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Alias Grace Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, Dr. Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) is shown sleeping at his desk. Mrs. Humphrey (Sarah Manninen) drops to the ground. Simon helps her up and gives her something to eat. Then, Simon meets with Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon) at the governor’s mansion. Grace is mending Miss Lydia’s lace. Simon changes the conversation to Grace’s dreams. After a quick flashback, Grace begins retelling her story once again. Mary Whitney (Rebecca Liddiard) and Grace are given instructions. Once left alone, Mary tells Grace about William Lyon Mackenzie once again. She explains that Canadians love freedom and they all hate oppression. Mary explains that the rebels haven’t lost. They just haven’t lost yet.

mary whitney episode 2 alias graceThat night, Mary shows Grace an old wise tale. They cut the skin away from an apple an throw it on the ground to determine who they’ll marry in the future. Grace gets the letter J. Mary suggests she might marry Jeremiah Pontelli (Zachary Levi), who is a merchant. Mary is unable to cut her apples correctly. She goes to bed without an answer. In the morning, Jeremiah arrives. Jeremiah shows off his wares, before offering to tell Grace her fortune. He predicts a future disaster. He tells Grace that she will cross water three times and times will be tough, but all will be fine in the end. He also explains that Grace is one of them. That night, Mary tells Grace not to go to the outhouse at night, because it is not safe. Mary follows her out. In the present, Grace explains to Simon that a girl should never let her guard down.

simon jordan alias graceGrace is asked whether she feels that more so after the murders. In the past, Grace remembers waking up in the middle of the night with her first period. Mary calms her down and provides her with advice. Later, the girls play around and Mary pretends to be dead on the ground. She wakes and frightens Grace. Then, George Parkinson (Will Bowes) arrives. George introduces himself. George flirts with Mary and she follows after him. Grace gives Mary a Christmas present. Mary explains that the needle case is the best in the world. Mary gives Grace a gift that her mother gave her, before she passed away. The servants enough Christmas dinner. Then, Mary and Grace learn that George has gotten sick. Mary is adamant that she must care for him. Grace tells Simon that she noticed a change in Mary around that time.

grace marks alias graceMary becomes standoffish. She also becomes ill and begins vomiting. Later, Mary admits that he promise to marry her. He even gave her a ring, but has now decided to go back on his word. Mary refuses to tell who the man is. However, she is worried that she will be turned away. Mary is worried that Mrs. Honey and Mrs. Parkinson will find out that she is pregnant. A little later, Mrs. Honey (Elizabeth Saunders) makes a comment about Mary putting on weight. Mary tells Grace that her man gave her five dollars. He also questioned whether or not she was even with a child. Mary decides to visit a doctor for an abortion. Grace goes with her. Mary gives Grace a note to ensure all of her belongings go to her should she pass away. The operation is tough on Mary. She is forced to remain in bed. In the present, Grace speaks to Simon about the wicked deed.

actor sarah gadon alias graceGrace admits she thought it would be either one corpse or two. Mary suffers throughout the night. Grace tells her a story to keep her calm. In the morning, Grace discovers that Mary has passed away. Mrs. Parkinson (Martha Burns) visits. Grace tells her the truth. When Parkinson learns, she decides to hide the truth. She makes up a liar about Mary’s death. In the present, Grace blames both men for killer Mary. Then, she imagines Mary tells her to let her in. She freaks out and opens the window immediately. Later, Grace passes out. She wakes up and imagines that she is Mary. She is put back to bed and forgets about it all. Lydia (Alice Snaden) interrupts the conversation. Simon sends her away. Simon agrees to end the conversation there, so Grace can continue her work. Grace says that Simon is after forbidden knowledge. Grace is transported back to the jail.


Alias Grace Review

Again, Alias Grace isn’t the best show I have ever seen. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed both episodes. It is certainly a slow burner. The story is unfolding very slowly, but it is interesting nevertheless. Sarah Gadon and Edward Holcroft definitely work well together. I am beginning to believe that Grace might be spinning a tale for Simon. I am looking forward to seeing how things play out in future episodes.

The time period is great and the fact that it is a true story definitely makes Alias Grace more compelling. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Alias Grace now!

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