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Alias Grace Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) speaks with Reverend Verringer (David Cronenberg) about Grace’s time in the asylum. Simon admits that Grace (Sarah Gadon) remembers her life before arriving at Mr. Kennear’s. He insists that her memory is not the problem. He asks the reverend about the Parkinson family in Toronto. He reveals that Mary Whitney was the false name Grace gave when escaping. Simon continues on with the hallucination. The Reverend insists it is now time to chat with Grace about the murders. Simon returns home and prepares food for Mrs. Humphrey (Sarah Manninen). Then, he visits Grace. After a brief romantic thought, Simon enters and sits with Grace. Simon asks about the guards and how they treat Grace. She admits that they’re frequently rough with her.

sarah gadon alias graceGrace makes a comment about Simon losing sleep. He insists he has slept fine. Then, Simon pulls out a parsnip. He asks Grace whether or not it reminds her of anything. Simon returns Grace to the death of Mary (Rebecca Liddiard). Grace tells Simon about Mary’s funeral. After Mary is laid to rest, Grace sells Mary’s ring to Jeremiah (Zachary Levi). She uses the money to pay for the funeral. When Grace returns home, she chats with Mrs. Parkinson (Martha Burns). Parkinson gets Grace to swear on the bible that she will never mention Mary’s story to anyone. She also agrees to increase Grace’s pay or help her find a job elsewhere. George (Will Bowes) quickly turns his attention to Grace. He begins following her and trying to get into her room at night. A little later, Grace is introduced to Nancy Montgomery (Anna Paquin). Nancy invites Grace to her house and agrees to pay her three dollars per month. Grace learns all about her master, Mr. Kinnear.

alias grace funeral episode 3Nancy gives Grace money to make it to Kinnear’s property. When Nancy leaves, the cook, Sally, tells Grace that it might not be a good idea to go with Nancy. She doesn’t go any further. Grace tells Jordan she wishes the cook would’ve been more open, since it would’ve prevented so much trouble. She also admits that Nancy reminded her of Mary. Next, Grace heads to Kinnear’s property. Thomas Kinnear (Paul Gross) quickly saves Grace from an old man. Then, he packs up her belongings and lets her ride in the front of the wagon. When prompted, Grace refuses to tell Simon about Kinnear’s appearance. The young Jamie Walsh (Stephen Joffe) is happy to meet Grace. However, Nancy barely speaks with her. Eventually, Nancy does give Grace a tour of the property. She tells Simon about the layout of the cellar. Grace tells Simon about Nancy’s expensive earrings. We also see a flashback of someone removing the earring after Nancy’s death.

anna paquin alias graceGrace contemplates how Nancy could afford such expensive jewelry. She also admits that there was no love lost between James McDermott (Kerr Logan) and Nancy. Grace rises early in the morning and goes to work immediately. James introduces himself. Grace doesn’t seem too interested in his attention. Grace watches through the window as Nancy plays the piano. She tells Simon that Nancy’s behavior was odd for a housekeeper. She tells Simon about her duties. One day, she catches James tap dancing. She watches, but doesn’t comment. One day, Grace makes tea for Kinnear. Nancy offers to take it upstairs, but Grace insists that would be beneath her. Grace seems freaked out that Kinnear is still in bed. She quickly turns away from him and asks about breakfast. Then, she exits. Grace returns and begins making eggs for Nancy and Kinnear.

edward holcroft alias graceWhen Grace cleans Kinnear’s room, Nancy gives her instructions. Grace notices a strange picture on the wall. Nancy insists it is Susanna and the Elders from the Bible. Grace insists she doesn’t remember that story from the bible. Thomas enters and seems eager to talk about the story. He explains that the story is from the Apocrypha. It is the book that contains stories from biblical times that were not added to the bible. Thomas tells her that Susanna was a young lady falsely accused of sinning with a young man by a group of old men, because she would not do the same with them. She escaped a stoning with the help of a clever lawyer. Next, Nancy asks Grace to join her for tea. Grace refuses and insists she cannot let the laundry go. Jamie interrupts. He offers to pick up items for Grace in the village. Nancy arrives seconds later and gives Jamie a list of items to get.

jamie alias graceOne day, Jamie tells Grace about his time before he joined Kinnear. He admits he was with the Glengarry Light Infantry. He insists that the rebels did far worse than his side did. Then, he talks about intercourse. Grace scolds him and leaves the table. Then, Grace makes butter. Thomas speaks with her briefly, before leaving. Nancy tells her that Thomas is going to Colonel Bridgeford’s. His wife is away, so he can visit safely. Mrs. Bridgeford considers Kinnear to be a bad influence. After putting the butter away, Grace watches James exercise and show off. James speaks with her in private and apologizes for his recent behavior. He admits he has spent too long with rough men and has lost his manners. Jamie catches lighting bugs for Grace. She tells Simon that she would rather have lighting bug earrings than Nancy’s gold ones. Nancy asks Grace to sleep with her, since Kinnear will be away.


Alias Grace Review

I’ve enjoyed all three episodes of Alias Grace. The series is a little slow and some of the humor takes away from the seriousness of the story. Nevertheless, the story itself is very interesting. Despite a few flaws, it is tough not to want to binge watch the series right this minute. The actors and actresses have done a great job so far. As someone who is unfamiliar with the true story, I find it enthralling. I am not sure whether Grace can be trusted. Simon seems a little naïve and that is evident from his conversations with Mrs. Humphrey and Grace. He might be caught in two webs at once.

The episode was good. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Alias Grace right now!

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