AHS: Freak Show: Tupperware Party Massacre

Due to a traumatic loss, Jimmy (Evan Peters) turns to alcohol to wash away his sorrows. A visit from Maggie (Emma Roberts) forces Dandy (Finn Wittrock) to take action, while Elsa and Stanley (Denis O’Hare) work to find the Twins (Sarah Paulson).

The episode opens, with Dandy paying a visit to Maggie. He tells her that he hurt someone badly and that individual can no longer help him. Maggie reads Dandy’s fortune and witnesses a woman entering Dandy’s house, before being killed. Dandy has turned his mother into the Twins. Maggie tells him everything will go on as before. Dandy freaks her out, before leaving.

Next, Jimmy runs into Dandy and calls him a murderer. Dandy, who now claims himself a God, threatens Jimmy for taking away the Twins. Next, Elsa (Jessica Lange) and Stanley manage to find the Twins. The pair insists they need to get the Twins to a safe location where nobody will be able to find them, since the townsfolk are on a rampage.

Maggie and Desiree catch Jimmy having sex, with Barbara (Chrissy Metz). Maggie is obviously upset with Jimmy’s action. Jimmy hallucinates at the Tupperware party and sees Ethel (Kathy Bates). When Jimmy comes to his senses, he is coddling one of the women and gets kicked out for his actions. Thankfully, Dandy shows up to save the day. Using his charming words, he cons his way into the party.

Stanley and Elsa take the Twins to a barn, where they tell them the’ll wait for a surgeon. The show flashes back and shows how Elsa originally got rid of the girls. Back in the present, the Twins begin growing frightful of the operation. Bette doesn’t want to go through with the operation, despite Dot’s pleas.

A husband of one of the women enters the tupperware party. He finds all of the women dead in the swimming pool. Meanwhile, Dandy prepares to bathe in their blood, before Regina (Gabourey Sidibe) enters and says she has gone to the cops. Dandy admits he killed her mother and explains how good it feels to kill. He continues to insist he is a God, but Regina wants to leave. Regina is scared to death, before she is allowed to leave.

The Twins begin discussing their options. They bring up love and sacrifice, before admitting to having the same hopes and dreams. Bette says she would give up her life, in order to give her sister a normal life. Meanwhile Dell (Michael Chiklis) attempts to write a letter to Desiree, but fails. When he attempts to leave, he runs into Stanley, who brings up his gay lover, Andy. Maybe that was a flashback? The editing is confusing. Anyway, Dell attempts to hang himself, but is saved by Desiree.

Meanwhile, Regina returns with Detective Colquitt (P.J. Marshall), who questions Dandy about the murders. Dandy begins discussing his wealth and his new found power, which was given to him by God. Dandy offers the detective a million dollars to kill Regina and work for him. Without hesitation, the Detective does the deed and becomes Dandy’s disciple.

When the show returns, Jimmy is drunk and going on a rant, at the freak show. When he returns to his camper, he discovers the Twins, who confess their love for him. They comfort Jimmy about his mother, before telling him he’ll never have to be alone again. When questioned about her feelings, Bette says she supports Dot. Jimmy stops their advances and tells them he can’t, because he loves somebody else.

Before Jimmy can leave the caravan, he is arrested by Detective Colquitt for the murder of the Tupperware women. The Freaks watch as the police car pulls away.


Many of the episodes of AHS: Freak Show have been hit or miss and this episode definitely felt the same. While there were good moments, there were awkward ones, due to poor editing. For starters, Jimmy magically appeared at the Tupperware Party. Unless I missed something, there was no setup. He was just there. Then, the flashbacks between Stanley and Elsa were misplaced. Lastly, Dell’s encounter with Stanley was very awkward. Was that a flashback?

Still, the episode wasn’t a total disaster. In fact, much of it was good including Dandy turning into a “God” and Jimmy going to jail. At this point, many of the other characters seem like a waste of air time. Still, the episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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