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At the beginning of the episode, Hector Tontz (Richard Cabral) is questioned about the vehicle. He insists Carter Nix had the gun in hand, when he met up with him. He is told that the gun doesn’t match the one that killed Matt and wasn’t the one he had. Hector is told the deal is off and his charges are going to be reinstated. Aubry is ridiculed and comforted by her father, but she ignores everything. She refuses her parent’s lawyer and demands a public defender.

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Her mother tells her she knew, at age 11, she would either be dead or in jail. She pleads with Aubry to get help for her father’s sake. At the courthouse, Russ and Barb await Mark’s arrival. The DA tells them that new information will likely come out against their son in the coming days. They’re also told about Aubry’s confession. After the pair get angry and rush out, Tony Gutierrez and his father speak to an attorney. Tony is told he must show remorse for his actions, but he plays tough and refuses. Tony is told about his father’s shop being sold.

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Hector speaks to his lawyer, who insists his credibility is blown. However, Hector continues to maintain that he didn’t lie. Aliyah and Timothy learn about Aubry’s arrest and demand Carter’s release. They ask for DDA Soderbergh (Joe Nemmers), but are turned away. At the station, Aubry is officially arrested. Hector gets a visit from Sibila Nunez (Kattia Ortiz), who questions, whether or not he was lying. He insists the cops convinced him to put a gun in Carter’s hands. Hector is shown entering a transport bus and heading back to Mexico.

American Crime Recap

Meanwhile, Barb attempts to call Mark Skokie (David Hoflin), but he doesn’t answer. She leaves a message explaining about Carter’s potential release. Mr. Gutierrez meets with Tony’s teacher, Mr. Hall (Matt Connely). He pleads with Mr. Hall to testify on his son’s behalf. Mr. Hall reveals Tony’s victim is in one of his classes and they’re raising money for him. Mr. Hall refuses, before Gutierrez cries in the hallway. Aubry meets with her lawyer, Evan Barry (Darryl Cox), who insists she is likely facing the death penalty.

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Aubry wants a mental evaluation and refuses to back down, despite Evan’s concern. Aliyah speaks to Carter and tells him to stay quiet. She refuses to answer any questions, but begs Carter to trust her. Hector learns about his charges at the jail and insists he was defending someone. His lawyer explains the legal process and tells him they’ll meet again the next day. Jenny speaks to her father and learns about the sale of the garage. Jenny leaves and Mr. Gutierrez speaks to his brother. He tells him about the trial and garage. Russ continues working on the house, before he gets a visit from Barb.

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Barb insists she is done and wants out of the proceedings. She gives Russ the gun and leaves. Aubry goes through the mental evaluation and speaks about her foster care experience. The counselor immediately picks up on Aubry’s lies. Afterwards, we jump to Tony’s hearing. Tony is released to his father. Russ confronts Mark and insists he is damaging the family. He tells Mark about the gun and forces him to sit down like a good boy. At the jail, Evan confirms the therapist insisted Aubry was competent to make a confession.

American Crime Episode 10

She argues with her father and insists she is letting him off the hook. Meanwhile, Mr. Gutierrez goes job hunting. With Russ’s chat, Mark speaks to Barb. He insists he is ready to let go of his family. He confirms there is no love, before Carter is released again. He pleads with Aliyah for answers, but she tells him not to ask questions. Russ attends court, with Aubry’s father, when she is led in. She pleads guilty, as the episode ends.

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At this point, American Crime is dragging out and becoming overwhelmingly irritating. The same old events take place over and over throughout the episodes. The show could’ve easily been summed up and finished in a single showing like BBC’s Accused. Instead, the show continues into its fatal downward spiral and getting worse week after week. If it would simply focus on the trial and ignore the outside drama, which is intolerable, the show could’ve succeeded. Now, everyone is entirely annoying, aside from Hector Tontz. Suffice to say, Hector would’ve never been extradited so quickly and Carter would’ve never been released. The episode deserves a 4.5 out of 10.

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