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Apple Tree Yard Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, Mark’s (Ben Chaplin) former co-worker, DS Johns (Denise Gough), takes the stand. At first, she insists that Mark was totally fine and his attitude never changed leading up to George’s murder. However, it is quickly revealed that Mark and Johns has a short lived intimate relationship. Johns insists she ended the relationship, after telling Mark she didn’t like him. She admits that Mark gave her the cold shoulder after that. Next, a psychiatrist takes the stand and speaks about Mark’s personality disorder. The doctor admits he doesn’t believe Mark has any such disorder.

Denise Gough Apple Tree Yard

Yvonne (Emily Watson) quickly realizes that she doesn’t know Mark at all. Once the day’s proceedings end, Yvonne calls and speaks with Gary (Mark Bonnar). Gary apologizes for missing court and admits he had to take Carrie to the doctor. Next, Yvonne speaks with Robert (Rhashan Stone) about Mark’s other assault. She learns that Mark broke a man’s jaw for flirting with his wife. Next, Mark’s attorney calls their own doctor to the stand. The woman manages to put together a good reason to suggest Mark suffers from a personality disorder. The prosecutor quickly refutes the woman’s testimony.

Lydia Leonard Apple Tree YardNext, Gary visits his wife. He reveals that Carrie will be having the child soon. He tells Yvonne that he wants to be in the courtroom for her testimony. Gary apologizes for his behavior with Rosa. After returning to her cell, Yvonne thinks about her time with Mark. Once the trial restarts, Yvonne takes the stand. She is first questioned by Robert. Yvonne speaks about her work, before telling the jury about her relationship with Mark. She denies that the relationship was sexual. Then, Yvonne opens up about the rape. After Robert finishes, Bonnard (Lydia Leonard) gets to question Yvonne.

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Bonnard tries to make it seem like George and Yvonne had consensual sex. She also mentions the time that Yvonne told George she was easy. Bonnard makes it clear the Yvonne was thoroughly familiar with the area around her workplace. She tells the jury about Yvonne having intercourse with Mark near the Apple Tree Yard. This makes Yvonne believe that Mark betrayed her. It also paints her as a liar in the jury’s eyes. Next, Yvonne gets a visit from Susannah (Susan Lynch). Susan asks about the sex, before questioning why Yvonne never told her. Susan also insists Yvonne’s marriage was likely over anyway. When she returns to her cell, Yvonne discovers she has received a postcard from Adam (Jack Hamilton).

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The next day in court, each barrister gives their closing statement. Moments later, Yvonne is ushered back to the courtroom and told that the jury has returned. The jury clears both of murder. However, Mark is charged with manslaughter. Yvonne is found not guilty of both charges. Yvonne leaves the courtroom and is embraced by her family. She writes to Mark on her computer and explains that he’ll likely be free in five years. Later, Yvonne speaks with Gary. They end up arguing over their infidelities. Gary leaves to visit Carrie. Yvonne visits the Apple Tree Yard and discovers that it is under construction. Then, Yvonne pays a visit to Mark.

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Mark explains why he told his barrister about their relationship. Yvonne admits she understands. However, Mark confesses her never told them what she said in his safe house. We see a flashback in which Yvonne confirms she wants George killed. Simultaneously, Yvonne returns home to see Carrie’s baby for the first time. Yvonne seems to suggest she was only kidding and questions why Mark was unable to tell the difference.


Apple Tree Yard Review

The finale of Apple Tree Yard was very long winded especially in the beginning. The testimonies of DS Johns and Mark’s doctor were far too long and very uneventful. Otherwise, the finale was satisfying. However, the ending was not shocking or surprising in the least.

Once Mark was convicted, I had a feeling we would receive word that Yvonne was indeed guilty. It wasn’t a total disappointment, but it could’ve been much better. A 6 out of 10 is realistic here. Catch up with previous recaps of Apple Tree Yard now.

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