Ascension: Part 2 Review

Ascension Part 2

When the show opens, Stokes (Brad Carter) is locked in an isolated room. Harris Enzmann (Gil Bellows) watches everything happen from Earth. Gault watches Lorelei Wright’s (Amanda Thomson) test. When questioned about Ascension, she refers to it as a trap. The librarian tells Gault the best thing for them to do is to move on with their lives.

Presley (Michelle Mylett) and Nora (Jacqueline Byers) speak about Nora’s relationship. Presley insists Nora should keep her options open. James Toback (P.J. Boudousque) gets into a fight with Bobby, before an explosion interrupts. When the show returns, Gault and crew investigate the explosion, which is blamed on a generator. A radio broadcast goes off, which attempts to calm the nerves of all of those on board. Dr. Juliet (Andrea Roth) and Nora attend to the wounded.

Back on Earth, Harris explains this is the first incident, besides the murder. He insists lives will be lost for the greater good of mankind. Meanwhile, Jackie (Jessica Sipos) tells Viondra (Tricia Helfer) that those on board are not impressed with William’s handling of the explosion. Rose (Al Sapienza) insists William’s explosion is only saving him some time. Meanwhile, Stokes is interviewed, by Samantha Krueger (Lauren Lee Smith) and insists he is in Hell, before attacking Samantha. He is subdued, before we hit a commercial break.

Meanwhile, on the ship, everyone is getting hot and sweaty. Viondra informs her husband that someone, within his inner circle, has been giving information to Rose. William tells her to do what she must to discover Rose’s spy. Samantha discovers nobody on the ship has privacy, yet someone was able to commit a murder and get away with it. Meanwhile, Aaron Gault (Brandon P Bell) pays a visit to the lower levels in order to check out the cobalt generators. He discovers the logs haven’t been updated for weeks, before he is attacked. Next, Samantha speaks with Laura Enzmann (Cynthia Preston) and questions whether Harris is hiding something from them. Laura insists it has something to do with the crew. She also admits to being curious, as to who killed Lorelei.

Next, Christa (Ellie O’Brien) enters a state, which allows her to watch the explosion. She speaks with the librarian and admits she is scared and something bad is coming. Gault, who was attacked by Dwight Crouch (Taylor St. Pierre) speaks with William and insists he is making another bomb. It appears another explosive has been placed. Next, Harris insists the explosion was a methane buildup.

James and Nora speak about Lorelei, who believed the mission was nonsense. Next, Harris shows Samantha the video surveillance of the occupants of Ascension. He insists he is trying to prevent them from going inside like Stokes. Harris questions if she would want to know the truth, if she was born on the ship. Next, Viondra speaks with Rose, but is interrupted by Presley. Rose seems very interested in Presley’s body.

Nora speaks with Dr. Bryce, who still hasn’t found her necklace. They speak about Lorelei. The doctor urges Nora to stay away from James, but it just enrages her. Gault speaks with the captain and suggests Stokes isn’t the killer. The Captain (Brian Van Holt) tells Gault to focus on finding Crouch. Next, Toback speaks with Aaron and tells him he wishes to join the force. He tells Aaron where to find Dwight. Harris and crew discover the explosion. The crew watch Gault, as he searches for Dwight. They speak about the explosion, which killed Aaron’s parents. Aaron bangs on the side of the ship, before he flashes back to the death of his mother. Aaron is attacked by Dwight, before he located the bomb.

When the show returns, Aaron attempts to get Dwight to stop the bomb, but he is angry that Aaron killed his father, Stokes. Harris and Samantha argue over what to do. Aaron is able to subdue Dwight and stop the bomb. With his oxygen detached, Dwight is running out of time, but refuses help from Aaron. Dwight dies from suffocation, due to Harris removing oxygen from the room. Harris tells Samantha the purpose of the experiment is to learn from the subjects. She says she hopes the ship will right itself or its going to make one heck of a mess, if it crashes. Meanwhile, Rose and Viondra have intercourse again.

