AHS: Freak Show Test of Strength Review

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In the latest episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) unleashes an act of violence, which encourages the women to rise up again him. Jimmy (Evan Peters) has an awkward encounter with Dandy (Finn Wittrock), which makes him rethink the clown murders.

During Jimmy’s visit toe the Mott house, Belle and Jimmy disagree over the clown murders, which makes Jimmy realize that Dandy was the other clown that night. After Dot discovers Dandy has read her diary, the twins (Sarah Paulson) decide to return to the Freak Show with Jimmy. Dandy is anything but pleased.

When the show returns, Jimmy performs Nirvana’s “Come as you are”. Dell is at the bar getting drunk. He snaps, after he cannot find Andy and bashes the bartender. Stanley (Denis O’Hare) sees this and obviously thinks he can use Dell to his advantage. Jimmy questions Elsa (Jessica Lange) about selling the twins. With the twin’s help, Elsa is able to persuade Jimmy into trusting her. When Desiree (Angela Bassett) and Ethel (Kathy Bates) go to the doctor, they discover he has been killed.

Back at the carnival, Stanley questions Dell about his trip to the bar and his interest in the gay prostitute. Stanley sets up a plan to blackmail Dell into getting him one of the freak’s bodies. Jimmy and Maggie Esmerelda (Emma Roberts) discuss Dandy’s involvement in the clown murders.

Dell attempts to chloroform Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin). She is simply too big and strong for Dell. The women of the Freak Show plan to sneak into Dell’s trailer and kill him, while Jimmy suggests going to the cops. Ethel gives Jimmy a chance to convince Dell to leave the carnival. Jimmy and Dell head into town for drink. Meanwhile, Dot and Belle blackmail Elsa for selling them to Dandy.

At the bar, Jimmy tells Dell about the women’s plan to take him out. Dell convinces Jimmy to continue drinking. Jimmy reminiscences about a camping trip and making a rabbit skin coat for Ma Petite. In the alleyway, Jimmy is sick and throwing up. Dell picks up a brick and thinks about smashing Jimmy with it, but stops as Jimmy tells him he knows he is his father. Dell drops the brick and the pair embrace.

Jimmy and Dell return to the carnival and are confronted by Elsa and Desiree. The father and son pair, who are still drunk, rebel against Elsa, as Jimmy suggests things are going to change around here. Meanwhile, Stanley urges Dell to hurry up and deliver a Freak’s body. Afterwards, Penny returns home and tells her dad that she is moving out and has been seeing Paul.

While Belle gets a makeover, Elsa passes a note to Dot, which questions Dot’s true motivations for wanting the money. Elsa receives a return note, which reveals that Dot wants to go through with the surgery. Meanwhile, Penny is laying unconscious on the floor, as Morris is giving her a tattoo. Penny has a large tattoo on her head and her tongue has been forked!

Elsa explains the situation, with the twins, to Stanley. Instead of offering help, Stanley suggests killing the girls mercifully, which is overheard by Ethel. Meanwhile, Dell visits Ma Petite and gives her a present. When she opens it, she discovers a small dress. After she changes into the dress, Dell hugs her, while choking her and snapping her neck. Next, Paul is startled awake. Penny arrives with the tattoo all over her face. Paul blames himself.

We catch a glimpse of the American Morbidity Museum and a new exhibit. When the curtain is pulled back, Ma Petite’s body is shown in a glass capsule.


Overall, this was a straight forward episode, without a lot of surprises. The only bad aspect was how little the episode focused on Dandy. On the other hand, we saw several others step up to the plate, including Dell. It was emotional to see the father and son reunion finally. Yet, Dell is likely in deep trouble, once the Freaks unravel his actions. Or will they place the blame solely on Stanley?

Overall, the episode was good and deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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