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Alias Grace Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, Dr. Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) reads evidence from Grace’s trial. He reads that Grace gave James (Kerr Logan) a piece of cloth, which was used to strangle Nancy to death. Grace (Sarah Gadon) watches as James McDermott dismembers Nancy’s body. Simon looks at his paperwork and recalls Grace speaking about a whisper. On the way home, Simon chats with Reverend Verringer (David Cronenberg). The Reverend encourages Simon to hurry up and reach a conclusion. Simon remembers something that Grace said, but he cannot put two and two together. The Reverend recommends Simon to find a new living situation. He suggests that living with his landlady is going to create rumors in the community. That night, Simon wakes up with Mrs. Humphrey (Sarah Manninen) beside of his bed. Simon tells her that this needs to stop. The landlady insists there is nothing to stop, since nothing is going on.

sarah manninen alias graceMeanwhile, Grace Marks chats with another servant at the governor’s mansion. The woman admits she understands why Grace would want to go after her master. She also tells Grace about Simon’s landlady. During this time, Simon gives a speech to a group. He tells them about his theories and admits that recent discoveries have made him question them. Afterwards, Simon runs into Jeremiah (Zachary Levi), who is now going by Dr. Jerome DuPont. He requests to perform a hypnosis on Grace. Grace enters and faints when she sees Jeremiah. Jeremiah gives Grace a signal. Simon refuses to let him perform a hypnosis at the given time. That night, Grace contemplates what she is going to tell Simon about the murders. Some of her suggestions are replayed through flashbacks. Before too long, Simon meets with Grace at the mansion. The doctor admits that he is not asking about Grace’s guilt or innocence.

alias grace murder episode 5He insists he is not a judge and just wants to know what she can actually remember. Grace admits that nobody ever wanted to know that before. Grace tells Simon that Thomas (Paul Gross) went out of town and Nancy (Anna Paquin) became hostile almost immediately. Then, she is asked about Thomas. she explains that Thomas never touched her or used foul language with her. James sharpens the axe, before Nancy approaches and tells the couple that they’ll be dismissed soon. Grace tells Simon that she didn’t believe Thomas knew anything about the dismissals. Then, James tells Grace that he intends to kill Nancy with the axe and take the valuables. He insists that Grace needs to help or she will be blamed for everything. Later, James tells Grace that he will kill Nancy while she is asleep. Grace tries to talk him out of it and manages to do so.

grace marks alias grace episode 5Grace is forced to sleep alongside Nancy. She tells her that McDermott plans to kill her. Nancy refuses to listen and admits James has always wanted her dead. Grace has a dream about Mary Whitney (Rebecca Liddiard). She imagines Mary opening a jar and letting lightning bugs go free. Grace quickly opens the window, but doesn’t believe that Mary had time to escape. Then, Grace explains that she dreamt of Nancy’s death before and after the actual event. In the morning, Grace speaks with James and learns that he plans to kill Nancy pretty soon. Grace tries to stop her. Then, she encourages James not to kill her in the bedroom, because it would make a mess. She admits to Simon that the comment was silly. Grace explains that she was in the garden when Simon did the deed. Grace watches from the doorway as James throws Nancy’s body into the cellar. She also admits she had no recollection of giving James her scarf. She also doesn’t believe any gold earrings were taken.

alias grace episode 5 recapThen, Thomas returns. James tells Grace to stay quiet. James lures Thomas to the barn and shoots him dead. Grace opens the cellar door and helps. Then, she runs for it. James shoots towards her and she faints to the ground. Simon mentions Jamie’s (Stephen Joffe) testimony. Simon explains that Jamie’s testimony must have been after she fainted. Jamie said that James had the gun and claimed to be shooting at birds. He also claimed that Grace was dressed better than normal, as if she was wearing Nancy’s clothing. She admits that Jamie’s opinion of her changed at that point and his loving sentiments towards her were gone. Grace tells Simon that she fainted and was stabbed in the chest when found guilty. She prepares to show Simon the wound, but he stops her. Afterwards, Simon meets with the Reverend. He admits that Grace is holding back a few crucial hours. The Reverend suggests giving the neuro-hypnotic experiment a chance.

grace and simon alias graceSimon is told that the report needs to be favorable, if they wish to pardon Grace. Simon scans over his paperwork at home. He wakes up in the middle of the night with Mrs. Humphrey on top of him. He kisses her a few time, but stops. He leaves town in the morning. In a flashback, we see James wake up Grace with water. Grace writes about fleeing town after the murders. She explains that McDermott stopped the wagon and tried to sleep with her. She refused and they continued onward. They eventually stop for food and McDermott remains hostile. Grace is surprised to find that James is wearing Thomas’ boots. He reminds Grace that she is wearing Nancy’s dress. The couple board a boat, before being arrested.


Alias Grace Review

The 5th episode of Alias Grace was very good. The episode finally brought the story up to the murders of Nancy and Thomas. Nevertheless, the truth is not clear. It is really difficult to know who to trust. Can anyone be trusted? Perhaps James and Grace both were telling the truth to some degree? Where did Simon go and what conclusion will his research bring? The series might be a little slow, but it is undeniably very gripping. I have been eager to binge watch the show since watching the very first episode.

The 5th episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Alias Grace now!

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