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Alias Grace Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Dr. Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) meets with Grace’s lawyer (Albert Schultz). The lawyer admits that he defended Grace and James (Kerr Logan). When asked about Grace’s guilt, the lawyer insists he believes that she is guilty as sin. The lawyer explains that Grace (Sarah Gadon) likes to keep the Sultan amused. He suggests that Grace is spinning a yarn for Simon just as she did for him. He also admits that Grace was tried and found guilty for the murder of Thomas. There was never a trial for Nancy’s murder or Grace probably would’ve been executed as well. Meanwhile, Grace sits in her cell wondering about Simon’s whereabouts. Seconds later, Simon meets with Grace at the governor’s home. He finds Grace reading Lydia’s book. Simon learns that the prison guards cut Grace’s hair. Simon explains that he would like to give DuPont (Zachary Levi) a chance to examine Grace. She agrees to go along with the idea, as long as Simon wants her to.alias grace finale recapThen, Grace shows Simon Lydia’s keepsake album. Grace is asked what she would put in a keepsake album. She names three items. Grace washes a mirror and speaks about being two people and the other her staring at her from the other side. The following day, Jeremiah speaks with Grace. Then, he leads her into a room with many others. He quickly puts her to sleep and begins asking her questions about her past. The questions start with the Kinnear residence. Grace begins to describe the property. Lydia becomes frightened, so Simon tries to calm her down. Grace is asked about her relationship with James. She explains that she used to meet him outside for fun. She reveals that she used to twist and twine, until James would do anything she asked. Simon asks why. Simon turns the conversation to Mr. Kinnear’s cellar on the day of the murder.

simon and lydia alias graceShe admits to being there when Nancy was strangled. She is adamant that she should have retrieved the scarf, but James wouldn’t let her. In a flashback, we see James and Grace strangle the woman together. Then, Grace explains that the crowd has deceived itself. She exclaims that she is not Grace. In another flashback, we see James strangle Nancy, while Grace stands back. Simon asks who she is, if she is not Grace. Jeremiah tries to convince the others that they’re dealing with dual personalities. The things Grace says makes Simon believe she is Mary Whitney (Rebecca Liddiard). Grace speaks as Mary and insists she told James to do it. Simon is told that he cannot tell, because it would send Grace back to the asylum. Before too long, Jeremiah is forced to wake Grace. After she wakes up, Grace insists she cannot remember anything.

zachary levi alias graceThen, Grace is escorted out. Again, Jeremiah explains that they’ve been chatting with two separate people. Simon doesn’t believe it. He refuses to write a report for Reverend Verringer (David Cronenberg). Simon returns home and has rough intercourse with Mrs. Humphrey (Sarah Manninen). Simon begins to wonder if hypnosis allows women to say what they really think. He contemplates whether Grace’s rough upbringing caused her to lash out at Nancy (Anna Paquin) or himself. Grace explains that she was very distressed when Simon left without saying anything. Later, Simon writes a letter to the Reverend. He explains that he has come close to nervous exhaustion during the last two years since last speaking with Grace. He admits that the experience has left him haunted. Simon decides to join the war to find peace. We jump forward eleven years. Grace learns that she has been given a pardon.

simon jordan alias graceGrace cannot fathom it at first. Then, she learns that a man from her past has offered to let her move in. She immediately believes that it is Simon. Once she leaves home, she takes a boat. Moments later, she is surprised to reunite with Jamie Walsh (Stephen Joffe). Jamie apologizes for testifying against Grace. He explains that he only said what lawyers told him to. He proposes and Grace accepts. Grace writes a letter and sends it to Simon. She tells Simon that Jamie seems to get off on her tales of abuse just like the others have. Simon’s mother gets the letter. She speaks with a doctor, who admits that Simon will probably never improve or regain his memory. She enters and finds Simon is a comatose-like state. Grace explains that Mary and Jeremiah were right about her future. Everything they said came true. Grace makes a quilt using items from her past. It appears that Simon says Grace, after his mother finishes reading the letter.


Alias Grace Review

All in all, I enjoyed Alias Grace as a whole. I wasn’t thrilled with some of Atwood’s attempts to add humor into the story, but it was good nevertheless. It seems that the show did a great job of detailing the events that took place before the murder. Events taking place after Grace’s pardon seem to be fictional. According to Wikipedia, all trace of Grace was lost after she was pardoned and moved to Northern New York.

I have yet to research any deeper, but Wikipedia makes no mention of Simon Jordan. Perhaps he was fictional as well? The series has done a good job making me far more interested in the true story. It was definitely memorable. Much like history, the show really answered very little. Still, it was enjoyable throughout. The finale scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Alias Grace now!

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