American Horror Story: Curtain Call Review

AHS Freak Show Finale

When the finale opens, we see Paul (Mat Fraser) and the Freaks hanging up banners for Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock). Meanwhile, Dandy learns the show hasn’t sold a single ticket. Dandy gets upset, when Paul and Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin) try to teach him about show biz. Of course, he blames them and suggests changing their appearances, before Eve knocks him down and Paul insists Dandy will never be one of them, before quitting. A humiliated Dandy is left all alone on the ground.

Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) attempts to meet with Henry Gable, who runs the broadcast network. Of course, she is refused again for the fourth of fifth time. Despite waiting all day, Elsa doesn’t get to meet Gable and is nearly escorted out by security after slapping the receptionist. Michael Beck (David Burtka) intervenes and turns out to be the Junior Vice President of Casting.

Meanwhile, Dandy puts on makeup and heads out into the Freak Show. He shoots Paul dead and continues on. He kills Penny, before continuing his rampage. Desiree (Angela Bassett) hears the shooting from inside of her camper. Amazon Eve discovers Paul’s body, while Barbara (Chrissy Metz) hides, before being killed by Dandy. Eve grabs an axe. Dandy enters Desiree’s camper, but is attacked by Eve. After a struggle, Dandy kills Eve, before resuming his search for Desiree. Since he can’t find her, he returns to the Tattler Twins (Sarah Paulson) and requests they come with him.

Afterwards, Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) returns to the carnival and discovers the carnage and death. Desiree confronts him and the pair sob together. Afterwards, Dandy gets married to Bette. Dot isn’t thrilled with the situation, but Bette is swept off of her feet. Mott is poisoned by Desiree, who pretended to be a maid. The Tattler twins confirm they were in on it too. Dot shoots Dandy in the arm, before demanding him to sit down. Afterwards, Jimmy enters. Next, we see an awkward flashback. They inform Dandy he is finally going to be a part of the Freak Show, before he passes out.

When Dandy awakes, he finds himself in Houdini’s water escape box. Jimmy tell him this is his chance to fulfill his dream of being the star of the show. Dandy pleads with the Tattlers, but they express their hatred for Dandy. Desiree speaks about Stanley and blames the situation on Dandy. Next, the tank begins to fill with water. Dandy drowns, as Jimmy, Desiree and the Tattlers watch.

Afterwards, Elsa Mars is given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is revealed that she married Michael Beck and now runs her own television show. Elsa shoots a commercial for Campfire Gold Coffee. She grows angry, before retreating to her dressing room. Next, Judy Manners (Ruby Lous Smith) enters and wishes to put together a special for Elsa’s Halloween show. Elsa declares it a mistake to marry Michael, before insisting there will be no Halloween show. Next, she returns home and greets Massimo Dolcefino (Danny Huston).

The pair discuss what they’ve been doing, since Florida. Massimo suggests Elsa has everything she ever wanted, but she admits she is bored and her marriage is a scam, before insisting she is cursed. She mentions the night Ethel made her the birthday cake and admits she just wanted to be loved. Next, she suggests the pair running away together. Massimo admits he came to say goodbye, since he has a disease, which is set to kill him in a month. Next, Michael enters with Henry Gable (Richard Holden). Gable reveals they’ve found a film of Elsa’s sadistic BDSM days, which basically ruins Elsa’s career. They also investigated Elsa’s past and discovered the truth about the Freak Show. Gable tells Elsa that all of the freaks are dead. Elsa finally agrees to perform on Halloween and go out with a bang.

 Afterwards, Elsa prepares to perform at her Halloween special. Elsa sings David Bowie’s Heroes, while Desiree walks the streets and catches it on television, with Angus. Jimmy watches it with the Twins, who are pregnant. Edward Mordrake and Twisty walk the Walk of Fame. Elsa is confronted by Mordrake, who kills her, but insists her place isn’t with them. Next, Elsa enters the circus where she encounters Ma Petite, Legless Suzi and all of the other Freaks. Ethel hugs Elsa, before admitting it isn’t too bad around here. Ma Petite puts on Elsa’s makeup, before she heads out on stage and begins to perform.


Well, Freak Show has finally come to an end. The finale had some excellent moments. Dandy’s killing spree was fun, despite being mistimed. However, Curtain Call ended up feeling like a draft and not a finished product. The action felt rushed and too much attention was given to Elsa Mars, who was one of the least interesting character in the show.

The “Freaks” were the heart and soul of Freak Show. As soon as Dandy killed all of them, We were left with quality actors struggling with an abysmal script. Despite Dandy’s charisma, even his death felt anti-climatic. Paul the Illustrated Seal’s death was likely the most shocking and set the finale on a disaster course.

Curtain Call fit Freak Show well, in the fact that both fell well short of their marks. The series was about a Freak Show, but very little involved the novelty characters. At times, it felt like these individuals were being exploited in order to give Freak Show a little legitimacy. Mat Fraser showed true talent, but American Horror Story refused to let it shine. Instead, we got numerous musical performances, dead end plot lines, out of place flashbacks and a lackluster finale, which was basically the Elsa Mars show. Sadly, the finale nails a 5.5 out of 10.

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