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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Jerry (Aymeric Jett Montaz) asks Marilla and Matthew about Anne (Amybeth McNulty) not returning to school. Instead, she sticks around the farm for the day. After the intro, Marilla (Geraldine James) tells Anne to watch the oven, while she is away. Anne agrees after a little back and forth. Marilla consults with Rachel Lynde (Corrine Koslo) about Anne’s troubles. Rachel recommends saying nothing about school and letting Anne make her own decision. She believes that Anne will come around soon enough. Meanwhile, Anne lets her imagination run wild. The house begins to fill with smoke. Marilla enters and scolds Anne, before getting the burnt pie out of the oven. After the mess is dealt with, Marilla makes it clear that Anne needs to return to school. Anne is not happy with her decision.

anne with an e episode 4Anne tells Marilla that Matthew (R.H. Thomson) said she didn’t have to go back. Marilla scolds Matthew for coddling Anne. Anne begins chatting with her former friend, Katie. In the morning, Anne heads off for school. Anne makes it to the school, but it doesn’t look like she goes in. Matthew tries to talk to Marilla about Anne’s schooling. She insists that Anne will get comfortable with it soon enough. Matthew is told that he is too soft with her. Anne returns home seconds later. She admits that the school day went great. Then, Anne tells Katie that she wishes she was there. In the morning, Anne heads out of the door and heads to school. A little later, Jerry spots Ruby (Kyla Matthews) and Diana (Dalila Bela). The girls chat with Marilla and ask her why Anne has been at school. We see that Anne has taken up shelter in the woods.

rachel anne with an e episode 4When she returns home, she finds her books setting on the table. Later, Anne and the family receive a visit from a minister. They tell him about Anne’s lies and her reluctance to return to school. The minister comes up with a solution. He suggests that Anne should learn how to be a housekeeper, so she can prepare for marriage. After the minister leaves, Anne tells Marilla that she would be surprised if she gets married someday. Marilla runs her off, so she visits Jerry. Jerry tells Anne that she is lucky to be able to go to school. Anne asks Jerry what he would like to be. He really has no idea. Marilla heads inside and looks at Anne’s books. She appears deep in thought. Rachel visits and finds Marilla out of it. That night, Matthew tries to talk to Marilla about the minister. Later, a fire breaks out in town. Everyone rushes to help.

jerry anne with an eDiana is happy to see Anne. They watch as the locals try to put out the fire, which is destroying Ruby’s house. Anne springs into action. She wets some clothes and heads inside. She travels upstairs and puts the wet clothes under the doors. This helps to slow down the fire’s progress. Anne has a scare inside, but she makes it out fine. After the fire is extinguished, Anne’s bravery is praised. We also learn that Ruby will be staying with Anne and her family for a week or so. Ruby doesn’t like the idea, but she has no choice. Anne does her best to make her comfort. Anne tells her friend all about Princess Cordelia. The following day, the girls bake food and take it to the boys. This gives Ruby a chance to see Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann). During the visit, Anne gets into an argument with Billy and Ruby falls. Gilbert helps her up. Anne tells Ruby that she will never forgive Gilbert for making fun of her. Later, Matthew speaks to Anne about her bravery.

ruby and anne with an e episode 4Later, Anne, Ruby and Diana play in Anne’s hideout. Ruby prepares to go home. She tells Anne that she will miss her. Once Ruby falls asleep, Anne visits Marilla’s room. Marilla admits that Anne should make her own choice about school. Anne insists school shouldn’t be so bad now that she has Diana and Ruby. Marilla reveals that she didn’t get to choose in her day. The following day, Anne returns to school. The girls seem happy to have her back.


Anne with an E Review

Anne with an E has been great. Each episode is packed with emotion. The series is equally humorous and depressing. Anne faces a new obstacle with each episode. In this one, she was forced to decide whether not to return to school. In the end. she mustered up her bravery, helped a friend, and returned to school. Now, she has won over Diana and Ruby. However, it is clear the Gilbert is still intrigued with Anne. Could that come between Ruby and Anne in the future? Only time will tell. The episode was great. An 8 out of 10 is deserved.

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