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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) gets dressed in her best clothing. She rushes downstairs and lets Matthew (R.H. Thomson) and Marilla (Geraldine James) know that she is nervous for her first day at school. After breaking a cup and eating breakfast, Anne heads on her way. Anne chats with herself happily as she strolls to school. It is clear that she has high hopes for the future. She stops and adds wild flowers to her hat, before continuing onward. Diana Barry (Dalila Bela) greets Anne. The other girls are not too impressed with Anne’s hat. Anne is introduced to Moody (Jacob Ursomarzo) and Charlie (Jacob Horsley) a short time later. Diana explains that all of the boys are ridiculous except for Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann), who will not be there today.

matthew anne with an e episode 3Then, Anne is introduced to Diana’s other friends. The girls go on and on about Anne being an orphan. She handles it well. Billy Andrews (Christian Martyn) enters and ridicules Anne. She tries her best to ignore him, but is visibly upset. Meanwhile, Marilla gets a visit from Mrs. Bell (Sarah Wilson) and Mrs. Andrews (Janet Porter). After a brief conversation, Marilla is invited to a progressive women’s meeting. Diana tells Anne about lunch. Diana explains that she usually sits next to Jane (Lia Pappas-Kemps), but Jane sometimes sits with her big sister, Prissy (Ella Jonas Farlinger). During a tour of the school, Diana and Anne spots Prissy and Mr. Phillips (Stephen Tracey) getting romantic. Anne makes a few humorous comments about their relationship. Diana begins spreading rumors during class. Moody is called to the front of class to spell a word. Anne interrupts and gets into trouble.

anne with an e episode 3Marilla speaks with Matthew, before heading for the meeting. Anne speaks with the other girls at lunch. She tells them about Prissy and Mr. Phillips, as well as her own experience. The girls laugh along at first. Then, they ridicule Anne and call her filth. Diana promises to speak with the girls and smooth things over. At the progressive women’s meeting, the girls talk about higher education for women. The women also mention Prissy taking her college entrance exams. Marilla is asked about Anne and her future prospects. The other girls ignore Anne at school. However, Diana agrees to walk her halfway home. Anne admits she hopes she has made her last mistake. When Diana goes her own way, Anne removes the flowers from her hat and continues home. Meanwhile, Rachel Lynde (Corrine Koslo) belittles the progressive women.

amybeth mcnulty anne with an eMarilla doesn’t seem to mind, but Rachel doesn’t like the idea. Anne returns home and pretends that the day went great. She makes a comment about Marilla and Rachel’s friendship. Before Rachel leaves, she is invited to the upcoming meeting. Anne works diligently to improve her mathematics. In the morning, Jerry (Aymeric Jett Montaz) hears Anne talking about school. He interrupts and she tells him not to eavesdrop. On the way to school, Billy confronts Anne. He is mad about what Anne said about Prissy. Gilbert shows up and sends Billy on his way. Anne ignores Gilbert and continues to school. When she arrives, she finally tells Gilbert her name. The other girls notice Anne with Gilbert. They’re not happy. The other girls follow Anne outside and tell her that she cannot speak with Gilbert, because Ruby (Kyla Matthews) has liked him for three years.

billy anne with an e episode 3Again, Diana promises to smooth things over with them. Marilla runs into Mrs. Bell. She receives a rude response and is told that the other women do not believe she is a good fit for their group. At the school, Anne is given a chance to read a poem. She does so with lots of enthusiasm. Gilbert likes her performance, but the other laugh. Matthew visits Rachel to find out what is wrong with Anne. Gilbert tries to give Anne a piece of fruit. She turns him away, because the other girls are looking at them from the window. Matthew returns to Marilla and tells her about the Prissy incident. Matthew explains that Anne shouldn’t know about intercourse at her young age. Marilla pays a visit to Mrs. Andrews. She gives her a piece of her mind. Marilla tells her that she should show some compassion. Matthew and Jerry chat about school. Neither can figure out what Anne meant when she said eavesdrop.

matthew and jerry anne with an eMeanwhile, Gilbert gets Anne in trouble at school. The teacher forces her to stand at the front of the class. Gilbert tries to take up for her, but the teacher refuses to listen. As the episode ends, Anne walks out without saying a word. She rushes home and gives Marilla a big hug. She explains that she never wants to go back to school.


Anne with an E Review

The 3rd episode of Anne with an E threw Anne into an uncomfortable environment, school. Anne has been good with Jerry and Diana. However, the other kids were not as accepting. Anne’s desire to talk profusely came back to haunt her. When the much loved Gilbert returned to school, Anne’s troubles intensified. Gilbert seems to be infatuated with Anne, but that could create trouble between her and the other girls. Now, it is clear the Anne does not want to return to school.

Will Marilla be able to give her enough encouragement to return? The episode was good. It scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Anne with an E now!

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