesbitt leave the show, but it definitely upped the episode a notch. The episode was fun, funny and filled with a tad more drama. Therefore, it deserves an 8 out of 10.

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