American Horror Story: Magical Thinking Review

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When the show opens, the show flashes back to two days prior and Stanley (Denis O’Hare) attempting to persuade Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) to sell his claws. Jimmy eventually agrees and drinks a bottle of something that Stanley gives him. The medicine makes Jimmy sick, which gets him transported to Stanley’s ambulance. When he wakes up, his claws are gone and he is confronted by an angry nurse, who was friends with the Tupperware party girls. Next, Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) is shown at the Freak Show, where they recap their actions over the past few episodes, before agreeing they belong. The pair are out for one thing and only one thing, sex! They get rid of their journals, as they’ve come to terms with living together.

Next, Pal the Illustrated Seal (Mat Fraser) introduces the girls to a traveling salesman, Chester Creb (Neil Patrick Harris). Chester speaks about his time, as a soldier and the metal plate in his head. He also admits to coming to the city to see the Freak Show. After Chester shows off his magic skills, Bette and Dot seem interested in Chester romantically. Next, Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) visits Jimmy and learns about his claws. Dell feeds Jimmy, while speaking about an old comrade, who had prosthetics. Jimmy and Dell contemplate buying the Freak Show from Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange).

Chester attempts to join the show, by showing off his skills to Elsa, but she isn’t interested. He tells Elsa about his Marjorie (Jamie Brewer), who is his ventriloquist dummy. Chester finally makes a deal, if he is willing to work the books for Elsa, he’ll get to warm up the crowd. Chester speaks with Marjorie in his tent, before Paul enters.

When the show returns, Dell visits Elsa and tells her about Jimmy’s hands. Elsa insists Jimmy will be in danger, when he returns to prison and needs to be broken out quickly. Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin) offers her help, with breaking Jimmy out. Next, Chester visits the twins and gives them a jewelry box. The show flashes back and shows Paul and Chester in the storage tent, where they discover an old sawing box. Chester seems interested in pulling off the magic trick, while using the twins, as his assistants.

Next, Jimmy is transported back to the jail, but the transport van is ambushed by Amazon and Dell along the way. Dell is shot, but they manage to retrieve Jimmy. Back at the carnival, the twins catch Chester speaking with Marjorie, before they begin making out. Chester gets worked up and develops a ringing in his head. We see a scene, with Lucy Creb (Shauna Rappold) and Alice (Angela Sarafyan) making out, while Chester watches, with Marjorie. Chester is offered to join in, before the show flashes back and Chester questions whether the twins are being truthful. The group have intercourse, while Chester holds onto Marjorie.

Finally, Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) makes an appearance and receives information about an investigation into the Twins. Afterwards, Chester attempts to lock Marjorie in a crate. Then, we flash back and see a scene, in which Chester believes Alice has stolen Marjorie. Next, Paul shows up and tells Chester Elsa wants to speak to him. Despite the freaks offering to buy the circus, Elsa makes an offer to sell it to Chester. When Chester returns to his tent, Marjorie is missing.

Afterwards, the police show up to look for Jimmy, but Chester comes out of nowhere and tries to get the police to search for Marjorie. The police ransack the place, while looking for Jimmy. Meanwhile, Chester roams around looking for his doll. Dandy appears and confronts Chester, before telling him Marjorie is angry at him for what he did to the twins. It is also revealed Chester killed his wife and Alice. Of course, Chester seems to believe Marjorie did the killing. Dandy tells Chester where to find Marjorie. After he does, Marjorie suggests getting rid of the people, who stand between them, by sawing the twins in half.

Afterwards, Maggie Esmerelda (Emma Roberts) confronts Elsa and tells her she needs to show her something. Dell is confronted by Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett), who has a gun. Desiree questions Dell about his recent murders. Esmerelda shows Elsa the bottle containing Ma Petite. Next, Dell admits to Desiree that he killed Ma Petite. Elsa shoots Dell dead from behind.


With only a few episodes left this season, it is mind boggling to throw another major character into the scene. Chester Creb was a fun addition to the show thanks to a little craziness from Neil Patrick Harris, but the timing could’ve been better. In fact, the entire episode felt like a side story. We already knew Jimmy was going to get his claws cut off and he did…again. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s escape was fun, but ultimately went nowhere. Thanks to a convenient writing and a quick scene, at the end, Elsa is made aware of Dell’s murderous ways. This could’ve been achieved in a much more meaningful way. Instead, it felt forced and thrown together in a hurry.

The episode was fun, but mattered very little to the overall story. For that, the episode scores a 6.5 out of 10.

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