American Horror Story Review: Bullseye

AHS Freakshow Review

Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) is seen setting up a new stunt. Elsa and the bearded lady, Ethel Darling (Kathy Bates), discuss Elsa’s motivations. Seems she still wants to get her own television show.

Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) graces us his presence. The inbred killer clown, Dandy, receives a pack of condoms from his mother, Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy). Dandy announces his intentions of getting married!

The Freaks throw a party for Elsa and give her a bunch of different gifts. Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge) jumps out of a box! Very cute! While the Freaks are worried about the twins, Elsa expresses her anger at Bette and Dot Tattler (Sarah Paulson) for leaving them. Seems Elsa has been having relations with Paul the Illustrated Seal (Mat Fraser). Saul is also having a relationship with another woman. He is nearly caught in the act.

The Tattlers are seen at Dandy’s house. Dandy seems to be courting the twins fairly well. Dandy seems prepared to have the twins separated, with a complex medical surgery. Dot dreams of days she can spend along with Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters).

Paul goes to the store to purchase some female perfume. He runs into Dandy, who has come to purchase items for the Tattlers. Paul notices the items that Dandy intends to purchase. After Dandy notices, he claims Paul tried to pick his pocket. The shopkeep forces Paul out, who retaliates by spitting on the door outside. After he returns to the carnival, Paul tells Jimmy about his run in with Dandy. Mat does a good job pulling off the role.

Dandy questions Dot about her diary and she doesn’t seem interested in divulging information. Dandy decides to share a secret with the girls. He claims it was him that killed the clown and saved the kids. After Dot refuses to tell a secret and suggests Dandy lied, he goes a little wacky and turns into a crybaby again.

Stanley (Denis O’Hare) and Maggie Esmerelda (Emma Roberts) begin discussing their next target, Jimmy. Maggie doesn’t seem interested in harming Jimmy. Instead of giving up Jimmy, Maggie delivers Ma Petite to Stanley, who drowns her in a big jar of water. Well, maybe it was just a flash forward? These scenes are really confusing and not setup well.

Elsa sings a little tune to Paul. Elsa is upset to discover that Paul has been having relations with another woman. Paul begins questioning Elsa about the twin’s whereabouts. All of the Freaks seems to believe Elsa had something to do with their disappearance. After bringing them all into the tent, she interrogates all of them. Elsa discusses how she discovered and rescued several of them.

In order to prove their trust in Elsa, one of the freaks must agree to be strapped to the wheel. While Jimmy volunteers, Paul refuses and takes his place. Around and around Paul goes! Here comes the knives. 1 and a miss. 2 and a miss. 1 knife left! The last knife gets Paul right in the gut. The idiots pull out the knife and Paul begins gushing blood.

Paul’s lady friend expresses her love for Paul and leaves home. She says she is going to go see Paul. Meanwhile, Maggie snags Ma Petite. I could listen to Ma Petite’s voice an entire episode, but into the jar she goes. While Ma Petite dances and plays inside, Maggie prepares the liquid. Paul’s lady friend shows up and receives some bad news. Meanwhile, Elsa is seen caring for Paul.

Paul has doubts that Elsa called a doctor. Elsa claims she wouldn’t shed a tear, if Paul died, because he betrayed her. Paul’s lady friend arrives and questions the ambulance’s whereabouts. In the morning, Jimmy and his mom discuss Paul and the twins. Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin) knocks on the door and alerts Jimmy of Ma Petite’s absence. Aw! Maggie didn’t kill the toddler after all! Instead, she wants to run away with Jimmy.

Jimmy and Maggie make plans to leave. When Maggie goes to pack, Stanley is waiting in her tent. Now, Maggie has another dilemma. Will she leave with Jimmy or lure him to his demise?

Gloria brings snacks to Dandy’s room. He is visibly upset and crying. She explains she sent the Twins on a trip. Gloria reads Dot’s dairy at Dandy’s request. Dandy goes on another tantrum about having feeling and tuberculosis. He has nothing left but dust and scorpions inside of him. He pulls out a knife and insists he must accept his emptiness. He declares his life’s purpose is to bring death. This should be good.

The Mott’s get a ring at the door. It is Jimmy. Mother and son let Jimmy in. Dandy knows Jimmy’s intentions for visiting. Meanwhile, Elsa talks to Ethel and mentions she had a sister once. Of course, her sister died, when she was young. She explains everyone at the carnival are her babies, except for Ethel, who is her sister. Ethel threatens Elsa that she’ll kill her, if she ever finds out that Elsa had anything to do with the twins disappearance.


Well, this episode has some good moments and some bad moments, but mostly bad moments. The good news is Ma Petite still gets to live. Jyoti Amge is joyful and it is very contagious. I could watch her as Ma Petite for hours on end. On the other hand, did Mat Fraser actually outshine Evan Peters? You’re dang right he did, especially in the argument scene. I definitely would’ve liked to have seen more of Mat as Paul. However, I would assume he is dead now.

Now, we move on to the bad. Another unnecessary karaoke scene. It is fun every once in awhile, but its getting tiresome at this point. On the other hand, what is up with the awkwardly placed flash forwards and flashbacks? Last week, I was all but certain the twins were dead. This week, Ma Petite was dead and then alive and nearly dead again. While it wasn’t nearly as bad this week, it was still confusing. The flash forward scene was definitely misplaced.

Another question mark is the plot drop offs. Is Paul the Seal actually dead? While Jimmy seemed to confirm his death, we didn’t find any solid evidence that Paul met his end. Another major issue is the central struggle. Where is it exactly? Stanley doesn’t seem strong or psychotic enough to pose a major threat. On the other hand, Dandy, while I enjoy him immensely, is anything but a scary monster.

Still, Ma Petite and Paul the Illustrate Seal saved this episode. For their presences and Mat Fraser’s strong performance, the episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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