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Apple Tree Yard Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Mark emerges from George’s home. As Yvonne (Emily Watson) speeds away, Mark provides her with a plan for outmaneuvering the police. It is clear that Mark (Ben Chaplin) is distraught. Before Mark gets out of the vehicle, he takes Yvonne’s phone. Yvonne passes by as Mark disappears into an alleyway. Back at home, Gary (Mark Bonnar) speaks with his wife. She confirms that they’re dinner night is still on. Later that night, Gary and Yvonne visit a classy restaurant. Seconds later, Carrie (Olivia Vinall), Sathnam (Assad Zaman), and Adam (Jack Hamilton) join them.

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During the family’s dinner, DI Cleveland (Steffan Rhodri) enters and places Yvonne under arrest for the murder of George Selway (Steven Elder). Yvonne is transported to the station, where she is questioned by Cleveland and DS Brown (Diveen Henry). Yvonne insists she drove by herself. Again, she denies having anyone in the car with her. Cleveland makes it clear that Mark has been arrested for beating and kicking Selway to death. Cleveland shows Yvonne a video of Mark exiting her vehicle. She refuses to say whether or not she was in the car. Yvonne spends time in a cell, before being questioned once again. This time, she is asked about her relationship with Mark. She admits he was a friend, but insists she didn’t know him for very long. When asked about their reason for being near George’s house, Yvonne admits she asked Mark for advice, since he worked in security.

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Yvonne makes it clear that she only wanted Mark to warn off George. This forces Yvonne to tell the detectives about the rape. She is again returned to her cell. She speaks with Cleveland again. She is asked whether or not she slept with Mark. Yvonne denies it. Despite the detectives trying to use George against her, Yvonne sticks with her original story. Next, Yvonne is introduced to her attorney, Jaspreet (Adeel Akhtar). Jas informs Yvonne that Gary contacted him several times to encourage him to take on her case. Jas reveals that the bail application has been submitted, but Yvonne may still be required to spend a few nights in jail. Yvonne tells Jaspreet that she wasn’t even in the house when George was attacked. Nonetheless, he admits it will look bad since she drove the getaway vehicle. Next, Yvonne appears in court and is given bail.

Adeel Akhtar Apple Tree Yard

She is told not to contact Mark or any other prosecution witnesses. She tells the judge that she understands. On the way home, Gary reveals he cashed in his bonds to get the money for bail. They also chat about their kids. As soon as Yvonne returns home, she is comforted by Carrie and given food. Carrie asks her mother why she didn’t contact the police about the rape. Yvonne insists she had her reasons. Carrie responds by asking whether or not she felt a responsibility to protect other women. Yvonne admits she wasn’t thinking about her responsibilities and could barely put one foot before the other. She also confirms she didn’t have the courage. That night, Gary speaks with his wife. She admits she didn’t tell him, because he would force her to go to the police. She also says she didn’t want to contaminate the rest of her life with the event.

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Gary tries to convince his wife that everything will be fine. In the morning, Yvonne is fitted with an ankle bracelet. Then, she meets with her lawyer. Jas reveals that Costley plans to plead guilty to manslaughter. She learns that the prosecutors could still slap her with a murder charge. Jas admits their job will be easier, if the jury accepts Mark’s diminished responsibility. Yvonne quickly forms the opinion that Mark is protecting her once again. Next, Yvonne speaks with her daughter. She learns that Sathnam plans to go part-time once the child arrives. Yvonne admits that is a good thing. Seconds later, Carrie reveals she was able to get Laurence’s phone number. She insists the man works in PR and should be able to help Yvonne impress the jury.

apple tree yard wedekind experiment

Yvonne returns inside. She receives a text message from an unknown number. The message simply states “Wedekind Experiment”. She contacts the number back asking whether or not it is Mark. Seconds later, Laurence (Sebastian Armesto) arrives and sits down with Yvonne. He gives her advice and tells her how to dress to sway the jury. Laurence also admits it might be bad for Yvonne, if she is questioned by a female silk. Gary comments about the violent nature of the rape. Laurence admits that could actually hurt Yvonne, since it could be seen as a motive. Laurence also insists the prosecution could tell the jury that the sex was consensual. He questions why Yvonne didn’t fight back. Gary grabs a knife and puts it to Laurence’s neck. He tries to show Laurence that not fighting back is often a defense mechanism.

Sebastian Armesto Apple Tree Yard

Eventually, Laurence is allowed to leave. Gary breaks down. Yvonne comforts him and promises that everything will be okay. They embrace and prepare to go upstairs for a little fun. However, Yvonne’s bracelet gets in the way and hurts Gary’s ankle. They laugh together and ignore their troubles briefly. Later, Yvonne sends another message to the mysterious number. Next, Yvonne gets a visit from Susannah (Susan Lynch). During their conversation, the detectives arrive and take Yvonne into custody for breaking her bail conditions. Moments later, she meets with Jas. She seems perplexed by the fact Mark was able to get a phone in prison. Jas admits it doesn’t matter. Yvonne will be forced to remain in jail, until the trial. He also suggests it could be revenge to ensure Yvonne is in jail too. Yvonne denies it and insists Mark isn’t like that.

Adeel Akhtar Apple Tree Yards

Jas begins to tell Yvonne about an experiment carried out by an American scientist named Rice. He tells her about a monkey and her child. The ground was heated and the mother monkey stood on her baby to prevent her feet from getting burnt. He explains there is always a tipping point and self preservation. Yvonne spends time in her cell thinking about Mark, before the trial begins. Yvonne learns that she won’t be required to take the stand for a long time. Mark and Yvonne come face to face as they’re led into the courtroom. They say nothing, but are forced to sit very close to one another. A very diverse jury is led into the courtroom. Then, the families are allowed in. Kate Costley (Kezia Burrows) curses Yvonne and blames her for everything that has happened to her family.

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The prosecution makes their opening statement, before a female witness takes the stand. She insists she saw Yvonne sitting in the vehicle outside of George’s flat. Then, a medical examiner takes the stand and discusses George’s injuries. Yvonne is given the opportunity to look at pictures of George’s body. She wonders whether Mark was trained to kill. Yvonne gets a visit from Gary. He asks her about the monkey experiment. Gary tells a different story and insists the mother monkey saved her baby. Back in the courtroom, an MI5 operative takes the stand. He tells the court about his experience with Mark. He also admits it was his choice to deny Mark a spot with the team. This revelation stuns Yvonne, as the episode comes to an end.


Apple Tree Yard Review

The 3rd episode of Apple Tree Yard felt very unbalanced. Up until this point, the series has been long winded and a slow burner. This episode moved things along substantially quicker. The arrest came very quickly and the show wasted no time with the trial either. Despite the flaws, Apple Tree Yard still remains very mysterious and intriguing. At this point, I am eager to see how things play out.

I am just a little concerned that things will become silly with Mark’s involvement in the MI5. The episode was good, but not great. A 6 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Apple Tree Yard now!

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