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Aussie Comedy, METHOD, Coming To Nine Network In Early 2018

The Aussies are well-known for producing the quirkiest comedies. American studios have repeatedly attempted to replicate their success. Rake and No Activity are two homerun hitters and American studios have tried their hand with both. METHOD, which is scheduled to broadcast on the Nine Network in 2018, could be the next big Aussie comedy.

The original comedy series, which is created by Tawni Bryant and Jerome Velinsky, has already captured success. The project found interest as a Kickstarter campaign. It has since gained attention from Screen Australia and Melbourne’s WebFest. In fact, the series took home the ‘Best of Spotlight’ award at Melbourne WebFest.

method tv series 2018

So, what is it all about? METHOD follows two down on their luck actors, Ryan (Jerome Velinsky) and Emma (Tawni Bryant). The couple proves that they’re willing to stoop to new lows to break through in Australia’s entertainment industry. Audiences will chuckle as Ryan and Emma shred their last ounce of dignity for their chance at stardom.

METHOD possesses a sense of authenticity unlike anything else on television. After all, the creators found inspiration from their own tumultuous paths from the bottom of the food chain to full-fledged actor and actress. Underneath the craziness of METHOD, there is indeed a method to the madness.

The series explores the unshakeable friendship between Emma and Ryan. And, that relationship closely parallels with the real-life friendship of Tawni Bryant and Jerome Velinsky. Will Ryan and Emma manage to break into the entertainment industry? Audiences will be able to find out in early 2018. Or, you can enjoy the series right now at the series’ official website,

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