Next, Samantha looks to make contact with a conspiracy theorist about the Ascension project. Meanwhile, Harris retrieves a gift, while Christa has premonitions again. Harris gives the gift to his wife, which turns out to be the Seahorse necklace from Dr. Bryce. Meanwhile, Viondra weighs and measures all of the women to get some new recruits. Jackie has been having an affair with Captain Denninger. Outside of the shuttle, Samantha discovers Harris has already cremated Lorelei’s remains, without performing an autopsy. He has also collected the gun.

Christa is prepared to receive a shot, but is afraid. She throws a fit and insists the medicine is poison. Ophelia (Rachael Crawford), who took Christa’s medication, goes into a seizure. Christa tells Aaron and the Doctor about her dreams. She mentions a man in white gloves, who brings death. Harris researches Christa and insists she needs to get her shot. Meanwhile, Samantha meets with the conspiracy theorists and is informed that Abraham Enzmann is the reason for missing individuals, who wound up on Ascension.

Harris begins following Christa’s habits, which allows him to taint her milk. They watch, as Christa begins to drink, but she doesn’t. She stares at the camera and pours out her milk. Harris insists they’re going to have to use their man on the inside. Next, Viondra is beginning to grow suspicious of William and Jackie. She confronts Jackie and relieves her of her duties, before sending her to the lower decks. Next, Gault and the Doctor discuss the potential of tainted shots. Next, Harris gives the original manifest to Samantha. He reveals he grew up looking and memorizing the names on the list. She insists Harris is using the papers to distract her. Harris suggests the pair has a common enemy in whoever brought the gun aboard.

Meanwhile, Christa sits on the beach watching a video. She is approached by a man with white gloves. Thanks to Harris, Christa is sealed inside. The man is cut, before Christa makes the lights explode and makes her escape. She runs into Aaron. Afterwards, the Captain is informed about the attack on Christa. Meanwhile, Samantha shows the conspiracy theorist a picture of Ophelia and questions whether she could be one of the missing kids. Samantha is tasked with getting DNA from those on Ascension.

Viondra speaks with Rose, who insists Jackie needs to stay put. Once made aware of the situation, Jackie rubs salt into Viondra’s wound. Next, Aaron attempts to help provide Christa with a little comfort to help her fall asleep. Meanwhile, Samantha goes through the lockup and attempts to collect the DNA, but is interrupted by Martin Carillo (Mark Camacho). Next, Presley is introduced to Councilman Rose. Next, Robert (John Ralston) visits Christa, in order to give her the shot. She tells Robert she saw everything, including him, when Lorelei was killed. Roberts silents the girl, while Harris and Martin watch from outside of Ascension.

Harris learns that Martin had doped the girl and she won’t remember anything. Martin finds it strange that Christa is able to remember things from outside of Ascension. Next, Aaron watches a video and discovers something strange, as if something has been edited. Robert informs Aaron that a link to Ike (Adam Bernett) has been made from the blood sample. They visit Ike’s room and find he has hung himself.

Samantha questions Harris about the video of Stokes being unable to use the gun. She insists Harris has someone working on the inside, who likely killed Ike to cover his tracks. Harris threatens Samantha and insists nobody will believe her. Aaron explains Ike to William, who doesn’t believe it. He suggests it is simply too convenient.

Samantha tells the conspiracy lady that they have no evidence, while Stokes goes wild in his cell. Christa speaks to Ophelia, while Stokes screams and demands to be set free.


Ascension revealed some very interesting information, despite Part 2 being slightly slow. For starters, we’ve discovered that Ascension isn’t actually out in outer space. It is actually a social experiment, which is being monitored 24/7. On the other hand, Harris has begun to develop an obsession with Dr. Bryce it seems. He even gives his wife Bryce’s Seahorse necklace.

The show is perhaps a little too busy, with character overload. I could do without the Nora and Toback romance. On the other hand, the political, over-sexualized square with Rose, William, Viondra and Jackie is unnecessary, half-witted and unimportant. Although the show seemed to drag at points, it was interesting, especially with a fun performance from Ellie O’Brien as Christa Valis. The addition of Lauren Lee Smith, as Samantha Krueger, was good and helped to counteract the evils of Harris.

The second part of Ascension deserves a 7 out of 10.

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