Apple Tree Yard Emily Watson Episode 2

Apple Tree Yard Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Yvonne (Emily Watson) wakes up alongside George (Steven Elder). When she moves, he grabs her hand forcibly. She is forced to leave alongside her attacker. While Yvonne is clearly shaken, George shows no concern whatsoever. Yvonne eventually makes her way home and cries in the shower. She throws all of her clothing in a trash bag and notices bruises on her inner thigh. She takes the bag and dumps it in a local trashcan. Moments later, Yvonne gets in touch with Mark (Ben Chaplin). She tells him about the attack.

yvonne and george apple tree yard

Yvonne reveals that she had known George for a few years. She also admits it felt like George knew exactly what he was doing. She describes all of her wounds. Mark suggests making a statement, but Yvonne insists that would be a bad idea. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want Mark to be brought into it. She also admits she doesn’t plan on telling her husband about the assault. Later that night, Gary (Mark Bonnar) returns from his trip. He finds Yvonne in her son’s bed and quickly learns that his wife is sick. Later, Adam (Jack Hamilton) returns home.

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Yvonne sets up a voice message on her phone. Then, she sits down beside Adam. At that moment, Adam gets up and walks outside. Yvonne checks her emails and finds one from George. The message reminds Yvonne of their upcoming lecture in Swansea. She has a flashback of the rape. She contacts George back and tells him never to contact her again, before blocking his email. She meets up with Mark and tells him about the email. Yvonne is told to log all communications from George. Mark becomes concerned that Yvonne has told George something about him. She admits she has not.

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Later that night, Yvonne and Gary speak about Adam. Yvonne learns that Gary is experiencing problems with a girl. Yvonne seems concerned that her son refuses to speak with her, but openly speaks with her husband. Yvonne receives a call from Mark, who reveals he has a friend that she can speak with about the assault. She meets with the man the following day and tells him about the attack. Yvonne learns about her options and is also given contact information for a counselor. Yvonne learns that all of her secrets will be revealed should she go to the police with her story. She tells the men about her mother’s suicide and her son’s bipolar disorder.

apple tree yard tv series episode 2

After they leave, Mark gives his condolences to Yvonne for her son’s condition. Yvonne also reveals that she will no longer be able to have sex with Mark, due to the assault. Later, Yvonne meets up with Susannah (Susan Lynch), who complains about her relationship. Susan admits they always speak about her relationship and life. She gives Yvonne the opportunity to open up, but Yvonne remains mum. In the morning, Yvonne speaks with her son about Carrie. Adam talks about his condition and complains that he’ll never be able to have a child. Yvonne tries to convince him otherwise. Adam also talks about his new girl. The next day, Yvonne prepares to head back to work. She approaches and spots George.

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When the man gets closer, Yvonne discovers that it isn’t George after all. That night, Yvonne and Gary drive along. Gary makes a comment about Marcia’s (Susannah Doyle) martinis. During the get together, Yvonne makes a few negative comments. She insists everyone can experience horrible things no matter how good they think their life is. After the party ends, Yvonne tells her husband she is thinking about leaving Beaufort. Yvonne refuses to tell her husband the truth about her feelings. In the morning, Adam brings in flowers. Yvonne reads the card and discovers that they’re from George. She immediately freaks out and flushes the note down the toilet.

Apple Tree Yard Emily Watson Episode 2

Later, Yvonne meets with Carrie (Olivia Vinall), who is now visibly pregnant. Yvonne admits she likes working from home and that Gary is now busier than ever. They also chat about the conference in Estonia. During this time, Yvonne continues thinking about Mark. After getting her hair fixed, Yvonne returns home and receives a taunting message from George. She locks all of her doors and looks out of the window. The next day, Gary leaves for his next conference in Estonia. With Gary away, Yvonne decides to go out and purchase some wine. At the store, she sees George, drops a bottle and rushes out. She runs all the way home and locks herself in her office.

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Yvonne grabs her phone and makes contact with Mark. She is given an address and told not to write it down anywhere. The next day, Yvonne visits the address and meets with Mark. She is invited into an apartment and told she can stay there for the time being. The couple speaks about their desire to make George pay for his actions. They also have intercourse. When Yvonne finally returns home, she finds Gary in bed. He wakes up and tells her that Rosa went with him to the conference. He also confesses that he slept with Rosa. Yvonne becomes angered and leaves home.

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Yvonne meets with Mark. They drive to George’s house and Yvonne waits outside. Mark knocks on the door, before being allowed in. Seconds later, Mark slams on the car window, as if in a hurry to leave. A flashback shows Yvonne entering the courtroom and being harassed by someone in the audience. The woman curses Yvonne and insists she destroyed their life.


Apple Tree Yard Review

The second episode of Apple Tree Yard was somewhat faster than the previous. Nonetheless, it followed a similar pattern. The show continues to keep Ben Chaplin’s character a mystery. Who exactly is Mark Costley and what has he done to George Selway? The mystery of Mark is definitely a major driving factor for the series. It is clearly obvious that a combination of factors has led to Yvonne’s troubles.

Of course, Yvonne’s repercussions are far too severe. Apple Tree Yard is fairly realistic and it is undeniable that many people have followed down a similar path as Yvonne Carmichael. As the show suggests, she has now likely hit the point of no return and she has taken Mark with her. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Apple Tree Yard now!

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